Day 16 – 30 Day Song Challenge

day 16 – a song that you used to love but now hate/A song that describes your home town

This is really hard. It was difficult to choose from both of those...UHH. Although I did want to choose the second one, but REALLY couldn’t think of anything. I tend to hate songs then love them…sooo yeah. This is a sad “list”. Maybe I’ll update it later…if I can think of anything.

  • Pokerface-Lady Gaga

Day 15 – 30 Day Song Challenge

day 15 – a song that describes you/A song from the first album you purchased

Probably my favourite ‘day’ so far! This one made me feel a LIIIITTLE nostalgic. The first ‘album’ that I ever got was Spiceworld by none other than… the SPICE GIRLS! It was a little cassette tape. I think I got it back in 1998…5 year old Spice Girls fan right here everyone! 😛 I even had the Spice Girls dolls – die hard fan. I remember I went to England when I was 6 and got a BUNCH of Spice Girls merchandise for my friend and myself. Those were the good old days. Still to this day, when I get together with some of my high school friends(girls of course), we’ll blast some Spice Girls and dance around and sing to it…..although we HAVE had guys(I don’t know WHY or HOW they would know the lyrics but..whatever!) sing Wannabe and Stop with us – you know what they say, the more the merrier. 

  • Stop – Spice Girls

Day 14 – 30 Day Song Challenge

day 14 – a song that no one would expect you to love/ A song you’ve played on a jukebox

Unfortunately I have never played a song on an actual jukebox before….I haven’t even SEEN one in real life before(is that bad?)….maybe I should put that on my bucketlist, to play a song on a jukebox….so ANYWAY, I was basically forced to pick the first one. So songs that no one would expect me to like/love.

  • Wagon Wheel – Old Crow Medicine Show – my friends now know that I like it though, some were surprised..but I really enjoy the twangy country feel to this song. 😛 
  • Manic Monday & Walk Like An Egyptian – The Bangles ….super catchy songs…old but catchy! 
  • 8675309(JENNY)- Timmy Tutone …honestly just makes me laugh when I hear it, but it’s so CATCHY!
  • Live My Life – Far East Movement ft. Justin Bieber  …it’s cool..I don’t “love” it though. haha

Day 13 – 30 Day Song Challenge

day 13 – a song that is a guilty pleasure/A song that reminds you of Summer

So I like both of these topics..but since it’s Summer right now…I won’t do that one. Does that even make SENSE?! I don’t know. Plus, I thought guilty pleasure songs seem more “fun”. 

  • Good Girls Go Bad – Cobra Starship …haha WHAAT?! 
  • Till The World Ends – Britney Spears
  • Anything by LMFAO …especially Party Rock Anthem
  • What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction…this WOULD be considered as a guilty pleasure…buuuut, I’ll just be honest and embrace the fact that I do quite like them..they’re adorable and have clean songs. 
  • Never Say Never – Justin Bieber 
  • Barbie Girl – Aqua …so what? I was a hardcore Aqua fan..still probably am… hehe.
  • Party In The USA – Miley Cyrus …. ‘movin’ my hips like ‘yeah’….’ 
  • Walking On Broken Glass – Annie Lennox …I actually DON’T know why I like this song..

Hope you enjoyed my list there.. 😉

Day 12 – 30 Day Song Challenge

day 12 – a song from a band you hate/A song that reminds you of Spring

Spring songs…songs that sound ‘fresh’ is what comes to mind. Seasonal songs….I mean I could understand if it was just like Summer and Winter, since the moods are completely different..but throw in Spring, why don’t they? I don’t REEEALLLY like this topic….grr.

  • The Show – Lenka
  • I’m Yours – Jason Mraz

It’s always a GOOD TIME –> MUSIC VIDEO

I CANNOT RAVE ENOUGH ABOUT THIS!!! The music video for Good Time – Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen just came out today, and I wish I was in it. Actually, side note…it’s my DREAM to be in a music video of some popular pop artist..not like a little tiny extra that appears for like 2 seconds, but to actually be a part of it…enough to get noticed(hehe)…but hey, I wouldn’t complain if I got to make a little appearance in a music video! They all LITERALLY look like they’re having a “good time”. The song is such a clean song, and the music video reflects the “clean”ness of the song SO WELL! It’s clean and fun and summery — so basically, PERFECT. They really captured the whole idea of the song quite well I would NEVER have thought of it being about camping..maybe something more along the lines of a pool party? Since the line says “dropped my phone in the pool again”…either way, they captured the essence of the song in the best way possible and I love it, and I hope you love it too! 

Day 11 – 30 Day Song Challenge

day 11 – a song from your favourite band/ A song that reminds you of Winter

But it’s only Summer right now…. can you believe it, Winter is only like less than 5 months away! CRAZY. When I think of Winter-y songs I think of “cozy” songs… 😛 and of course, CHRISTMAS songs! For some reason I think of a dark evening, fluffy white snow falling lightly from the sky, an eerie silence outside, and a little ambient-ly lit cafe of some sorts. That’s my ideal way to spend a Winter evening…in a cozy cafe sipping away some hot beverage with a special someone? Hehe..hopeless romantic kinda? OHH WEELL. 

