What to do on a Friday night before midterms? STUDY.

That’s right children…. it’s time for midterms. Can I get a ‘woot woot’? -silence-  -crickets chirp-  …OOHHHKAAAY! It’s Friday night….and almost everyone on my floor is studying. This is quite unusual for a Friday night….but hey, midterms are right around the corner… LITERALLY. It’s so quiet that it’s actually a decent environment to study and concentrate in… I LOVE IT! I have two midterms next week, a Chemistry quiz on Monday, and I have a Chem lab to prepare for/finish my lab report for the previous Chem lab, and then do a Crystal Structures online assessment. BECAUSE TWO MIDTERMS AREN’T ENOUGH TO KEEP ME OCCUPIED?! Gotta love university…these are the things you need to get used to.. I remember back in high school I would complain when we had like 4 tests in a week….I mean it IS something to complain about, but wait until you get to university. The best advice I could give you regarding homework and assignments….do it when you get it..like RIGHT AWAY. DO NOT procrastinate and do it right before it’s due…. you’ll get other work to do. So it’s just best to get it all out of the way as soon as possible. It’s one of those things I always tell myself, yet fail to practice(not on purpose though). 

I have eaten so much candy since last night, I am going to eat myself to a cavity thanks to midterms. Hubbard’s (the little convenience  store at Vanier) is definitely going to get some good cash money by the time midterms are done. Practically everyone resorts to candy while studying….oh and coffee. I really think they need a Starbucks ON residence…..they’d make so much money….. like 500 caffeine thirsty students? DO THE MATH. I really should have chosen Business as my line…I’d do so well in it….NOT. They also NEED to keep the dining hall open past 7 : 30? Hungry students are everywhere around here…and we need food, and half of us don’t wanna go to McDonalds at midnight…actually, that’s a lie…there are lots of people around here that enjoy a McD run at like 2 in the morning….but for those who care about their health…..the dining hall would be nice… but whatever. I’m surprised that I’m not sick of the dining hall food yet…but then again it’s only been a month. But really, if you give it a chance, you actually will learn to like the food and not get tired of it. 

Something about  in-class quizzes here at UBC…. there is absolutely NO time to finish them! Well I mean you get like 10-15 minutes…it’s really not that much, you get so into your quiz that you don’t realize that you only have a minute left and you still have like 3 questions left to answer. You really need to manage your time wisely here….otherwise you’re screwed. 

Well that’s all the time I’m willing to sacrifice….off to study. 

Midterms start in a week.. WHAT?

So let’s keep this short and sweet… I’m so screwed. -.-

And NOW I will enlighten you on that……I have two midterms next week… Biol 112 and Math 100………. Biology is going to be HORRID. I know, I should stay positive, but seriously speaking, I was looking at the sample midterm, and I was like ‘Oh shiz.” ….NOT GOOD. Guess I’ll be hiding away in a library this weekend and study like crazy and perhaps UNDERSTAND uhhhh EVERYTHING!!! And Math….I thought I was doing okay at it….until I got my quiz mark back….and BOY was that a shocker…… SOMEBODY needs to get on top of things and just work SUPER hard. (that somebody would be me). 

At first I didn’t think that studying in my room was too bad…it wasn’t as distracting as I had expected it to be…or so I thought. BUT I was wrong….I’m pretty sure my room is extremely distracting and I just need to head on over to Koerner or Irving or something…(I’m so grateful that I’m in Vanier…those two libraries are just a 6 ish minute walk away from where I am….but poor Totem people would have to walk for like 15 -20 minutes…). Facebook, Youtube, my computer in general = HUGE distraction…I feel like there needs to be some parental lock on my computer so that I don’t go on Facebook and Youtube 3838728929176439228272 times a day.  Anyways… so my friends and I are trying to form a study group thing for Biol 112…’cuz we’re cool/ don’t plan on flunking on our midterms. Time is just FLYING by way too fast…..someone needs to just freeze time and let me do what I need to do !

