Rain, Rain, Bio, OChem, Fireworks, and more Rain.

It’s raining outside. We even have a rainfall warning in place — didn’t see THAT one coming. I quite enjoy the sound of rain trickling down my window while I study…it’s rather soothing to be honest. Practising organic chem reaction mechanisms + rain + some random rainy day playlist on 8tracks….what a wonderful way to spend the night. 😀 I mean I couldn’t think of any better way. :S Tomorrow’s Halloween..YAY. What am I doing? NOTHING Halloween-y… really, this has probably been the lamest Halloween of my life! But to be honest, I don’t really care, I’ll make up for it next year.
After living in Vancouver for a year, I feel like I’ve become accustomed to the rain….I don’t really mind it..screw doing your hair half decently for class, it’s going to get ruined and you’re going to look like a drowning rat anyway. Hehe. 😀 Besides, I feel like it’s not right to complain about the rain here, considering the fact that the east coast is getting butchered by a hurricane…good ol’ Sandy. She’s going cray cray. OH YA! I got my Bio 200 midterm back…tragic story…there’s always that final where I’m supposedly supposed to redeem myself, yeah? I hate going through an exam and comparing it to the answer key and realizing you made dumb mistakes/if you had just explained things a tad bit more in detail you would have received full marks. You learn from your mistakes, but seriously, I feel like I’m just not learning from that one mistake, considering I do it…ALL THE TIME. I will say though, I was quite surprised that I had passed the essay question…I literally scribbled down words in the last 10 minutes(TERRIBLE time management on my part) and somehow put them into disorderly paragraphs with a terrible thesis and a conclusion that I somehow managed to get marks for. I’m almost positive that I probably sounded ESL, there was no proof reading or ANYTHING done; I was thinking faster than I could write. Enough about Biology….

I don’t know about anyone else…but I have LITERALLY been hearing fireworks going off somewhere on campus for the past week..who that be. Huh?huh?huh?

Just Shaking Things Up….

Earthquakes on one side of the continent and a massive superstorm on the other. PERFECT. 7.7 is pretty cray, thank goodness it didn’t cause any damage, or a tsunami, considering a tsunami watch was in place. The people on the east coast seemed more concerned than the west coasters..but yo, east coasters, you have a massive superstorm that’s about to drown you all, so don’t worry about us! All I can say is that I would hope that that earthquake was the “big one”(but it’s not)…and now I’d like to move on with my life….which consists of studying O-Chem….and potentially modifying a super crappily done Bio 200 paper that’s due tomorrow.  But in my defence…my Bio 200 topic wasn’t all that great..and it was difficult to find proper information to write the paper. 

Thought Overload.

Rambly, choppy post time. I think there’s something wrong with me. I’m not sure what. I just haven’t been able to concentrate properly on anything school related since the beginning of the week. I don’t even know WHY. My mind is in a completely different place. >:|  It’s not like I feel upset, or sad, or “depressed”, or anything like that – I’m rather happy to be honest, maybe a bit too happy. It’s not like I have a proper reason for being excessively happy, my emotions have just been ranging from neutral – extremely happy. I think I’ve been “reminiscing” a lot recently. The last few months have probably been the most “emotional” and somewhat “challenging” few months of my life so far, for several reasons. I suppose some of it was more like a learning experience and it has clearly affected me in ways that I thought it wouldn’t affect me.  I’m  surprised that I got through it all in the way that I did, considering the fact that I felt like I ran into several dead ends. I guess that shows that there’s hope in everything. But as for now… I’m actually confused, I’m in one of those circumstances when one’s heart and head want two different things… oh the can of worms THAT can open up. 

sidenote. Shia Labeouf came to UBC, exactly a year ago. 
soo…annywaaay…..hmm…..I’m ready for Christmas break.

‘Cause though the truth may vary this ship will carry our bodies safe to shore..

This is probably one of the “strangest” music videos I’ve ever seen…but something about it just keeps me intrigued…whattheheck? As much as I’m into mainstream music…I love alternative/indie/folk-y stuff, especially from artists outside of North America – I think it’s the whole accent thing. 😀 This song has absolutely no relevance to my life right now that I can possibly think of….but it’s been stuck in my head all day, for who knows what reason, so now I will gladly take the responsibility of getting it stuck in yours. 🙂 😀 😛  

The aftermath.

Well, hell week just ended with a wonderful Sapling assignment from, well, hell. Three midterms + 52 questions of Chemistry..about SN1, SN2, and E2 mechanisms…. >.< I need time to recuperate. The past 4 hours of my life have been an utter waste. #notimpressed <— I’ve been spending too much time on the tweet box. Actually, I just give up on Sapling for Chem….I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore and have absolutely no patience to even figure things out. I’ll just continue to listen to Taylor Swift….and pretend that everything’s all good and move on with my life. Time to start a new week all fresh and whatnot. I don’t even know what I’m talking about right now. Dumb dumb dumb. 11:11 – make a wish. 


*JK. I don’t give up on things like that. finished my homework 13 minutes before the deadline. things like that happen when you’ve got smart friends, and when you’re motivated by desperation.*