WHAT A WEEK! + Apologies For Slacking With Blogging.

Heeelllooo there!!! Long time no talk, due to the lack of communication on my side. 

FIRST OF ALL – UBC applications for September 2012, are DUE JANUARY 31st AT 11:59 PM (PACIFIC TIME). GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU APPLYING TO UBC!  It seems like just yesterday that I had applied to UBC…oh the memories. But here I am now…working my butt off…trying to keep up with everything! But in the end, you know it’s worth it.

It has been way too long since I have posted something here. And let me tell you, the past week has been extremely eventful! Obviously I cannot  give you a brief detail on every event that has occurred..but I can give you a gist of how things have been going.

I had my Chemistry lab last week, Lab 9B Vitamin C degradation….wasn’t the best of my labs, I was not being very careful with trying to be accurate and precise…..I gave up halfway through when I was told that I had to remake my stock solution…due to the fact that it wasn’t strong enough….even though ALL my calculations were right. Sigh. But at least I’m done with that now, and all I have to do is write up some FOUR PAGE lab report…Chem 123 lab reports will be the death of me….I have already accepted that. I also had my Physics Lab….my partner knew more than I did, so I appreciated him very much for that. I don’t know what it is…Physics labs and me…we’re not friends…I just never know what to do. Hehe. But that’s over with…so glad that I don’t have to do any unnecessary at home lab report for that class. 

Last week was Science Week….and I can honestly say that I took no part in that….the Science nerd in me wasn’t coming out enough to celebrate…PLUS most of the events conflicted majorly with my schedule…so I barely even had a chance to take part in anything. I didn’t even hear very much about how Science Week went overall anyways…hmmmmm.

RA applications were ‘reviewed’ last week…and people found out whether they got to move onto the interview stage or not. I was fortunate enough to proceed onto the interview stage….carousel interview…group interview…hmm…I’m not sure how I feel about that, nor do I really know what to expect. I just hope it goes over well! I actually REALLY want to be an RA and I think it would be the best job EVER!!! So wish me luck..tomorrow..which is technically ‘today’. And good luck to all you fellow potential RAs! 

This past weekend was definitely an eventful weekend, that’s all I will say about that. The other thing I can really say is the fact that…I love my friends..and they mean the world to me and I’m super blessed to have met certain people here.  ❤ ❤ Love you all! 

And why am I still up? I have a midterm TOMORROW!!! 

And Life Goes On..

I technically meant to post this ‘yesterday’ (Tuesday) …so when I make any reference to ‘today’ …I really mean yesterday…which was Tuesday. Got it? 

So this morning, the walk to my first class was pretty terrible. Walking UPHILL up University Boulevard…in the rain/cold/wind….that was NOT a fun time. My hood kept flying off my head, and I was completely SOAKED by the time I got to class. I felt as though someone was above me with a bucket of water just pouring water over me. IT WAS THAT BAD. And walking under trees, giant drops of water were just splashing everywhere on me, none of my friends seemed to mind, but it was just terrible in my opinion. And once I was in my class, I was cold….due to the wetness of my clothes. Wet jeans = complete grossness. My clothes felt like a soggy mess. And wet clothes, smell like wet dog. It was just utterly uncomfortable. After class, the rain had subsided just a tad….and walking downhill isn’t too bad…I was NOT a happy camper this morning. I don’t think I even absorbed anything that my prof was talking about either…. sigh. And today I had my first Chem 123 lab. SO glad I am done with that. Vitamin C degradation…it’s a pretty straightforward lab for the most part, basic titrations…most people did temperature (that was the ‘easiest’ one to do). I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that we were all pipetting JUICE…..SO WEIRD! I felt like I was on an episode of a cooking show or something, being rushed with time when one part of my experiment failed on me… 6 titrations in about 70 minutes..TIME CRUNCH.

But now I’m feeling chipper again, and now I should be going to bed. Goodnight!

Wind + Rain + Coldness = The Perfect Recipe of Misery to Make You Stay Inside And Do Work.


If you couldn’t tell by the title, it’s windy and very rainy, and quite chilly outside right now. I believe the wind woke me up, it was quite loud, and the fact that my window was a tad bit open, and a heavy breeze came through, and it made me cold.

It has been a VERY busy weekend . I am extremely surprised that I accomplished as much as I did !! I had an online Chem assessment and a Bio one as well. Although, the Chem one was more ‘stressful’, but I survived. And all the math homework that I had to do, all DONE! I have my very first Chemistry 123 lab this week, it is about Vitamin C degradation, which sounds really ‘interesting’, because it deals with something that is actually RELEVANT in real life. The ‘annoying’ part is the fact that I pretty much have to design it myself…which is a tad bit annoying if I do say so myself. I’m about 65% done prepping for the lab though, so that is a good thing, I will be continuing to work on it today, and compare procedures and such with my friends, so that I know that I’m doing SOMETHING right. I was looking at my calendar the other day, and I found out that I have a Biology midterm…in 10 days…..it has only been 18 days since term 2 started, although it feels like AGES….for the first time in my life, I feel somewhat prepared for this midterm(not saying that I’m going to ace it…but I will study hard, and try to get a super good mark). For you future UBC students….Biology 121, is SO interesting..and when a course is interesting, it makes you want to actually study and do well in it! PLUS, my prof is fantastic AND funny! Tomorrow I have a Chem quiz on Enthalpy/Heat/Work….I should probably study for that, considering I’ve barely looked over any of it! 