Tomorrow I have my Crystal Structures workshop….still not entirely sure what to expect…but I know plenty of people that already did theirs, so I can just ask them, so that’s always nice. And it would probably help if I actually did the pre-reading….which I WILL do….tonight. I really can’t believe how fast time is speeding on by…I’m still surprised at the fact that it’s still September…..oh the life of a university student.

And it also sucks ‘cuz I’m sick…when you’re sick everything just sucks. The cold weather, the rain (although it hasn’t rained since monday), school, everything. I don’t like being around people when I’m sick, I just like to keep to myself, and  socialize as little as possible…I feel like I get self-conscious when I’m sick…I’m weird, I get it. And another thing about being sick….you pretty much go to class and sit there, barely registering what the prof is talking about…it seems like a waste of time….but yeah. Story of my life this week. 

ALSO, another thing….any of you who are planning on taking English 110……make sure you have a decent sized course load before you take English 110….there is quite  a bit of reading to do…and reading takes time…and you have to [over]analyze what the author is trying to say. It takes SO MUCH TIME. And the books that your professor picks may not be very INTERESTING…..it’s pretty much like high school. And don’t make the mistake I made….where you don’t read the book until the night before you have an in class essay to write ABOUT the book. <<<< MAJOR MISTAKE. And I know I’ve been majorly slacking with keeping up with this blog…like posting twice a week sometimes…YIKES. SORRYYYY. I’ll try to blog more often…..pretty sure blogging is like therapy…cuz when you get stressed out…you just spill your feelings to the rest of the internet…FEELS GOOD.

RandomRamblings UBC Style: Vanier Olympics, Graffiti Night, Weather.


Sooo Vanier is DA bomb. Did I just say ‘DA bomb’? Why yes, yes I did just say that. SO much Vanier spirit! Saturday was a GLORIOUSLY BEAUTIFUL day, it was sooo sunny and nice, and the opposite of how the day is today(I’ll explain that later on in the post). All the Vanier houses, except for Tec and Korea(they have enough people that they don’t need to pair up with anyone to make a team), were teamed up with their sister houses (OkaBoo, MackRoss, RobKoot, Mawder, and TweedSL). Every house(and their sister house) gets a T-shirt with their house collaborative names on it, and each of the houses have different house colours…this is when it starts sounding like Harry Potter. 😀 Not being bias or anything, but in MY opinion TweedSL had the best entrance(SMOKE BOMB!!!!), but I mean we won for ‘Best Costume’…. people were envious of our camo army wear. 😉 So all in all, there were 5 games — Human Foosball, Chuck the Chicken (I actually DON’T know know what the actual name for it is…but you chuck a rubber chicken….), a spider web game, where you have to get people through the spaces, one where we had to flip the tarp to the other side without anyone touching the grass(not going to lie, this was the most confusing thing ever), and one where we had to toss water balloon over a net. The olympics were in the morning, and they were LOADS of fun, and definitely got people pumped up for GRAFFITI NIGHT!! 


Grafitti night was the ‘opening’ dance….pretty much the first dance that Vanier put on. The ‘equivalent’ for Totem was their GLOW dance. So pretty much everyone got white tshirts and Sharpies, and you went around writing things on peoples shirts throughout the dance. I mean it’s a good way to get to know people, although half of them aren’t fully mentally there(‘cuz they went a little overboard with the alcohol :P)….but it’s still fun! I couldn’t even read the majority of the things that were written on my shirt, but whatever, it’s cool. I met a lot of people that I wouldn’t have met otherwise, and they had pretty decent music. I’m not going to lie, but at first I was slightly disappointed that it was a Vanier ONLY dance….but afterwards I was kind of happy about that just ‘cuz it helped me to meet new people, instead of just being around people that I already knew from say Totem or something.


