Ode To September

Happy last day of September. This is the point in the term where I start to feel….sad….. except I don’t have time to be sad. I always like to cherish September to its fullest, since it’s such a  “fresh” month (new courses, new year, new start, new commitments, new schedule, new EVERRRYYTHIIINGGG !). I also had my first midterm of my fourth year, which didn’t exactly go as intended…..but that’s okay, it’s still September, summer mode is still waning away. But not to worry, I have a couple more midterms this week, time for redemption? Maybe. I tried so hard to not fall behind in my readings this year, although this year I have A LOT of readings (probably because my courses this term reflect me being 60% Science-y and 40% Arts-y, as opposed to the usual 80-100% Science and 0-20% Arts). But yes, as I tried not to fall behind in my readings, I realized I was only caught up in my readings for one class….oops. I’m also taking this one course(oh degree requirements), which I took the pre-req of last year, I’m just so uninterested in it that it’s mentally and physically exhausting to actually pick up the textbook and read it – so therefore I neglect it, just like I did last year, except that posed to be an issue for the midterms, oops. So yes, I have just started to get into the routine of things, it was definitely a struggle for the first 2-3 weeks of classes, but I think I’m picking up the pieces and figuring out how to juggle my schedule. LET ME TELL YOU, the busier you keep yourself, the more efficiently you learn to do things in a timely manner – #learningexperiencez  First and second year me had so much idle time(or at least I perceived to have enough time) to just casually scroll through my Facebook newsfeed every 5 minutes, now, not so much. I used to talk to people on Facebook chat and have conversations with them for hours…. I don’t think I’ve done that in MONTHS. I remember thinking it was old people(because at the time, in my mind, you would only be busy if you were old) that didn’t have time for Facebook….I have become that old person, at the ripe old age of 21, YIPPEE. 


It’s THAT Weekend

THAT weekend referring to the weekend before classes commence. *sob*. Actually though, going back to school is always  bittersweet, a part of me just wants to stay at home and do everything that’s remotely close to lazy….but another part of me wants to go back to UBC and learn stuff and see friends and be back in Vancouver and get back to routine because any more time at home CANNOT be good for my health at this rate. I’ve been getting 8-10 hours of sleep DAILY(I’m not one that needs excessive sleep, 8 hours is a pretty good amount for me)….I’m getting so much sleep that I’m finding it hard to FALL asleep at night – at least I can say that I’ve gone beyond catching up on all my lost sleep during finals(not that I really lost THAT much sleep…I did get AT LEAST 6 hours of sleep daily which was better than a lot of people). As per always, I’ve started making little mental resolutions about how I WILL do well on my first round of midterms(usually I tend to screw the first round up…even though I ALWAYS go in saying I won’t repeat that mistake). I’m always intrigued by the first week of classes, just to see who I know will end up in my classes, who the profs are, what components make up the course, AND most important…who my ‘new’  friends will be –  because meeting new people is great, so put on your social faces.
*and now I’ll get back to packing up all my stuff* 

Long Weekend Rambles

It’s been too long. It’s October(well, 12 days into it), one of my favourite months of the year, if not my favourite…and in saying that, it’s my least favourite in the academic sense..midterms on midterms on midterms on midterms on…you get the idea. There’s just no break! 😥 I’ve discovered that third year is the year that people have their mid-undergraduate crisis, the time during their undergrad that they wonder if they’re actually studying what they want to study….or if they’re just doing a bunch of required courses to get a degree. Hmmm. It’s that point where people don’t want to turn to something else because they’re already over halfway through their degree(if they plan on finishing in four years that is). That extra fifth year….some people just find it a hassle. If you do what you love, you’ll actively be seeking to pursue opportunities in that field of interest, whereas if you’re not passionate about what you’re doing, you’re more likely to hold back and not accomplish all that you possibly can. In saying that, I can’t help but think about the conversations I hear by first years in the library about how they want to go to med school…don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t pursue it, but don’t pursue something if you’re not interested in it/just because everyone else is/just because it pays well/your family will think you’re a complete failure if you don’t become a doctor….believe it or not, there is more to science than med school…and some of you do indeed underestimate what it takes to get INTO med school(it’s not just about the grades…it’s about the passion). Well, that was an unplanned little tangent. ANYWHO, the December final exam schedule was released yesterday morning…which means we’re basically halfway through the term now. I don’t even want to think about it…..by the time my midterms are over, it’ll be time to start studying for finals….seriously, UBC does NOT understand the “mid” in midterms. :/
One thing I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving(with respect to UBC) – for only having one midterm at the end of the week as opposed to the last two Thanksgivings when I had way too many midterms right after the weekend, which means I can actually ENJOY the long weekend for once. 