University is definitely kicking in…

Welcome to Week 3 of Term 2, at UBC. SWAMPED WITH WORK. Yes, that’s right ladies and gentlemen…the first two weeks were mellow, and then BAM! All of a sudden there’s a lot to do, with so little time…hmmmm….how did THAT happen. I was doing so well, and I was so proud of myself, now it feels like I have all these random things due within the next few days! Really, WHAT happened? Where did I go wrong? Sigh. Oh well. 

The weather outside is frickin’ freezing. Arctic outflow…pretty much below zero temperatures, all day, EVERY day. How goes the snow? Not so great….it barely snowed here. Most of the cities east of Vancouver received a massive gift from the skies…..whereas us Vancouverites were less fortunate. 

Sorry to keep it all short…but time is crucial these days….TIME TO BE PRODUCTIVE.

It’s Saturday Night, Time for some ‘International Love’.

About that song… “International Love” by Pitbull ft. Chris Brown ….. good song, good song. You should  go check it out if you haven’t heard it. It seems relevant, after all, this weekend has been quite an eventful weekend at UBC, with lots of dances and things going on. Such as tonight, an event called Prism(which is a dance), which is directed towards showing everyone how diverse our campus is….you all get ‘badges’ with your hereditary country’s flag. I think it’s a cool and unique idea — showing off the international-ness of us first years. 

Academically, week 2 is done…and believe it or not, some midterms are just 2.5-3 weeks away, crazy isn’t it? So that’s why I choose to not think about that right now, but I’m just warning those of you that actually care(which by the way, I DO care about it, I want to do well…but yeah haha). I have a few quizzes at the beginning of this week, just need to brush up on the knowledge that I have acquired in the past week and a half, shouldn’t be too bad, right?

And the SLC(student leadership conference) was today, I heard that it was…what’s that word? oh yeah… AWESOME. Unfortunately I did not get a chance to go to it, but I know lots of people that did, and apparently you definitely missed out if you didn’t go, which I am not surprised by! The keynote speakers were amazing, and I am absolutely jealous that I didn’t get a chance to listen to Sarah Kay or hear the author of the BOOK OF AWESOME speaking.

P.S. if you didn’t get a chance to look out your window, it snowed…../ is currently snowing. It snowed A  LOT over most of the Lower Mainland, UBC didn’t quite get lucky enough to see as much snow as other people did, due to the fact that we’re by the water, and there’s warm air…this makes me want to cry. Hopefully we get a good dump of white fluffy stuff tonight! I’m EXCITED

I prefer not to put all my eggs into one basket <3

Daaang. I meant to post this ‘yesterday’…but it’s past midnight, so that didn’t work accordingly. OH WELL!

Song lyric blog post title, whaaat?! YES. This shows the diversity of UBC…. the lyrics are from a song called ‘Eggs’ by Amie Yoshitake, a musician + UBC student. I think the song is the cutest little thing! It makes you happy in a giddy kind of way, and the lyrics fit my life at this moment…perfectly.

I’ve been listening to my iPod on shuffle for the past few days….and this shuffle playlist that it’s on….has so many songs that bring back memories from about 1.5-3 years ago….it feels so nice and nostalgic…. it reminds me of who I was back then (not that I have DRASTICALLY changed as a person, but still, I know I’m a slightly different person than I was about a year and a half ago…and I would say I have changed since I was 15…EASILY…I will openly say that if I could go back in time to my 15 year old self, I would definitely do many things differently, like not spending too much time on stupid/meaningless things…I was such a ‘girl’ sometimes….boys have that weird effect on girls at that age…). And as I always say, music makes me think…deeply about things. It has only been 4 ish months since I have been here at UBC, and my ‘way of life’ has changed, my friends have changed, my environment has changed. In many ways I feel like I’m a different person, but I know I haven’t changed all that much since I’ve been here, although a notable change has occurred… sometimes I feel like I’ve outgrown my hometown, and this is the weirdest feeling ever….. you would never think you would ACTUALLY grow out of the place that you grew up in. But for me, I definitely feel like ‘bigger’ is where I almost belong, as much as I want to be a small town girl…however, I know that I am definitely NOT a ‘city girl’. Something inbetween-y works best for me. Time/experiences and all the new people I have met have greatly influenced me. And many of these I am thankful for. But at the same time I feel like…sometimes I don’t want to grow up…. yeah I know, that sounds mature of me to say, but really, sometimes you just want things to stay as they are, and you don’t want anything to change. You know what I’m saying? 


People are… interesting.

Sometimes you think that certain people are different, and this ‘thing’ that makes them different, seems so appealing to you….but then you find out much later that in reality, they weren’t different at all, you just somehow managed to overlook the fact that they had been the same as everyone else, all along.