It was INCREDIBLY sunny and nice on Saturday….and now the weather has gone absolutely bipolar…. it’s POURING rain, and windy and COLD. It’s really miserable out there, and I hate it! And the puddles are HUUUUGEEEE!!! You could pretty much drown in a puddle here….SLIGHT exaggeration. But it’s the worst weather to walk in, either way, no matter how bundled up you are, you’ll get wet and be cold. It’s utterly annoying. But hey, it adds to the motivation of staying inside and actually getting some work done…..after all, midterms start in just over a week!!!! <— MAJOR SCARY THOUGHT.

Chem 121 Lab … NOT BAD

So today was my first Chem 121 lab……. and honestly speaking, I expected the very worst, and to my delight.. IT WASN’T BAD AT ALL! 😀 My TA is super nice and helpful…and AWESOME…I’m SO HAPPY about that. Thanks to him, I will probably ENJOY my labs, more than originally expected. I think everyone should just get a TA like him and if you dread chem labs, you will dread them no longer. 😀 There was a quiz at the beginning of the lab, it was ‘okay’, I did better than I thought, so that’s good ! 😀

Vancouver weather is back…rainfall warning. HOORAY. Walking to class this morning, I got soaked right through. One thing I really don’t like, ‘cuz it’s just not comfortable, is wet jeans….it’s disgusting. I actually don’t like wet clothes in general, you just feel ‘damp’ and gross, and then when you go into a classroom with like 70 other people that are also soaked from the rain, it just smells bad.

Saturday is Vanier Grafitti Night…..I’m actually excited and hesitant…it’s supposed to be nice weather…….*crossing my fingers*. And for those of you that don’t know what Grafitti Night is, it’s just a Vanier dance…it’s the first dance of the year, and you get white T-shirts and Sharpies, and you pretty much write all over each others shirts…… it’s supposed to be fun, definitely a very hyped up event. The only ‘downside’ I find is that fact that it’s for strictly Vanier residents only, and ‘security’ is strict, so absolutely NO non Vanier people. In saying that though, the point is for you to get to know your own residence and mingle with each other. And Saturday morning, we have Vanier Olympics! I’m pretty excited ‘cuz a lot of my friends will be going to that as well, so YEAH!

Wake Me Up When September Ends…

Like my super catchy and ‘original’ title for my post?!!?!? Kidding. It’s not original, AT ALL. And I don’t mean for the title to be ‘depressing’ either….it was just the first thing that popped into my head….don’t even ask. 😛 But do you guys remember that song by Green Day?? ‘Wake Me Up When September Ends’ ?? I used to LOVE Green Day, about 4-6 years ago. Don’t get me wrong, I still like them, they just haven’t released anything new recently…hence the Green Day phase of mine has faded away.. Now that we’re talking about songs, have you heard Invincible by Hedley? It came out at the end of August, but I just started listening to it, and I think I’m in love. First and foremost, I absolutely ADORE Hedley!!!! 😀 And I have never HATED a song by them, they’re all just FANTASTIC. So you guys should listen to Invincible, if you haven’t already(‘cuz I’m listening to it right now,HA!). 

BY THE WAY….I’m writing this post with absolutely no direction whatsoever, so don’t mind the ramblings….after all, that is my name isn’t it? ‘Rambles, Ravishing Rambles’ 😉 ..so I guess it’s appropriate. So the rain has gone away here in Van Ciiityyyy…but I’m pretty sure it’s coming back tomorrow, or something like that. SIGH. I’m not gonna lie, the weather has been PRETTY DARN cold, so I’m hoping we get some severe winter storm with LOTS AND LOTS of snow!! 😀 Winter without snow is just depressing, don’t even talk to me about that. Oh imagine if the campus closed because it was too cold and snowy… ❤ I’d love classes to be canceled because of the weather being too cold, it’d make my life hahaha. 

I remember the first week of university, I was such a keener, I was super excited to go to all my classes…and I loved walking from class to class…….WELL! that wore off pretty quickly. Now I just want the weekend to come as soon as possible!! Weekends = CHILL TIME! 