Course Registration Woes – CALM DOWN!

Seriously people, CALM yourselves! Don’t have a panic attack if you didn’t get into the courses that “you need for your degree” within the first hour of your registration period! There are almost 2months left until school starts, and if it’s a second term course you’re worried about….don’t complain! LOTS of add/drop action happens from now until a couple weeks into September! Sooo you should stop the extreme spamming of all the Facebook groups in panic mode regarding the classes you didn’t get and please don’t bombard the profs with emails asking to get into their class; be patient. Remember if a class has a waitlist, get on it ASAP! Do not think you’re doomed if you’re on a waitlist…seriously, most waitlisted people end up getting into the course by the first week of September. If you couldn’t for some reason get into a course/waitlist, just attend the first day/week of classes regardless, and see if people drop/THEN talk to the professor and see if you can get into that course. SO, until then, be patient, and learn to breathe a little, I promise you that you are not screwed for the rest of your UBC educational career, everything’s going to be OKAY. 🙂

One Year Bloggeversary! + SEARCH TERMS

It has officially been one year since I started this blog. …..I just had to put that out there. 

So I figured I would be somewhat helpful and answer some common search terms that have come up – mainly first year registration/course related questions. There are TONS AND TONS of search terms, but I obviously can’t get through them all sooo …. **I may be adding to this as I get newer search terms/more time**

1. should i take scie 113 or not – I kind of explain this here – if you scroll down a bit on the post –> First Year Courses

2.can I take english any time during my four years (science degree) -Technically no. you need to complete your 6 credits of communication requirements within your first 60 credits (first two years), you will not be promoted to third year unless you complete this.

3.what math should I take for med school UBC – Find the answer to this here —> First Year Courses If you’re coming from a university other than UBC – you need a semester of differential calculus and a semester of integral calculus at a first year level.

4. UBC registration tips? – Lucky I made this post –>UBC Registration Tips

5.what should i take first term english 110 or 112 at UBC – I would say this is entirely up to you. If you can help it, maybe take English 110 in the term that has a “lighter” course load – which is sort of a rare deal in first year Science.. haha. English 110 just requires a lot of reading so you just need to set aside time for that. 🙂

6. who should take ubc enriched physics – I have covered this here —>First Year Courses

7. is biol 112 or biol 121 harder – I think this is dependent on the person. Biology 112 is about unicellular organisms and such, so if you’re into that kind of stuff, then you’d enjoy it and do well in it. Biology 112 exams are all multiple choice, so sometimes you luck out with your answers…after all it’s a 1 in 4 change to get it right. Biology 112 is also about applying concepts. Biology 121 is mainly memorization(more so than Biology 112) but the exams in this course are written answers, so ultimately it’s dependent on your prof and what he expects.

8. when is first year course registration ubc – June 26-29

9. how fast do courses fill up for course registration – I would say quite fast actually, but that’s also dependent on the course, so keep monitoring the SSC and keep those worklists coming!

10.is enriched physics at ubc harder – Well yeah…that’s why it’s called “enriched” physics. It’s definitely more challenging than regular physics 😛

11.ubc scincie first year courses math 101 – Did you mean “science” ? Hehe.

