Music Soothes The Soul: I Wish I Knew Then, What I Know Now

If you didn’t know, I’m a HUGE Katy Perry fan – she’s BEAUTIFUL both inside and out, and a lot of her songs are really meaningful, and she has an amazing voice! She’s one of those artists that isn’t afraid to be REAL. If she makes a mistake, she doesn’t try to cover up and hide, she makes a song out of it, and tries to actually OVERCOME it, and she has MILLIONS of fans supporting her every step of the way. Since she’s so real, many of her songs can be very relatable. She’s young, fresh, and knows how to have fun. Some of my favourite songs by her are: Hot N Cold, Firework, California Gurls, E.T., Last Friday Night (TGIF), Part Of Me, Teenage Dream, The One That Got Away, Waking Up In Vegas, and my new favourite —> Wide Awake.

Wide Awake is the one that I want to talk about because it’s so REAL —- Sometimes we all get caught up with something, and then later we look back on it and think “WOW, things could have been different and so much better if…..” and many times we think “I wish I knew then, what I know now….” —- it would have caused us to act differently, and things may have turned out differently. One of the main ‘life mottos’ I have would definitely be, “Live with no regrets”  — at one point, you will have regrets about SOMETHING, but the goal is to get over it and move on because you know that your past can’t be changed. It could be something that you said a while back, and you wish you knew something then, that you know now, and it can be a regret, but really, what are you going to do about something that happened in the past? Right? We all come to a realization at some point that the way we acted in a previous event/situation isn’t how you SHOULD have acted, or maybe that really wasn’t the real you. Lots of things have happened in the past year since I started university, and many times I’ve thought about how things could have been dealt with differently, or how I was too caught up in something that made me stray from who I really was/how the real me would have acted, or maybe I realized that I should be doing stuff to please myself and not please OTHER people….but in all honesty, there’s nothing that can be done, other than overcoming our ‘mistakes’ and starting new, which isn’t all that hard to do if you try. Just because we have a couple regrets here and there doesn’t mean that it’s time to completely give up. Just keep moving forward. 🙂 

Hoping My Battery Lasts Until I Finish My Ramblings…

Yes, my laptop battery is dying, and I refuse to go to my room and get the charger (#whysolazy), I shall make do with the battery power I have now. Recent conversations with a particular individual(maybe individuals) made me think about this, and ‘if I think it, I blog it.’ –I’m not sure why..but my head voice sounded like Amanda Bynes in Sydney White — with that whole twangy-ish thing going. I wish Amanda Bynes was still into acting, but that’s a ramble for maybe another time.

So there’s that saying “When life  gives you lemons, make lemonade” — in non fruitical terms –> when life gives you opportunities, make use of them. When life throws something at you, take it, catch it, make use of it. Sometimes I fail to do so, and I think about it afterwards(much later) and kind of “regret” it. This can also be applied to…uhm…. friendships.  You know how people go after what they “can’t have”, but when someone is figuratively (or literally- but that would just make things QUITE awkward) throwing themselves at you or trying to get NOTICED by you, and you just fail to acknowledge it, and then go after someone else. When you think about it, it’s kind of like an endless cycle sometimes. Person A likes Person B, who likes Person C, and sometimes NOTHING in that little chain is MUTUAL.  I am completely guilty of both chasing after something in which I probably SHOULDN’T and sometimes I manage to not acknowledge something/someone that is “right there” because I’m going after something I shouldn’t and honestly, I hate doing that. And this post is something to just drill into MY mind and yours, that you really shouldn’t look past things that simply get thrown at you, or are right under your nose(figuratively of course, or else that’s a bit too close for comfort) 😉 

Thoughts Are Being Processed Into Words…

Blunt title ? Yeah, I thought so. 

be warned that this may come across as another one of those rambly, not TO THE POINT posts:

