One Week Left….


The year is really coming to an end….a lot faster than I would like it to. And right now, I feel…’emotional’? Recently I haven become really close to some people that I was just ‘casual’ friends with at the beginning of the year. Sometimes things come up in our lives, and we get caught up in them…and we don’t realize how much we appreciate someone or something until it’s ‘too late’….or maybe it’s not ‘too late’….but we could have appreciated them/the thing much earlier. Does that make sense? And then at the same time, there really isn’t any point in ‘fretting’/having regrets about it….you just have to cherish the present, and look ahead instead of wasting time lingering in the past, thinking about ‘what if……’ It’s always those ‘what ifs’ that ruin us.  My advice to you…never waste time on one person that probably doesn’t think of you in the same that you think of them…there are so many others out there. And sometimes, stuff happens, stuff that we don’t want happening……but just think, sometimes, it really is for the best. Remember, life goes on. Thank you. ❤


….I understand that this could potentially come across as complete nonsense, but sometimes things just need to be let out. 


As you can probably guess from the title of this post – no more first year chem labs left! Woot woot! So what do I do to celebrate? I come back to my room, play music and blog about it. Is that weird? Naaaaah. I expected a disaster for this Chem lab exam, which I actually think benefitted me because I was quite pleased to go to the exam and find out that it wasn’t all that bad. 🙂 So yes, I survived. That’s all that really matters. So to future first year Chemistry students. Try to get your Chem lab to be in the middle of the week? Why? Let me tell you my ‘story’. In first term, for Chemistry 121, I had my Chemistry labs on Thursdays – that’s practically at the end of the week (although they do have labs on Fridays), but so many people I knew had their labs before mine (on Tuesday and Wednesday), so I was able to ask for pre lab help from the people that had already done the lab, this was EXTREMELY beneficial, and helped me feel prepared…but at the same time, as I said before, it was at the end of the week, and it was stressful always thinking about it, and having a whole week to fret about it. This term, for Chemistry 123, my labs were on Tuesday afternoons….only one batch of kids went before me, the Tuesday morning kids(no labs on Mondays), and I didn’t know very many kids that had the same lab in the morning…so sometimes it was difficult in the sense that I didn’t have anyone to ask as to what to expect for the lab, but the benefit was the fact that I could get the lab over and done with right at the beginning of the week. Solution: do chem labs on Wednesday afternoon. (Haha, I’m a problem solver, aren’t I?) 

AMS BLOCK PARTY = Thursday, April 5th, 2 p.m. – 9 p.m. — LAST DAY OF CLASSES! SO SOON! UNBELIEVABLE. I’m almost a second year student.

iPhone/iPod app – Draw Something – SO ADDICTING. It’s like pictionary, but you get to play it with your Facebook friends – it’s actually a lot of fun, and such a distraction during classes! 

My first final exam is in 15 days. Math – OH NO!

Storm the Wall is still going on, although the weather isn’t as lovely as it was on the weekend. The theme song of this year’s REC STORM THE WALL = ….none other than…. CALL ME MAYBE – CARLY RAE JEPSEN !!!

It upsets me to an extent to know that classes are practically ending, and that first year is practically done. No more living in first year residence…sigh. I know for a fact that I am going to miss all the amazing friends that I have met this year. And I was thinking about it a lot last night…all the people I met this year, I met them for a reason…they are all amazing people and they pretty much COMPLETE me (is that weird to say ?). My first friends that I met once I got to UBC, apart from the ones that live in my house, were the ones from Imagine Day – the ones in my MUG group…. a lot of people don’t have any connections with the people from their MUG — but fortunately the majority of my MUG stuck together…and we’re all quite good friends to this day, which I think is truly amazing, and I am very grateful for it. To future first years, GO TO IMAGINE DAY. DO NOT SKIP OUT. AND MAKE FRIENDSHIPS. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!


Hey there! It has been too long. But on the bright side, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, spring is in full bloom! Less than 2 weeks left of school? CRAZYSTUFF. This is absolutely UNBELIEVABLE. I can’t believe that it’s all over… Living here in first year residence has been an utter and complete BLAST, and I’m going to miss it so much. I just want to focus on cherishing the last few weeks here, instead of just focusing on how much I’m going to miss everything and everyone (which regardless, is true.). It seems that as the year is wrapping up, people are getting more drunk on the weekends, haha!

There are so many things going on now that the year is ending. Yesterday was the RUBIX CUBE dance, which was an inter-faculty dance, I think that was a wicked cool idea for a dance…especially one at the end of the year! Let’s hope that this is a new tradition, and keeps going in the years to come. –And in saying that, I did not get a chance to go to the dance, but the people that I talked to that DID go to the dance said that it was really fun! Tonight at Place Vanier, we have our year end formal(dinner), and GALA. The GALA is just a year end slide show of pictures and some performances and they give out awards to certain residents that have been particularly outstanding. Today Totem Park Residence is having their LipDub, which I think is super awesome, considering UBC as a whole did one approximately a year ago, and it was SUPERB! I’m quite certain that many students in first year this year got turned on by that LipDub. PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS — CHECK IT OUT—-THIS VIDEO IS A BEAUT.  

The year end dance between Totem and Vanier is coming up soon as well! SO EXCITED. It’s a beach themed dance — we’ll see how THAT goes. 😉 And oh yeah! Other things going on in residence right now….. ELECTIONS! What are they? Well! People are campaigning to be presidents of houses next year, and VP and President of residences as well! There are a lot of people that I know that are running for different positions around Vanier, I’m kind of sad that I won’t be able to see these people in action next year as part of residence (considering I am not living in first year residence next year, UNLESS I am lucky enough to get a call back to become an Vanier…which would be SOOOOO AMAZING!).