12. ravishingrambles – That’s me! Awwhh, I feel so flattered that people are looking this blog up! :’)

13.do I need to take calc if I want to take phys 102 ubc – Yes, you need to take/have credit for Math 101,103, 105, or 121 as a co-req, and you can’t take those courses unless you have taken/have credit for Math 100,102,104, or 120.

14. UBC Med Requirements first year science – Check it outttt—->First Year Courses

15. what to pack for ubc first year residence – Maybe this will give you some ideas! –>First Year Residence Packing Guide

16. will waiting lists become unreleased for registration – Within time they will, as they see that there is a lot of demand for the course.

17. second/third year registration courses are filling up, what do I do – Course registration for second and third years is coming up very shortly. Well third years get their registration before second years – second years just get thrown onto the bottom of the pile. There’s no need to panic if you see that your muchly needed classes are all filled up by them first years, as second years we still get a fair bit of priority, in the sense that some of the courses that are filled up are needed for our intended major. Just email your advisor/prof and tell them why you need to be force registered into a course, and they’ll let you in no problem.

18. ubc biology major useless 2012 – no disrespect to bio majors, but this showing up as a search term, 5+ times……..haha oh dear..

19. ubc packing guide –  weeellll I’ve got it all written out right hereee ! –> RESIDENCE PACKING GUIDE


Back with them UBC posts – I figured it was about time since first year registration is slowly creeping up…and by slowly I mean it starts tomorrow, but it’s better now than never, right?

So from my experience…don’t be fooled and think that if you’re on the first day you’re GUARANTEED all the classes you want (at the times you want). Well, you’re practically almost guaranteed your first choice classes at the times you want if you’re in the morning of the first day…I’d say from about 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM-ish you’d probably be good (I’d still make a few extra worklists anyways…just to be safe – if you’re in the latter half of that time range). Better to be safe than sorry. I was on the first day of registration last year and I was in the afternoon and I pretty much got all my first choice times for classes, except for Biology 112, which I totally didn’t luck out on – it filled up just a few seconds before my registration time — but I’m not going to go on a tangent about that here because I already made a post about that last year. Hehe. 

Also I remember that some Biology 112 classes and one of the first term Physics 101 classes were the first ones to fill up, and Chemistry 121 was a close second. SO many students take Chemistry 121, pretty much EVERY science student (unless they have credit for it) must take Chemistry 121 – last year there were ~2000 students in that course. Be careful with smaller classes – since they tend to get filled up faster due to the fact that there are very few seats to begin with.

I made about 4 worklists last year, and I would say that was enough for me, and it worked out well. A typical science student’s course load consists of about 30-35 credits ….. although having 35 is quite a load (that’s how many credits engineers have in a first year course load). Most people tend to have 30-33. I would say try your best to save some room for an ‘elective’ type course…something that’s not science-y – I know it’s hard to do that with so many tight requirements needed in first year, but sometimes it’s nice to have a class that’s less demanding than your core science courses. Also remember, your first year marks DO matter, your GPA in first year determines what major you can get into when you apply at the end of first year. So don’t slack!

Also, when making a worklist and you have back to back classes…go to UBC WAYFINDING MAP and check the locations of your classes. You don’t want to be SPRINTING to your back to back classes. Most science classes will be in close proximity to each other, but just check to be sure. 🙂 

Don’t be discouraged if you find that the courses you want are filling up/have filled up by your registration time – it is NOT the end of the world! People drop classes and change their minds throughout the summer, and into the first two weeks of classes. Remember to sign up for those waiting lists! If a course/courses haven’t opened up by the time school starts, just go to the class you wanted, and talk to the professor, usually they’re quite lenient and will let you in since they know that people will drop the course.

And REMEMBER – do NOT wait to register…register at your given time, one of the biggest mistakes you could make is not registering at your designated registration time. And also just before your registration time, just monitor the SSC and see how courses are filling up – I remember I was monitoring it for a good 5 hours before my registration time. If you see that a few of the courses you want are filling up faster than you’d like them to, just keep making more worklists on the spot.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and ask. Bloggers love questions. 🙂