Rates rates rates rates rates rates..

The title should be read the same way as the ‘shots’ in the song ‘Shots’ by LMFAO – just so you know. Now go back and read it again if you didn’t read it the proper way in the first place. 
My desk looks like some chemical reaction just got overly catalyzed(this is why I should never work in a lab) and just went too fast and then exploded. I have physical chem stuff sprawled out all over, in the hopes of trying to understand kinetics enough to get this problem set over and done with. I think I’m getting SOMEWHERE. Crazy to think that the final is in just 2.5 weeks, I think I’m supposed to catch up on everything during this long weekend rather than freak out and panic a day or two before exams begin. It’s forecasted to be sunny for the next week or so, is this global warming in action? If so, that sucks, but it’s nice to have a sunny March after all that heavy downpour. 

Not sure why this music video is soooo long, but this song has been stuck in my head for the past couple days.  We Are Young was the Fun song stuck in my head at this time last year, so here’s a new one for this year, who knows, there could be one for next year too. 😀 

And song #2 that has been stuck in my head. I always did like P!nk. She doesn’t disappoint. Although, I will say, I’m not a fan of her music videos.
Notice a theme in these songs? Maybe more than the obvious one? Hmm. 


6 days of classes left. 
4 day weekend.
They say all good things comes to an end, and well, that’s true. 
It has been a busy past few weeks, but thankfully the weather has been pretty awesome the past few days, spring is in the air – or well, it’s here.
MUG Leader training took place this past weekend and it was a complete blast! The weather was also in our favour ❤ Although the next round of applications are about a year away…I STRONGLY encourage you to apply to be a MUG leader! Training alone held so much Science pride, it was super awesome and it almost felt like Imagine Day 2011 all over again…but with less people. An amazing enthusiastic bunch of people applied to be leaders! And my squad, LOVE THEM, too much awesome. I’m stoked for Imagine Day 2013 and cannot wait! 

Just Breatheeee

PHEW. I am officially done with midterms, finally. Guess when my first final is? In 30 days, that’s less than four and a half weeks from now. Do you think I’m ready to even THINK about finals?! NO! Absolutely not. But let’s be real, when am I EVER ready to think about exams in general? Like, never. There are so many little deadlines for things here and there as the term comes to an end, and it’s just too much to handle at times! I think this year’s reading break just made me fall behind in everything, isn’t it supposed to do the opposite? Whoops. I am incredibly behind in Physical Chem…it’s just sad. I was behind by 10 lectures, but now I’ve somewhat caught up and have 5 more to catch up on. Oh boy. One step at a time. It’s election time around here, residences, undegrad societies, etc. Facebook has exploded with campaigns, voting event invitations, people endorsing campaigns, etc, etc, etc. I have to think twice to figure out who I’m talking to on Facebook since it seems as though no one’s profile pictures are of them anymore haha. ALSO. Highlight of MY day –> FINDING OUT THAT K’NAAN IS HEADLINING FOR THE AMS BLOCK PARTY!!! K’Naan, at UBC. OH MY. *excuse me while I learn how to breathe again* I couldn’t believe it at first, I thought it was a joke. HOW the AMS managed to do that, blows my mind, but they did NOT disappoint. SO GO GO GO GO GO GO! GET YOUR TICKETS! There’s a little Somalian sun to brighten up a rainy rainfall warning kinda day. 😉 

And we all forget the little things sometimes..

AAAANNNNDDDD it’s March(and by that I mean that we’re 5 days into it already :O )…I hate when the months just creep up on me like that. Classes have definitely been keeping me EXTREMELY occupied lately, sigh. The next few weeks are just going to be completely crazy and hectic and eventually, a huge blur. 😛 I’ve been wanting to make a post like this on here for the longest time(maybe I’ve written a similar one before? or maybe I wrote that in my mind? who knows, you lose track of the posts once you have some 300 posts, anywho, this can be the “updated” version) but then procrastination and school and other things got in the way of that, and therefore, that never happened. Now I’m just forcefully taking a break from studying for my midterm that’s on Friday(which by the way, I’m nowhere near ready to write) – please, don’t tell me that I’m setting myself up for disaster.
Recently, or maybe in the past month or so, I’ve noticed the presence of “unhappiness” and “confusion” and “frustration” among my friends….and I hate it. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. There are many reasons as to why they feel this way, but the part that nicks me the most is the fact that some of their reasons for feeling that way don’t seem very justifiable. So here’s something to think about: 
There’s so much in this world to be thankful for and a lack of appreciation can bring us down. Take each day as a blessing: your life will start to feel more complete, and you’ll get more out of your life. This is your life, it’s your time to shine, make of it what you want, don’t let other people bring you down or hinder you, and above all else, make it yours. You can’t always rely on the big picture that YOU want to see happening, happening. Things change, people change, this so called ‘big picture’ is CONSTANTLY changing. Let the little things in your life bring you joy. Life’s a puzzle. A big picture is made out of smaller pieces, so pay fine attention to the little things that make up the final masterpiece. The joy that you feel from the little things will build up and eventually turn into the big picture. Will every little piece in this picture be perfect? Of course not! But that’s what makes YOUR ‘big picture’ unique from MY ‘big picture’, and your friend’s ‘big picture’. Cry a little, but laugh a lot. Don’t rush. Take time to cherish every small thing and absorb the happiness that each small thing brings. You will never be happy with the final result of something if you’re not stopping on the way to take it all in one breath at a time. Let yourself be happy! If you don’t allow yourself to let loose and just relax, how in the world will you find happiness? If you fall, rise up again. A few cuts and bruises here and there aren’t going to destroy you forever. Just don’t knock yourself back down again because of it. If you don’t believe in yourself, would it help if I said that I do?  Go to bed happy, wake up happy and tell yourself that it’s going to be a good day and see the world from a more positive perspective. Exchange a smile for a smile. Appreciate the little things and your journey to the final ‘big picture’ will hold so much more meaning.  All in all, a small perspective change can drastically change things for the better.