So pretty much, I just wanted to say…. I LOVE the University of British Columbia. Going to UBC, by far has been the most amazing decision I have made in my life……’cuz there have just been so many decisions to make…in all 18 years of my life…. But no, seriously… it is the best. I am such a UBC promoter right now, when someone in high school talks to me about university, I instantly tell them, ‘COME TO UBC!!!!!!!!’ I could just rave about UBC without any difficulties…AND..I have not met a single person that has really DISLIKED UBC. 

UBC has so much to offer to its students. EVERYONE just fits here. No one is an ‘outcast’ …..with SO many people, everyone is just BOUND to fit SOMEWHERE in a social circle. The academics are great, the social aspects are fantastic, involvement opportunities have no end, and  the location is to die for. Everything is accessible and the student driven environment is the best thing ever. People always say that once you go to a big university you’re just a number, and no that’s not true, I definitely feel like I’m being ‘taken care of’ just fine. Help is always just around the corner, you have so many resources and it’s just PERFECT. There are profs that are just ready to help you, friends, RAs(if you’re staying on campus), TAs ready to help you tackle academic confusions; you just never feel like you’re ‘alone’.

So I could just keep going on and on and on about how much I love UBC, but I’m not going to bore you with that. Wait a minute….WHO AM I KIDDING?! There is absolutely NOTHING boring about UBC. HA! So just a tip for you future UBC students….DO WELL IN SCHOOL (obviously)…don’t close doors when you’re in high school….take as many courses as you can(you’re still growing, your interests change as people around you change, and you’ll be interested in things you never thought you’d be interested in), and work hard, high school isn’t necessarily supposed to be a ‘breeze’, where you take as little courses as possible so that you can just slack off. Doing well in high school is absolutely CRUCIAL to your future, so study hard, do well, have fun, and don’t slack off.


You know what’s even more cooler about UBC, apart from the academics and all that stuff…. the fact that movies get filmed here, and you see cool famous people roaming around campus! 😀 


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