I have been very reflective during the past few days….and just now I was looking through some of my older posts and they just reminded me of how amazing this past year has been, and how things have changed. It’s summer now, and you know what they say “distance makes the heart grow fonder”  — I miss my friends SO MUCH! And sometimes I’ll find myself on Facebook, looking through my newsfeed, and I’ll come across some type of activity of theirs, and it makes me miss them that much more!! And I think about the memories we had, and it makes me feel kinda sad. Sometimes I wish that they just gave us enough days off during school to just hang out with friends, weekends aren’t enough! You get so close to people when you’re here because you’re around them a lot more. In high school, you see your friends five days a week, for about 5-7  hours/day and then some more if you see them outside of class — that is NOTHING compared to university, especially if you and your friends live on campus! There were people(apart from my roommate) that I probably saw for like 18 hours a day sometimes – it’s insane. And this is what makes you closer to people — being at university it’s like you’re practically ‘growing up’ with them, and you’re seeing them so often, it’s like they are a part of your life, and not having them there makes it feel a bit ‘incomplete’/lacking. I miss you all so much ❤ 

Music Soothes The Soul: ‘Cuz all you need is love and love is all you’ve ever found.

Music posts! AHHH! Now that it’s summer, and since summer courses aren’t as intense as full year courses, I seem to have more than a decent amount of time to think about things, other than school. And to be honest, it’s great. Although sometimes it can be a problem , because I’m a girl, and we tend to uhm, what’s that called? over think things…..yeaahh.. OH WELL. I absolutely love going on YouTube and finding artists on there, there’s so much talent out there – pure, raw, fresh, real – not completely auto-tuned and over processed, TALENT.

A specific artist’s song sparked the interest of writing this post, and he goes by the name of Corey Gray. I discovered his music quite recently, I believe at the beginning of 2012, he did a collab with another YouTube artist that I had been following, and I was astonished. As time went on, my interest in him diminished, not because I thought he wasn’t good, it just somehow diminished. Then a couple days ago, I re-visted his channel to see what was new because I had remembered seeing on Facebook that he had a new video released(a music video for his original song Where We’re Going). My goodness – I’m in love. Watching the video was so ’emotional’ — it brought so many emotions, and flashbacks and it was just mind blowing. I have been watching it nonstop for the longest time now. I can’t say I have felt such a connection with a song+video in a LONG time. There is so much passion in that video, and his voice, his soft, soft and gentle voice that I cannot get out of my head. I couldn’t even tell you all the emotions it brought — extremes from happiness, relief, comfort and ease, sadness, a rush of excitement, grace, a sense of freedom and adventure, to a strong passion for life. The part where they jump into the pool, it just made me want to SOAR and fly- that might sound ridiculous, but like I said, this song just really hits me. The video is quite simple when you think about it, but simplicity brings realness – and he is BEAUTIFUL, and I think that  the girl in the video Karlee Rigby, and him have great chemistry in this video. It really makes you want something like that. I never really had considered myself to be a ‘hopeless romantic’ — but sometimes, times like these, when I see these things, I can be one. Sometimes I wish certain events in my life could be in a music video- heck I wish I could be in that video. Be sure to check out the other covers he has on his channel, I’m certain you’ll fall in love. =) 


10 000 WOOOOO! & Some Reminiscing.

So I was just checking my blog, like I usually do, and I noticed that the view count hit 10 000 – I was completely mind blown by this, not in the sense where I’m like “OH MY GOSH, I’M SO POPULAR!” — I really don’t think that. But it just blows my mind because I started this blog near the end of grade 12(June 2011)… I think during provincial exam time, so school was technically over by then. PLUS this blog is pretty ‘anonymous’ for the most part, I personally have told 2 people(they wouldn’t tell anyone), other than my family–interesting to know what people can stumble across on the internet. AT THE SAME TIME, it makes me curious if people I actually know have come across this blog(and they don’t even know who’s writing it), and then there’s the ‘creepy’ aspect of, I don’t even know who EXACTLY is reading all this ‘personal’ stuff about me. I was ‘inspired’ to start a blog after stumbling across a bunch of blog posts by a first year UBC science student. I mean, I had seen a couple other blogs by other UBC students, they just didn’t really have the same effect on me. For the longest time I had been wanting to start a blog kind of thing…but I had been putting it off, and after seeing that one girl’s blog, I was like WHY NOT! It was the end of one chapter, and the start of a new one, so it was technically the ideal time to start a blog, and I thought it would be great to look back on in the future. My main point was just documenting my life, and giving a whole rambling journey about the transition from high school – university, and all the excitement and stuff that accompanied it. And now that I’m going into second year, all the things that I wrote about, can be relevant to the new incoming freshmen, because they probably feel somewhat the same way I did. Now what I really want to try doing is helping out new freshmen with my own experiences and just giving it to them straight without sugar coating anything. 

