Da Baby Is Coming!

So…Princess Kate is about to hatch out the royal baby at some point in the very near future. I’ve been thinking about it…you don’t get to choose your family, but being born into royalty would be kinda cool right? Lucky kid. I call the gender to be female, wouldn’t that be ADORABLE. Edit: guess I was wrong about the gender. Oops.

Course Registration Woes – CALM DOWN!

Seriously people, CALM yourselves! Don’t have a panic attack if you didn’t get into the courses that “you need for your degree” within the first hour of your registration period! There are almost 2months left until school starts, and if it’s a second term course you’re worried about….don’t complain! LOTS of add/drop action happens from now until a couple weeks into September! Sooo you should stop the extreme spamming of all the Facebook groups in panic mode regarding the classes you didn’t get and please don’t bombard the profs with emails asking to get into their class; be patient. Remember if a class has a waitlist, get on it ASAP! Do not think you’re doomed if you’re on a waitlist…seriously, most waitlisted people end up getting into the course by the first week of September. If you couldn’t for some reason get into a course/waitlist, just attend the first day/week of classes regardless, and see if people drop/THEN talk to the professor and see if you can get into that course. SO, until then, be patient, and learn to breathe a little, I promise you that you are not screwed for the rest of your UBC educational career, everything’s going to be OKAY. 🙂

Second Year Registration – UBC

So second year registration is coming up for all you people going into, well, SECOND YEAR! So you guys just found out your majors….now what? If you aren’t sure what courses you’re supposed to take for your major remember to check out this super useful page UBC SCIENCE CALENDAR – scroll down and find your specialization and it will give you a ‘sample’ of what your second year should look like, as well as the next few years to come! The common second year ‘pre-med’ courses that the majority of students in life sciences(excluding biochem/chem) tend to take are: Chem 233, Biol 200, Biol 201(or Bioc 202…but during the Winter session, most people take Biol 201), Chem 205, and Chem 235. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! 

When TV Shows Take Over Your Life.

If you had asked me before I started at UBC, I would have been appalled at the thought of being hooked on a TV show. Well, I’m just going to eat my words now. I’ve gone through quite a few shows so far, especially in the past year, since last summer to be exact. During my term in summer school I was obsessed with the show Awkward, and now, NOW, I’ve moved onto Greek. It’s a show that revolves around the Greek system of a US university. I didn’t think I’d get into it since my friend had gone crazy over it during my Awkward obsession…but I started watching it last night and I’m already 8 episodes in, ~44 minutes each. UGH. I guess that’s what summer is for, right? To waste away your time with TV shows that you wouldn’t normally have the time to watch during the school year. If you decide to start watching Greek because of me – I’m sorry and you’re welcome. 😉