I started this blog around late June 2011, and I’m still blogging to this day. Whenever I come across a blog(not that I really read other people’s blogs very much….ironic?), the first thing I try to find is their “about me” page….call me nosy, or call me a normal human being, I like to read about what a person is like/who they are. I hope mine meets your expectations, but if it doesn’t, don’t worry, it doesn’t phase me. 
The main purpose of this blog is to have a record for myself of all the stuff I’ve been through, and the stuff I am currently experiencing. Maybe in a few years I’ll laugh at myself and think “what a funny kid you were.” but THAT’S THE FUN PART ! When I first started this blog, I didn’t really think much of it, I thought “who would actually read this stuff?” but I was wrong, and apparently people do read it, which I think is actually kind of rad. This is just a place where I want to express myself, and my thoughts…and knowing that there are far more people that read this than I initially thought — it really doesn’t change how I’ll express myself.
ME.MYSELF.&I — I am 22 years-old and from the west coast….the best coast. I am a recent B.Sc. graduate (2015)  from the University Of British Columbia. So a little slice about me, I’m a pretty happy person in general, quite fluent in sarcasm, I love God, my family, and my friends, and life makes me happy. Guilty pleasures: listening to cheesy boy bands, watching cheesy chick flicks, and wasting my nights away watching cute animal videos on the YouTube. :$  I’m pretty easy going, and I love to talk(this is an understatement, I kid you not) — which leads to the fact that I love meeting new people and making new friends. 
 WHAT TO EXPECT ON THIS BLOG: Expect a random variety of things. A fair bit will be UBC related to help prospective students, and current students. Some posts will be about my life in general, sometimes I’ll rant about things and you get to choose whether or not you want to read it. The main point is to make it something that is relatable to other people, and to not sugarcoat reality. Like I said earlier, it’s just a place where I want to express myself. If you have any thoughts or feedback,negative or positive(positive is much more appreciated haha) please formulate them in the form of a comment(I like comments), I’d love to see them. And if you REALLY like my blog, feel free to follow and get emailed every time I make a post! 🙂 PS – a little remark about comments, if you comment on my blog, be sure to tick off the box that says something along the lines of notify me via email of follow up comments or something…otherwise you will not be notified of replies! Also, I do have a reddit account(Ravishingrambles), so sometimes you can find me lurking about on the UBC posts. 😉
JUST SO YOU KNOW – FIRST YEAR UNIVERSITY: It was a blast, the best 8 months of my life. I met some super awesome people, and everything was just swell. It definitely wasn’t “easy” at times but hey, I got through it, and when life throws you lemons, make lemonade. 
Well..I don’t know who YOU are, but you know a little about me, so now that we’ve semi-virtually met..I hope you come again soon ! IT’S BEEN A SLICE. 🙂

5 thoughts on “#aLittleSliceAboutMe

  1. Hi! Love reading your blog!

    Im curious what did you major in? What do you hope to do with your major?

    I am entering my first year of science at UBC. I currently have the option of either taking PHIL 101 or PSYC 102 as an elective. I am torn between which class to take and I am hoping you would be able to give me some insight. Which class requires more work? Which class gives you the greatest chance of doing well and getting a good mark? What does either class demand of you?

    Thank you so much. 🙂

  2. Just wanted to say how thankful I am for this blog! I was Googling “university school supplies” and this came up! I am a resident of Saskatchewan and in my last year of high school. I got accepted into UBC and I am now 95% sure that I am going to go to UBC! I really loved reading about your first year experiences. And I’ll be heading into the Faculty of Applied Biology, with my long-term goal being dentistry 🙂 Just wanted to say that I loved reading your blog!

    • WOOOOO!!! 😀 This makes me so happy, you are VERY welcome! Thanks for stopping by and congratulations on your acceptance into UBC! Best of luck, I’m sure you’ll love it at UBC. Feel free to ask me any questions if/whenever you have any! 🙂


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