Let’s hit rewind and reminisce….

Today I was thinking a lot about my first year experience as a whole…why? because I was thinking about how a year ago, I was getting ready with my class to go on the BEST trip of our high school lives — GRAD TRIP! May long weekend of 2011 — we went on a grad trip, houseboating. YES! It was also last year around May 21? that some guy said the world would end…and I remember a couple of my friends and I just talking about it and thinking “wow, great, the ‘world is going to end’ and we’re on  a houseboat in the middle of some lake, awesome” –> apparently the world didn’t end, ‘cuz I’m writing this. YAY. Thinking back on that and how much has changed in this span of one year, I sometimes honestly feel like I’m living a different life completely. That probably sounds kind of far-fetchedly crazy, but it’s true, and I don’t know how many of you can possibly relate to that? Maybe more than I think? I don’t know. The past year has probably had the most changes I have ever experienced in such a short period of time, but that just makes it all the more exciting. I can honestly say that the people I have met at UBC have completely opened my eyes and ‘exposed’ me to a lot of things that I didn’t think I would be ‘exposed’ to — all in a good way haha. Some of the people I have met here, are probably the most genuine people EVER, and sometimes I think ‘wow, you honestly, inspire me, and make me want to be a better person.’ I can’t get over how appreciative I am of the friends that I have met this year, and I hope all you guys come into UBC and find where you fit and make some amazing, lifelong friends. GIMME SOME SAP AND PUT IT ON SOME BREAD. =) 


I’m in a super happy mood right now— why? because Levels is playing right now, and music really makes me feel happy. I don’t know about you guys, but whenever I hear a song, I USUALLY tend to have some sort of ‘memory’ linked to it. I’m not entirely sure if that’s completely weird, although I’m quite sure that it’s not that crazy! For the most part, a lot of the most recent ‘Top 40’ songs all remind me of first year at UBC (memories from dances, or had relatable lyrics, fun songs that my friends and I would listen to and go crazy over, songs that I just had a crazy obsession with, etc).

Here are a few songs that really ‘represent’ my first year music playlist. Keyword: few, so obviously this isn’t all of it, and it isn’t in any particular order.