I love days when I end classes early, not like I have that many, but still, it’s such a great feeling. I feel like I can get a lot accomplished, or absolutely nothing accomplished. But so far today, I’ve gotten quite a bit accomplished, so that’s a good sign. I reward myself by letting myself blog….I have a life. I have a chem lab in two days….it’s gonna suck. I really don’t like labs. I think we’re doing something about Lead contamination in water…and I don’t really know HOW I’m supposed to prepare for it….guess I’m gonna have to just read over the Lab Manual……. *cry*

So yeah…..I think that wraps up everything I wanted to say…. Back to studying now. 🙂 

RandomRamblings: The Weekend is Almost Over….

Sunday, the day that everyone leaves to do their homework. WHY? Because….Friday night-saturday night = time to have fun. We have ALL learned from high school that we shouldn’t leave things until last minute, when will we ever learn? NEVER!!! I don’t even FEEL like doing homework right now, but I have lots to do and I have to study for two quizzes this week….SO MUCH FUN(not). Seriously, all I want to do is have fun….this is what happens when you haven’t done much schoolwork in like 2 days… I  need to get back into the whole “I’m in university” mode. I remember the first week of university, I was SUPER excited to go to class….now, not so much. And in saying that, I’m not saying that I want to skip classes, HECK NO, that would screw me over SO MUCH.

The weather has been pretty crappy the past two days….it was HEAVY DOWNPOUR last night…walked in the rain for like 10 minutes, got soaked right through! I hate being soaked and cold at like 11 30 at night…. not a fun feeling. Friday night was also pretty cold, and it was raining a little bit every now and then. Totem got its fire alarm  pulled in the early morning hours for the 3rd time this week, 2 nights ago…glad I’m not in Totem. 

It’s so hard to believe but, midterms start in like 2-3 weeks…crazy stuff, I don’t even feel like I’ve been taught enough to even have them come up so soon….guess the next few weeks are gonna be some crazy ones! I need to keep up with homework really well, like doing it right when it’s assigned…instead of waiting 3 days to start on it. 

But other than the work and the crap weather, university life is amazing, everyone here knows how to have some good fun, it sure isn’t BORING around here! …And NOW I shall continue on with my studying spree…….. at least it’s nice and cozy in my room. 🙂


Rainy Day at UBC

It’s raining: Vancouver weather is BACK IN ACTION. I love rain, but I hate it. See how much sense I make? On the way to class this morning, it wasn’t raining, just cloudy, then when I got out of class, it started drizzling, and now it’s RAINING. Thankfully I’m done my classes for the day, so I can just sit inside and be all cozy and stuff, while everyone else is getting soaked. 😀

Today was my first Chem Lab Check-In ….cool experience(uuuhhh..) ….we pretty much did a virtual lab…I don’t think I’m a fan of labs at all. SIGH. It kind of sucks, but I’ll survive. ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, I’m done classes for the day, I LOVE LOVE LOVE being done early…ESPECIALLY ON A RAINY DAY. I’m really loving math right now, I never thought I’d say that in my life…but it’s true! The professor really makes or breaks the experience you have in a certain class. Mine is honestly AWESOME and teaches sooooo well!!!! But Chemistry on the other hand….no comment. 

This weekend we’re having a few events going on within the house, so that should be fun. I just love being with people, like even if an event is a ‘dud’, I just like mingling with people and just CHIILLLIINN

I was just thinking…but midterms are in less than a month… YIKES. 

Breaks Between Classes Are The BEST!

As said in the title of this post….’Breaks between classes are the best’ …like seriously dude. A two hour break between morning classes and afternoon classes is just the perfect thing. It’s so relaxing having just two classes in the morning, after the second class, I just take my time and walk back to my rez, and go into my room and turn on my computer and hit up Facebook….haaaaa. What should I really be doing? Probably work/revising stuff. OH WELL. I actually WILL get done some pre reading for my afternoon classes, but for now, I shall just relax and ‘waste’ my time away. I can’t really say I’m being super unproductive, ‘cuz after all, I AM writing out this thing, which takes hard work. 

