The Do’s and Don’ts of Imagine Day

So here are a few little quick tips before the grand old Imagine Day 2013 happens:


  • BE CURIOUS; ASK QUESTIONS (remember, no question is a dumb question)


  • be a downer
  • purposely be anti-social
  • constantly be on your phone, INSTEAD socialize with people in REAL LIFE(it’s a pretty cool thing to do) 
  • disrespect your peers(ie. fellow muggies and MUG leader)
  • be a whiner
  • pretend that you’re not having fun
  • have an “I’m too cool for this” attitude

these really aren’t that demanding.
your MUG leaders and all the other volunteers and faculty members are there to help you through your transition into university, please be compliant and cooperative, and try to have fun(your MUG leaders and all the other volunteers will be sprinkling their enthusiasm and UBC/faculty pride all over you – it’s contagious, I promise. 

Wait for it.. Imagine Day

So Imagine Day 2013 is coming up VERY SOON! This year I am a Science MUG leader and I couldn’t be more excited to bring my SCIENCE PRIDE , WOOOOO! This is the homestretch, it’s less than 2 weeks away! If you’re an incoming freshman you most likely received some sort of email regarding this, and you may have even been contacted by your MUG leader informing you of what to expect (if you haven’t, you will be, very shortly!). This website shows you all the information about your MUG Group All I can say for now is to be excited, because it’s worth it. 


Sometimes I just want to streak my hair a neon colour. Like a neon purple, or a neon blue. BUT, although I AM twenty years-old, I DO prefer to abide by the rules that my parents have laid out for me, aaanndd that is very likely not “accepted” by them. They have this thing where they think that I won’t be taken seriously by older people if I do something crazy like that….and that is COMPLETELY understandable, and most likely very accurate. Oh well. 


Here’s another one of those “I have too many things to do and not enough time to do them/pet peevish” rants. Firstly, I REEEAAALLLY need to get a new student current one is embarrassingly ghetto looking, I don’t even know HOW, it’s just always looked like that. Secondly, getting put on hold with that crazy classical music when I’m in a hurry, not acceptable, especially when it’s supposed to be something quick. Disorganized people, can’t handle that. I need to get my computer fixed, broken computer = can’t deal with that for extensive periods of time. I have too many appointments to book before I leave for UBC, do I even have time for that. I need to shop, desperately. I also need to get some proper sleep, or else I will continue to be crabby and agitated. Can I get a personal assistant to help me life, please.

Heads Up – Textbooks

So a lot of first year students can get a bit anxious regarding the whole textbook thing – “When do we buy them?” “Do we need them all?” “Do we have to get them brand new?” “Are older editions okay?” “Do we need them before classes begin?” etc etc. Well fear not young ones, I can shed some light on that matter. First year textbooks are by far the easiest ones to buy off of people since in most faculties, first year is very general, and mainly consist of pre requisite courses for upper level courses.  It’s always best to wait until the first week of classes to find out which textbooks you will absolutely NEED to buy, most profs will tell you whether or not older editions are okay(sometimes, most of the time, an edition can differ by just super minor things that are irrelevant to the content – ). Scour through the UBC Facebook groups “textbook exchange” “ubc textbook 4 sale” and even groups of your own  faculty  from previous years – they’re usually overflowing with sales of super common courses. I’ve saved as much as $125 on a single book by buying it off of somebody, so imagine how much you could save if you bought all of your books from other students. Always remember to bargain just a little bit and make sure they’re selling it for a reasonably cheaper price than what the bookstore is selling it for. I’ve had instances where the bookstore asked for $125 and the person selling, offered their used copy for $120 – yeah sorry, not happening. The bookstore website usually shows you how much they’re selling used copies for at the bookstore, so try to get it for cheaper if you can from students selling. If you’re curious as to how to access your personalized booklist…go to the ubc bookstore website…there will be a “shop” tab, and then you’ll see a place for you to enter your student ID. As for always, remember to be “safe” when meeting people you don’t know…use your common sense, and meet up in public spaces (UBC campus, sky train stations, at a mall, etc etc) – a parking lot of a closed mall at 1 am should trigger a big fat no in your head. Yes, I care about all you little ones out there. 😛