  • Winter Song – Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson ..didn’t see THAT one coming, did you? I just heard this song for the first time last November….and absolutely fell in love with it. If you haven’t listened to it before…GO LISTEN TO IT, it’s perfect.
  • Cozy can be defined by anything Owl City-esque, right? 
  • This song…I don’t know the name of it at the moment, not sure why, but it’s completely slipped my mind…..I’m not sure if it’s a Christmas song…I think it might be..but it’s by Michael Bublé(I think..ugh this is annoying me) and I heard it last year (it may have been released last year? I think..not sure…)..but to me that song brings up an image of my “ideal winter evening”. Another Michael Bublé song would be Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).
  • edit: HOW COULD I HAVE FORGOTTEN. Ed Sheeran…The A Team in particular. Since it rains a lot here, especially in the Winter…I like listening to certain songs when it rains, and Ed Sheeran songs sound amazing with a little rain in the background…confession – I actually go to a site and play “rain” while listening to Ed Sheeran songs sometimes…you should actually try it, it’s amazing..I promise you, I’m not crazy(well I am, but that’s beside the point). Background Rain Sounds

Sometimes I Feel This Way….

This will just be one of those rambly posts where I have stuff to say and need to just let it out in an utterly disordered rambly fashion.

Being a girl in her late teens, I can say that I’ve been alive for a good number of years and I would say that I have had a good number of experiences resulting in me thinking that I want to go back to how “things used to be”…back in the days when things were simpler. Back to the days when I was stabbing at paper with markers to make felt blobby splatter-y messes on paper while DESTROYING the markers — that’s why I never used MY markers to do that. Back to the days when your biggest problems were straying outside of the lines while colouring, or writing your letters backwards. Why do I wish this? Maybe it’s because of minor fallouts with friends, carrying new responsibilities that come with maturity, or work, or school, or something like that. There are days when I just want to stop what I’m doing, and just sit on the couch with a blanket, watch a movie, and cuddle up to my mom for the rest of the day. Love my mom, always making me feel better! Haha, please tell me I’m not the only one that has wanted to do that? 😛 Sometimes you just NEED those days to completely relax and let go of everything that’s holding you back or bringing you down, and let those worries wash away. Sometimes you just need to enjoy being “young and wild and free” – but it’s hard to at times, ‘cuz life gets in the way(I feel like I’m quoting song lyrics). Sometimes we have those regrets within us that we just CAN’T let go of no matter how hard we try; or perhaps WE can let go of them with time…but maybe the other party involved in the said situation isn’t making it easy for you to move on. What do you then? WELL. To be honest, I don’t have the answer to that, I’m still trying to figure that one out, but all that I can think of doing is to give them time, only time can tell. We all have had moments where we wish we could just turn back time, and make things better. We are human, we all make mistakes. No one is perfect. The best you can do is learn from your mistakes, and move on instead of carrying a burden with you as you  try to move forward. It is IMPOSSIBLE to go back in time and “redo” something — if you hadn’t figure it out already. So make the best of what you can, with your present situation, and hope for the best. Do YOUR part in making things better, you only have control over yourself, and hopefully things work out. I can’t say too much about this since I struggle with this sometimes…but I always try to move forward and try to make out the best in an unfavourable situation.

Day 10 – 30 Day Song Challenge

day 10 – a song that makes you fall asleep/A song that reminds you of Autumn

Lately, I just haven’t been “feeling” it to blog very often..don’t worry, there’s nothing WRONG. 😛 I have just been occupied with other things and it’s just nice to take a break from some things. 🙂 Songs that make me fall asleep…hmmm..there aren’t very many…anything that sounds “light” and “soft” really. These are the few that I could think of: 

  • Anything by OWL CITY! I mean that in the best way possible, it’s not that the songs bore me, resulting in me falling asleep – it’s just the fact that they’re soft and light for the most part, and it makes me drift off into my own little world of dreams and such. Fuzzy Blue Lights, Fireflies, Vanilla Twilight, you know the rest. 😛
  • Lights songs..?
  • How To Save A Life – The Fray
  • some songs by Coldplay 
  • maybe some Jason Mraz? 
  • Crash And Burn – Savage Garden — it’s slightly DEPRESSING…but relaxing.. 😛

Day 9 – 30 Day Song Challenge

day 09 – a song that you can dance to/A break up song

Oh DEPRESSING…but a lot of songs these days relate to it. And here are a few that I like/would maybe listen to:

  • So What – Pink
  • Payphone – Maroon 5
  • Fighter – Christina Anguilera — Not sure how much I actually like this one..
  • Forget You – Cee Lo Green
  • Feels Like Tonight – Chris Daughtry
  • Not Over You – Gavin DeGraw 
  • Want U Back – Cher Lloyd …whiney but catchy