So last night was “Roommate Bootcamp” ….interesting concept. We mainly played games and stuff, and then signed a resident/roommate contract thing. I felt so professional, you know? NOOOOTTT. But I guess it was nice mingling with people and all that. 

It hasn’t even been a full week since classes have started and I’m already lost in one course….which is probably a HORRIBLE thing….not probably..it IS horrible. I DO NOT want to fall behind…EVER. But in saying that, I’m taking 5 courses, and 4/5 professors are really awesome, and they’re passionate about the subject they teach, AND they connect very well with the students. I don’t think ‘badly’ of the 5th prof, it’s just the fact that I need to CATCH UP and UNDERSTAND what the heck is going on in class because I feel like she doesn’t seem to really TEACH well…I just need to adjust to her teaching style…it might take a while…but I’ll survive..I HOPE.

But now..I’m off to actually do some work for my classes, ‘cuz that’s how good of a student I am…… 😉

UBC….the days go by

SO it’s been almost a week since I’ve been around here. I can proudly say that I have NOT gotten lost on this campus this week..YEEESS!!! 😀 That was just about my biggest ‘fear’….and I have gotten to class TIMELY, so it’s all good. 🙂

University and high school really ARE completely different…in many ways…academically and socially. Everyone always says they’re totally different things, but I don’t think you actually realize it until you’ve experienced both. I’ve found that it is so easy to make friends, like you don’t even have to always put effort into it, you’re just bound to meet new people, practically every single day!!! It’s so great! Personally for me, I think it’s a good idea to just have a big circle of friends, but to just get ‘close’ with a few. Pick your friends wisely, and don’t jump the gun with friendships. And be open to change, everyone here is WAAAY different than what you’re used to with high school. I’m just MEANT for university, haha. But in all honestly, everyone just seems to ‘fit’ with some social circle or whatever in university…in high school it’s slightly different. But academically it definitely is challenging..I came from a small school, so it’s kinda challenging to pay attention in a lecture with like 200 people….but it’s not TOOO big of a problem, just something that I need to get used to. 

So all in all, university is a heck of a lot of fun, and the whole student environment is just fun to be in! 🙂 

Imagine Day at UBC

Imagine Day 2011. What a day it was. Everyone says it’s THE DAY to look forward to. It’s RIGHT before school starts….pretty much marks the end of summer/the beginning of the school year…GOOD STUFF. The only real downside of the day was the fact that I had to wake up at like 6 00 (so maybe I got out of bed at like 6 15)…way too early for my liking..and walking to the meeting place which was about 20 minutes away from residence…too far to walk such a distance that early in the morning.

I may be a little biased..but Science OWNED every other faculty, just sayin’. Our chant was pretty great, although most people couldn’t understand some of it(mainly because most of us couldn’t remember the eight words that went in between…something like ‘better,bluer,prouder,faster,truer………….’ –> in some random order with 3 other words…..it ended up being a loud murmur…but BESIDES THAT we came with high spirits! 😀 But I have a confession….Sauder is definitely full of it 😉 hahhaahahhaha, am I allowed to say that?(don’t worry, I have friends in sauder…NO HATE.) but back to my confession…their chant was quite catchy…and quite good..one of the better ones for sure! And pretty much today I learned that Science discriminates against every other faculty, especially Engineering….and ‘everyone’ discriminates Sauder…just ‘cuz they have everything. 😛 Oh UBC, how I love thee.

Oh and the awesome guy at the Pep Rally….the President of the Alma Mater Society (I think) ….he made reference to Magic School Bus….YEEEAAAAAAHH!!! 😀 “Take chances,make mistakes, get messy!” – Ms. Frizzle. ❤ 

So all you FUTURE first years…IMAGINE DAY PEP RALLY IS THE BOMB!!! It really makes you super proud of UBC, and it finally starts to sink in that you’re ACTUALLY a student of this super cool, high spirited school. YEAH. GREAT FEELING!!! 😀