  1. Levels – Avicii
  2. Payphone – Maroon 5 ft. Wiz Khalifa
  3. Somebody That I Used To Know – Gotye (and the Walk Off the Earth cover was REALLY awesome too!)
  4. We Are Young – Fun ft Janelle Monae
  5. Dance Again – J.Lo ft Pitbull
  6. International Love – Pitbull ft. Chris Brown
  7. Happily Ever After – He is We
  8. Ours – Taylor Swift
  9. Whistle – Flo Rida
  10. Starships – Nicki Minaj
  11. Superbass – Nicki Minaj
  12. Wild Ones – Flo Rida ft Sia
  13. Stronger – Kelly Clarkson
  14. Feel So Close – Calvin Harris (this is more of a recent favourite though, I didn’t really like it when I heard it at first)
  15. Glad You Came – The Wanted (this brings back such great memories of the last dance of the year!! :’) )
  16. Drive By – Train
  17. What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction (I would like to let you all know, this song was my favourite song back in like October, before people even knew who One Direction WAS – so hipster.)
  18. Blame It On September – Allstar Weekend (Whatever happened to those guys? 😛 )
  19. If I Die Young – The Band Perry
  20. Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen (Once again, I liked this song before the Beebs made it famous — but I LOVE this song)
  21. Part of Me – Katy Perry
  22. Summer Paradise – Simple Plan ft. Sean Paul
  23. One Thing – One Direction
  24. Good Feeling – Flo Rida
  25. Curiosity – Carly Rae Jepsen
  26. Paradise – Coldplay
  27. Yellow- Coldplay
  28. Someone Like You – Adele
  29. Domino – Jessie J
  30. So Good – B.o.B 
  31. Wagon Wheel – Old Crown Medicine Show
  32. Give Your Heart A Break – Demi Lavato
  33. Fallout – Marianas Trench
  34. Party Rock Anthem – LMFAO (of course)
  35. One Life – Hedley
  36. Invincible – Hedley
  37. We Found Love – Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris
  38. Cheers(Drink To That) – Rihanna
  39. Pumped Up Kicks – Foster The People
  40. Ass Back Home – Gym Class Heroes ft. Neon Hitch
  41. Brighter Than The Sun – Colbie Callait
  42. I Won’t Give Up – Jason Mraz
  43. Just A Kiss – Lady Antebellum
  44. God Gave Me You – Blake Shelton
  45. Turn Me On – David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj
  46. Set Fire To The Rain – Adele
  47. Good Life – One Republic (summer 2011 ish)
  48. It Girl – Jason Derulo
  49. Merry Go Round – Suzie McNeil
  50. Titanium – David Guetta ft. Sia
  51. Fly – Nicki Minaj ft. Rihanna
  52. Jet Lag- Simple Plan ft. Natasha Bedingfield (this was more of a summer 2011 song though…leading up to first year, so it counts)
  53. All About Us – He is We ft. Owl City
  54. Stuck Like Glue – Sugarland 
  55. Save You Tonight – One Direction
  56. Get Low – Lil Jon (I think they played this at every dance! to the windoooooowww, to the wall…😛 )
  57. Firework – Katy Perry ( background: I had a major obsession with this song a year or two ago, and they played this at the Vanier Winter Formal dance, and my heart just burst into happiness, and my friend and I just screamed this at the top of our lungs! Fun times.)
  58. Falling in Love – Ironik ft. Jessica Lowndes 

OKAY. That was A LOT, and those were just from the top of my head, and that’s not even ALL OF IT!

It’s beginning to look a lot like summer..

I am still alive, for those of you that care/have been concerned due to my recent ‘absence’ of what, 9 days? The weather has been incredibly marvellous for the past few days; the sun is shining, and I’m just beaming. I have a ton of things I want to blog about, so more posts will soon be coming your way; some of these posts will DEFINITELY be helpful to future UBC students — just giving you all a heads up. 

Now what have I been up to? WELL. Believe it or not, I have actually returned to UBC for summer courses, I just couldn’t stay away from UBC for too long. 😀 But I’ll only be there until June, which is long enough. My thoughts on summer courses? DO THEM! They are actually not that bad at all. They’re pretty chill if you ask me. I mean sure, they are ‘intensive’ in the sense that in about two days, you learn just over a week’s worth of material(in the winter session).  I believe that you can only do two courses per term in the summer, and looking at ‘statistics’, summer courses tend to have higher averages, not sure if that’s just because super smart keeners do summer school, haha. I currently live in Marine Drive(yay for year round housing!), it’s mind blowing how nice of a place it is, definitely a change from Vanier! The area where the Marine Drive commonsblock is, is absolutely GORGEOUS when it’s sunny. My roommates are all super awesome, totally lucked out on that one, I really couldn’t ask for any better roommates #yayforrandomroommates. Fortunately I do know quite a few people living on campus, so it’s not ‘lonely’ or anything like that. I have actually seen/gotten together with QUITE a few of my friends from first year, it was really awesome seeing them again(everyone is so relaxed now). I have found that living in Marine makes me feel more ‘older’/responsible. Vanier is full of first years, and we practically have people to do things for us, like there are people to clean the bathrooms, and food is provided for us at the dining hall, stuff like that. Now, I’m pretty much on my own; it’s my job to make sure the bathroom is clean, and I have to cook my own food, and all that. And at Marine, I have a single room, it definitely does take a while to get used to, going from having a shared room, with my best friend, to having a room to myself.Although, the alone time is nice I guess. My roommates ARE all a few years older than me, I think that adds to the fact that I feel ‘older’ — 2-3 years isn’t really THAT big of a difference, but of course, they all know a lot more than I do about things haha, plus they’ve lived in the unit for a long time. It’s actually like an asset to have older roommates, they can share their knowledge with you, so it’s really nice.

