Fall is Falling

The university has been blanketed by fog for the past two weeks and it’s absolutely stunning, except at night when you’re out walking and you can’t see anything in a 5 metre radius from you…that can be a little scary…especially in regards to recent events – because you know, we at UBC end up making it into the news for things we’d rather not be publicized for. It’s neat to see the campus coming together in the way that it has, keeping an eye out for each other, but if only it was for reasons other than what they actually are.
We are officially over halfway through the term and it’s scary to think how fast time flies, I remember first year as though it was just yesterday. Nostalgic moments. Overall, so far, I think this term has been the most enjoyable(apart from second term of second year)..I’m not sure if it has to do with third year classes, but people seem to be MUCH more sociable in my classes…in second year, most of the people I sat with in classes were people I had known previously, but it didn’t really seem like other people were very social..everyone stuck to their own little friend cliques; but this year I’ve made so many friends in my classes, and it’s funny because these are people that I’ve been seeing around since first year but never really talked to before – “I know you exist, and you know I exist, but let’s just wait until we’re 3 years into our undergrad to actually talk to each other.” I think I enjoy the social aspect of my classes more than the classes themselves, but I don’t find anything wrong with that. 😉  

Long Weekend Rambles

It’s been too long. It’s October(well, 12 days into it), one of my favourite months of the year, if not my favourite…and in saying that, it’s my least favourite in the academic sense..midterms on midterms on midterms on midterms on…you get the idea. There’s just no break! 😥 I’ve discovered that third year is the year that people have their mid-undergraduate crisis, the time during their undergrad that they wonder if they’re actually studying what they want to study….or if they’re just doing a bunch of required courses to get a degree. Hmmm. It’s that point where people don’t want to turn to something else because they’re already over halfway through their degree(if they plan on finishing in four years that is). That extra fifth year….some people just find it a hassle. If you do what you love, you’ll actively be seeking to pursue opportunities in that field of interest, whereas if you’re not passionate about what you’re doing, you’re more likely to hold back and not accomplish all that you possibly can. In saying that, I can’t help but think about the conversations I hear by first years in the library about how they want to go to med school…don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t pursue it, but don’t pursue something if you’re not interested in it/just because everyone else is/just because it pays well/your family will think you’re a complete failure if you don’t become a doctor….believe it or not, there is more to science than med school…and some of you do indeed underestimate what it takes to get INTO med school(it’s not just about the grades…it’s about the passion). Well, that was an unplanned little tangent. ANYWHO, the December final exam schedule was released yesterday morning…which means we’re basically halfway through the term now. I don’t even want to think about it…..by the time my midterms are over, it’ll be time to start studying for finals….seriously, UBC does NOT understand the “mid” in midterms. :/
One thing I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving(with respect to UBC) – for only having one midterm at the end of the week as opposed to the last two Thanksgivings when I had way too many midterms right after the weekend, which means I can actually ENJOY the long weekend for once.