It’s almost like you’ve been ripped off

……..almost distracted from reality.

And you wonder why you never really understood the real deal until it was ‘too late’…. it just completely changes your mood.

You thought one thing for such a long time, thinking it was true, but really, it wasn’t.

It was almost as far from the truth as you could get.



Sometimes I think I should be a song writer, or a poet, but then I REALLY think about it, and decide Science is the way to go. And FOR THE RECORD…in no way was I attempting to sound poetic in what I said; those were just straight raw thoughts coming from my head. I just felt the need to write them out. 

Anyways, that’s a thought to ponder upon..Hmmmm..

UBC Degree In a Day – Vancouver

Sooo as most of you have figured out, it’s 2012, despite the fact that you probably still write 2011 as the date on your papers by accident…but really, it’s 2012. And that means….high school grad 2012, is quickly approaching! And what does THAT mean? Most of you are probably trying to figure out what you’re going to do with your lives once you’ve become all graduated and stuff.

Okay, you probably want to know what EXACTLY I’m trying to get at…here goes some publicity for UBC…you should really register for Degree in a Day at UBC! This is a great chance to come check out the UBC campus…which, by the way, is REALLY worth your time! And I’m not JUST saying that because I go to UBC, I know many kids that think this place is TO DIE FOR! And what’s that? You don’t have the time? Oh! Don’t worry about it! There are SOOOO many dates where Degree in a Day is happening, you’re BOUND to find a day that works for you! There are 10 different days from mid January until the end of April at the Vancouver UBC campus. You should all check it out during your spring break! You definitely WILL NOT regret it. I attended Degree in a Day when I was in grade 12, during my spring break, and by the way, these events are not strictly for grade 12 students, anyone in high school can attend it, and best of all, it’s FREE! Back to MY experience at Degree in a Day…..it was a great experience, and they had such useful workshops and sessions to attend. And all the people that were in charge of running it, were incredibly accommodating and knowledgeable. They answered every question I had so throughly. At the beginning we played some ice breaker games, so that we could be comfortable with each other, and then we got divided into groups, and went on a campus tour ( this was soo nice! and made me realize that UBC was incredibly HUGE…but you’ll get used to it and realize you can navigate through campus quite easily). After the tour, you attend two sessions of your choice, and then after that, they have a ‘graduation ceremony’ …. this is where they give you a certificate aka your ‘degree’ … in a day. And they also give out some prizes after drawing names…and the prizes are actually pretty decent! 😀  Going to this event really made me want to come here, and what do you know? HERE I AM! 

For more information about degree in a day, check out this page: https://you.ubc.ca/ubc/events/vancouverdiad.ezc;jsessionid=1A94B56906D6D520057A609B1B2ABFE7 remember, you WON’T regret it. 

Term Two – off to a great start!

Hello! I’ve only had three days of classes so far…but I can already tell that the professors and the course material seem much better than first term…so that’s a plus! I’m really excited, and motivated to do really well this term! I am really loving the fact that this term there are a lot of resources for getting practice…like mastering phyiscs, bio, and chem. I do better when I do more practice questions, and last term I felt like I didn’t have enough resources for practice questions. But now this term we have an actual textbook for Chemistry 123, which has really good questions, and you can actually teach yourself the content, which I felt like I couldn’t do with the CHIRP in Chem 121. Another plus is the fact that Chemistry only has one midterm, as does Physics, and I get midterm break to study for them! Instead of cramming for a subject the night before the exam because I didn’t get time to study due to other studying that needed to be done. I even have a plan on how I’m going to study, and I have definitely learned from my mistakes made in Term 1..as to how NOT to study. And when it’s time to focus, I need to give all my attention to what I’m studying. 😛 (duuhh). And I’m actually REVIEWING what I learned in class during that day, instead of just saying that I WILL review it. As long as I keep on top of everything, I’ll be fine, it’s when I fall behind, that it becomes a problem….then I start scrambling trying to catch up on everything, and then that just fails miserably. 

BACK TO REALITY Almost Time For Classes To Start….

So today is the official start date of term 2 classes aka the holidays are OFFICIALLY OVER. Back to good ol’ rainy Vancouver. YAAAAAY. 😛 The last two days have been soo relaxing in residence…no one was really doing anything productive, we were all feeling relaxed, having nothing productive to do, but we all knew that classes would be starting really soon, and it would be back to reality. Surprisingly my term 2 schedule is more ‘slack’ than my first term courses, but they’re all strictly core science courses, so I wouldn’t say it’s going to be EASIER…but oh well. I’m really motivated to just do really well and focus A LOT more on my school work, and manage my time better. Like, i don’t really need to be studying 24/7, I just need to FOCUS during the times that I study, and NOT get distracted by small things. But as I was saying, the last two days in residence have been great! But now it’s really time to catch up on my sleep….yay. I’m really going to miss seeing my friends in classes, last term my favourite class in a ‘social aspect’ was Chemistry 121….and now this term, I need to make new friends. 😀 Yesterday I went and bought my books for Chem 123 (whoa! 123…not 121 anymore!! 😀 ) and Phys 101. And now I just have to get my math book(s), and I will be set for life!