Complete side note, Starbucks summer coconut drinks are back – my life is complete. What are these coconut drinks I speak of? go check out my post from last summer where I raved about them —>

Go Get You Some University Pride


UBC – Vancouver … known for it’s LipDubs. 

Last year, in March 2011, UBC as a whole did a LipDub to Raise Your Glass & Celebrity Status. This LipDub, I know, caught the attention of MANY MANY MANY people, especially my batch of admissionees (is that what you call it? I don’t know..). We were blown away by the whole campus’ spirit and bringing together such an amazing thing, and they even had Marianas Trench in the video! Can anyone say LEGIIIIT? Like who WOULDN’T want to go there after seeing this?!

UBC – Okanagan 

UBCO also did a LipDub in March 2011, and this was the product of that. They did it to We Are Young – Mika 

AND NOW THIS YEAR… Totem Park (one of the first year residences) did a LipDub — although it isn’t EXACTLY a LipDub, it still brings out all the spirit of the first years living in Totem Residence, and a fantastic job to all of those that put in that extra effort to make it all happen! I say Vanier does one next year! 😛 All in all, I think it looks like people had a lot of fun and it is definitely something that will be in their memories! So to you future first years — look at what this incredible campus has to offer; the people, the location, the spirit, UBC has got it all. 

RandomRamblings: Apps, Free Time, Music;Lalalalalala.

Hey, it’s May. I just rhymed. I CANNOT believe how fast this year is going by! It was just a year ago that I was anticipating what first year university would be like, and here I am, going into SECOND year — this makes me feel super old. Anyways, I wanted to make a post that isn’t UBC related ‘cuz it has been awhile — I might somehow ‘incorporate’ some aspect of UBC into this(briefly), after all, I’m a student there, and I’m supposed to brag about how great the school is(KIDDING! — although it IS pretty great).


I am an iPhone user, and therefore I get to distract myself with all these fancy apps! YAY. Oh, I just figured out how to incorporate UBC into this — about 75% of UBC students … are iPhone users(maybe a SLIGHT exaggeration, maybe). Here are a few of my ‘apps of the moment’…

  • Instagram — LOVE LOVE LOVE. if you don’t have it, why don’t you!?!? It’s free – GO GET IT. I am basically OBSESSED with this app, as of recent. I didn’t care much about it before(although I did actually install the app MONTHS ago-what a hipster), but now I’m just uploading pictures like crazy and looking through other people’s pictures and all that. And I just get super excited when I see that someone likes my photos, yuuuup. 
  • Draw Something – I feel like A LOT of people have this one…. I know the majority of my friends do — that’s how we made it through midterms and finals. 😛 
  • Dot Line – this is a recent one, it’s one of those memory games, you have to remember the sequence the line gets drawn. –terrible explanation, but I don’t know how else to explain it. 
  • PicCal – It’s a picture calendar ! You put up a picture/day, kind of like a photo diary. I like the whole idea of looking back and reminiscing on what you did in a certain month.
  • Shazam — I think this one’s pretty common…it’s really handy if you hear a song and you want to know what it is. 

Free Time

I am taking a few online courses during the summer, haven’t started them YET, but I will be starting them soon. I think summer courses aren’t that intense if you’re taking them online, besides you still get a lot of free time, and I would say that I have enough motivation to actually keep up with them. But I love all the free time I have now; when someone asks if I want to hang out, I don’t even need to think about it, it’s usually a yes, BECAUSE I HAVE NOTHING TO DO! 😀 I think you need to go to university to be able to really appreciate summer vacation. All I do these days is drive around, visit people, read books; not textbooks, draw, listen to music, watch TV, idle my time away with iPhone apps, and etc. 


I must say, I was quite surprised at how well I kept up with music while I was away at UBC. I was HORRIBLE at keeping up with movies, when someone asked me if I wanted to go see a movie, I would have NO idea what they were talking about. But music, music is different. One of my favourite songs of the moment-  Payphone – Maroon 5 ft. Wiz Khalifa.