Life life life

Well, classes start up again in three and a half weeks…here I am, about to go into my third year of university, what a strange thing to say. Every year before the new school year starts, I make a mental list of things I’m going to do that year, ways to improve academics,  how I’m going to get involved with things outside of school, how my social life will be, etc etc. WELL. Sometimes, most of the time, academics seem to just trump my social life. What social life? But this year, here I am, about to go into my third year with a new list of things to do, and hopefullI I manage to actually be successful with that.. My incentive is that I think this year will go well academically because I actually enjoy the courses making up my course load…unlike the first year and a half at UBC which was basically forced onto me due to those nasty little things called prerequisite courses. UGH. But mind you, this is third year, I have no choice of screwing up regardless. 😉 

UBC residence assignments pep chat.

Clearly room assignments have been released, because the Class of 2017 Facebook group blew up. I’m watching yous. 😉 And of course the questions arise – “Can we switch rooms?” “What’s Totem like?” “What’s Vanier like?” “What’re the new Totem houses like?” “Which residence is better?” “What are the pros and cons?” ETC ETC. It’s awesome that you are all so eager and anxious to find out what your rooms and residences are like, but the main thing is, everyone’s residence experience is DIFFERENT!!! It’s what YOU make of it! You might hear other older students saying that _____ was so awesome and it’s the place to live…but that’s based on THEIR experience, just because you didn’t get assigned there doesn’t mean that your experience is going to suck. But in saying that, you ARE able to switch out if you’re not content with your current assignment(not that you really have that great of an idea as to what it’s like to live in your given assignments :S). Keep in mind that when you have found someone to switch with, make sure they’re the same gender as you, and then email UBC regarding the switch, because they do actually need to know. All of the vanier houses have shared bathrooms on each floor, as do totem houses except for the two new houses which have connecting shared bathrooms between two units or private bathrooms. Feel free to leave questions below and be sure to check out my other posts regarding UBC residences, but keep in mind that those are all purely MY opinions. #alwaysreppinvanier

Just A Humble Request

Sooo…I kinda like One Direction, and think this video is just fabulous. I mean, put 5 attractive British guys that can sing(yes, they have talent…shocking!!) into a music video, what’s not to love? Please, can I just be in one of their music videos? Just a casual question that I doubt any other girl has ever asked and pondered upon, ya know? So if someone wants to like, you know, make some kind of global petition sorta thing saying that they support my involvement in the next One Direction music video, and then make One Direction aware of it(you know, tweet them each a few thousand times, something of the sort 😉 ), I’d be so cool with that, I’d even write you a personalized 5 page letter in appreciation, and maybe even throw in a Starbucks gift card or something of the sort. Sound good? I thought so. 😉 

That Just Ain’t Cool

One thing that drives me absolutely crazy is when people that have no idea about something just go on a tangent about it acting as though they know everything when it’s clear that they don’t, and when you try to correct them, it’s like world war three. Geeeeezzzz, own up to the fact that you’re sitting there in your puddle of wrongness drowning in all that wrong rubbish, and let people that know the facts set you straight. Seriously though, I only care enough to correct you because I’m trying to prevent you from making a fool out of yourself, but if that kind of fool is what you want to be, don’t mind me.

I’ve been thinking..

Sometimes I’m not sure if I’m a pessimistic person. I used to always think that I was pretty optimistic, but lately I feel like I’ve been more pessimistic…or maybe pessimistically optimistic, or maybe just stubborn. I’m not sure if any ‘event ‘ or something of the sort has occurred in my life for me to feel that way, if there has, I can’t EXACTLY pinpoint it…but regardless, I just feel anxious, or perhaps cautious about the outcomes of certain things.