STORM THE WALL — IS TOMORROW!!! I can’t believe how beautifully the weather turned out to be, and it’s supposed to be like this until Monday. Anyways, storm the wall is a relay type of thing….you are in teams of about 5 people, one sprinter, one runner, one cyclist, one swimmer, and a wall person. The final one is storming the wall, where all your teammates have to get over a 12 foot high wall. It is the biggest campus event in North America, it’s a MUST SEE event! I cannot wait, and I hope to be able to take part in Storm the Wall at some point during my UBC ‘career’, I slightly regret not doing it this year, but I am equally excited to just SEE people doing it!! 😀 

HECTICITY! I’m still alive!

Hi there. It has been a while…once again…sorry. Lately, I feel like everything has just been busy….signs that the year is slowly wrapping up…. YIKES! BUSY BUSY BUSY. Anyways, what’s new you ask? Hmm.Math  exam, in a few days…am I ready? Naaaah. :O 

Music obsession: He Is We … genre: alternative/pop. I love her voice, it’s so raspy but soft..does that make any sense? You need to hear it to understand. Favourite songs by them, All About Us (ft Owl City) and Happily Ever After.

What is UBC up to these days?  PeekedInterest, is a newly created website…and it is what is sounds like…. ‘peeking’ at people that you are interested in, and then posting them online. It’s like the pictorial version of LikeALittle (which I have talked about in a previous post). My opinions on this… uhm WHAT ON EARTH HAS UBC BEEN GETTING ITSELF INTO?!!?! Although, you DO need a ubc email address in order to be able to post anything, but absolutely anyone can SEE the actual pictures. I think that it is QUITE creepy…that’s just my honest opinion. 


Math: Hmmm……..what exactly is going on? Integration –> infinite series and sums and stuff? What’s that? :S …Date with Math this weekend. 

Physics: I have had just about ENOUGH with waves!! One can only learn SO much about WAVES! Although, I will admit, I did quite poorly on the midterm, the class average was only 55% …which is a very low average. But if we do better on the final (which I HAVE to do well on!) the midterm will be ignored…thank God! The physics lab exams are being held this week…it was interesting…that’s for sure. Heh.

Chemistry: I miss Physical Chemistry. 😦 Dr.Addison, was the BEST! And Organic Chem is just something completely different to what I’m used to…and it’s QUITE dense…I really need to get a good grasp on it…after my math midterm, full on Chem cramming. The labs aren’t too bad in this course, they are quite a bit of work..but they are actually really interesting, and you actually work with partners for MOST of the labs! 🙂 

Biology: I THOUGHT THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE AN ‘EASY’ COURSE?! what happened? Ecology-Genetics-Evolution… GAAAHHH!!!!! As you can tell, this is going so well…. NOT. I just want it to end already! The midterm average for most sections, including my own section, was about mid 50s. back..

So the past week has been…’interesting’/’stressful’/’emotional’?/’confusing’/’unmotivated’/’reminiscent’/’contemplative’/’reflective’….. lots of emotions and feelings going on. I didn’t even feel like blogging AT ALL this past week….. DO NOT WORRY, I am NOT depressed. You know those times where you think to yourself..’I wish I could go back (insert a time ‘recent’-ish time period)….when everything was going great’ — story of my life lately. I really wish I could rewind and go back in time…act on things differently, and etc. But hey, there really isn’t much point in dwelling on the past….’cuz in reality, you really can’t do anything about it. You just have to suck it up and conquer it through the present, and learn from the past…even though, sometimes, it seems like you just really screwed things up.  I hate having regrets…it purely just SUCKS...but  ‘life doesn’t come with an eraser’. 

On the bright side of things, us diligent Science pupils got our midterms(chem) back….I was quite pleased with mine. But the downside is the fact that the average was 78% on the midterm..which is QUITE the average! …WHICH MEANS...(most of the time)….the final is going to be made ‘purposely’ harder? Is that true? 😛 AND it’s been really nice weather-wise…which makes me slightly happier.. 🙂 


Thank God It’s Friday.

I cannot even express what a stressful week it has been! Four days, three midterms, two labs, so little time! How did those midterms go? We’ll see once I get them back…but Physics, no words to describe it… everything was about stuff on VENUS?! WHY. Ughhh, it made me so mad. I hate it when the practice midterms they put up are on a much easier level than the actual midterm itself. I feel almost cheated on when that happens. Anyways, it’s Friday…well I guess it’s technically Saturday…and all day I will be catching up on everything I fell behind in…due to my extremely stressful week. 

How did I spend this Friday? Watching a movie..a ‘sappy’ movie…and I enjoyed it, although it made me SLIGHTLY sad…..because it reminded me of a certain situation that I was sort of in…but not completely. So on March 1st, we were all informed whether we got the position of Residence Advisor or not….I haven’t heard of very many people that got the position…majority of the people that I talked to were either ‘rejected’ …or put on the ‘alternate’ list. I, was put on the alternate list, which I guess in a way is disappointing, but I mean, I guess I still have a chance, don’t get me wrong, I’m not discouraged or anything. I was quite surprised at the result actually, but whatever happens, happens. I think being a Residence Advisor would be a GREAT job, and congratulations to all those that DID get the position, I’m sure you will all have a stellar experience, and for those of you that didn’t, just remember, ‘everything happens for a reason’ …and perhaps there are ‘better’ opportunities for you personally.