February Frenzies.

A lot has been happening, back to that crazy life with midterms and other things, but on the bright side, it’s reading break next week, YAY! We were also in for some crazy weather(inclusive of snow), but I think that warning has been lifted to a lighter weather system hitting Vancouver. And don’t get me started on the weather we’ve had for the past week or so…..below freezing temperatures with blue sky and sun to deceive you from bundling up, weeeooo – but I’m not complaining, it didn’t rain. 
What’s been happening in February? Neknoms and Flappy Bird.
In my opinion, I think that this whole neknom drinking thing is completely out of hand and just stupid. Why would you post a video of yourself careless indulging in alcohol, to Facebook/Youtube/social media in general? What part of that seems any bit professional? If your future employer were to get their hands on that, I’m sure you’d get a job IMMEDIATELY. Not only that, but some people aren’t aware of what their limits are, and the consequences are dangerous, even fatal. A better series of ‘neknoms’ would be to do something that has purpose and would benefit other people, something like a ‘pay it forward’ act. If drinking alcohol can spread, why can’t good deeds also spread like wildfire? I’m sure you’d feel better doing something that would benefit another person rather than chugging 4 cans of beer in front of a camera(which isn’t benefitting your liver). Plus, drowning yourself in alcohol while sitting in front of a camera really isn’t that attractive.
Flappy Bird – R.I.P. 
Who knew that a bird with wings(as opposed to birds without wings….?) flying through pipes could be so addicting? But if you got rid of the game due to rage, sadly, that’s the end of that. 

It’s THAT Weekend

THAT weekend referring to the weekend before classes commence. *sob*. Actually though, going back to school is always  bittersweet, a part of me just wants to stay at home and do everything that’s remotely close to lazy….but another part of me wants to go back to UBC and learn stuff and see friends and be back in Vancouver and get back to routine because any more time at home CANNOT be good for my health at this rate. I’ve been getting 8-10 hours of sleep DAILY(I’m not one that needs excessive sleep, 8 hours is a pretty good amount for me)….I’m getting so much sleep that I’m finding it hard to FALL asleep at night – at least I can say that I’ve gone beyond catching up on all my lost sleep during finals(not that I really lost THAT much sleep…I did get AT LEAST 6 hours of sleep daily which was better than a lot of people). As per always, I’ve started making little mental resolutions about how I WILL do well on my first round of midterms(usually I tend to screw the first round up…even though I ALWAYS go in saying I won’t repeat that mistake). I’m always intrigued by the first week of classes, just to see who I know will end up in my classes, who the profs are, what components make up the course, AND most important…who my ‘new’  friends will be –  because meeting new people is great, so put on your social faces.
*and now I’ll get back to packing up all my stuff* 

Fall is Falling

The university has been blanketed by fog for the past two weeks and it’s absolutely stunning, except at night when you’re out walking and you can’t see anything in a 5 metre radius from you…that can be a little scary…especially in regards to recent events – because you know, we at UBC end up making it into the news for things we’d rather not be publicized for. It’s neat to see the campus coming together in the way that it has, keeping an eye out for each other, but if only it was for reasons other than what they actually are.
We are officially over halfway through the term and it’s scary to think how fast time flies, I remember first year as though it was just yesterday. Nostalgic moments. Overall, so far, I think this term has been the most enjoyable(apart from second term of second year)..I’m not sure if it has to do with third year classes, but people seem to be MUCH more sociable in my classes…in second year, most of the people I sat with in classes were people I had known previously, but it didn’t really seem like other people were very social..everyone stuck to their own little friend cliques; but this year I’ve made so many friends in my classes, and it’s funny because these are people that I’ve been seeing around since first year but never really talked to before – “I know you exist, and you know I exist, but let’s just wait until we’re 3 years into our undergrad to actually talk to each other.” I think I enjoy the social aspect of my classes more than the classes themselves, but I don’t find anything wrong with that. 😉  

First Week Recap

OH HEY. This past week has been incredibly busy and tiring. I feel like I’ve had zero rest since last weekend. MUG leader training was was on Sunday and Labor Day(Monday) – rather long days with barely any sleeping in; then the real deal, Imagine Day was on September 3rd. Imagine Day was incredibly chaotic, but the fun, I wouldn’t have done anything differently kind of chaotic – most of the chaos ensued when we had to turn to  morning”rain plans”, last minute. There were quite a few lost, “didn’t get the message” muggies – but it’s okay because we all adapted fairly well to the spontaneous change of plans! (Y). Thankfully it stayed overcast as of late morning and then EVENTUALLY we got some blue sky in time for the pep rally…which was inside, but at least we weren’t waiting to load in the pouring rain. The pep rally was super fun and the pride of all the faculties was AWESOME. I must say though, Kinesiology definitely took the cake for the most enthusiastic in a happy, non-obnoxious way – they were super loud and proud for a small faculty – get those kincoasters going! They went all out in green, seriously, I love them all. Then Wednesday came along, classes began…it was meh, boring. I really dislike the first week of school because I feel like all the profs take a painfully long time going over the syllabus and course goals..and then decide to dump homework on us before we even learn anything in class. BUT that is the life of a university student…just get dumped on, we don’t slowly stroll into the university regime. Thursday was super stressful because I felt like I was running around all over campus like a chicken with its head cut off, selling/buying textbooks – STRESSFUL. SO GLAD THAT IS OVER AND DONE WITH. I needed a massage. Then Friday came along and it was a low key day with no rain. Rain was my biggest concern all week, every morning I would watch the clouds rolling in, covering up the blue sky, it was so sad. You’d think I’d be used to the Vancouver rain by now…considering I’ve been around here for most of my life..but NOPE! Every time it rains I go into pout mode. Heh 😛 Today was a really long day as well and I’m beyond tired, I just want to crawl into bed and sleep…but no, I have to do pre-readings instead. All in all, the best part of the week was definitely having the opportunity to catch up with old friends, and making new ones. I love walking into a class and seeing a ton of familiar faces, especially when you first thought that you would know absolutely no one! So extra points to me for knowing at least 4-5 people in every class, WOOO! 

UBC residence assignments pep chat.

Clearly room assignments have been released, because the Class of 2017 Facebook group blew up. I’m watching yous. 😉 And of course the questions arise – “Can we switch rooms?” “What’s Totem like?” “What’s Vanier like?” “What’re the new Totem houses like?” “Which residence is better?” “What are the pros and cons?” ETC ETC. It’s awesome that you are all so eager and anxious to find out what your rooms and residences are like, but the main thing is, everyone’s residence experience is DIFFERENT!!! It’s what YOU make of it! You might hear other older students saying that _____ was so awesome and it’s the place to live…but that’s based on THEIR experience, just because you didn’t get assigned there doesn’t mean that your experience is going to suck. But in saying that, you ARE able to switch out if you’re not content with your current assignment(not that you really have that great of an idea as to what it’s like to live in your given assignments :S). Keep in mind that when you have found someone to switch with, make sure they’re the same gender as you, and then email UBC regarding the switch, because they do actually need to know. All of the vanier houses have shared bathrooms on each floor, as do totem houses except for the two new houses which have connecting shared bathrooms between two units or private bathrooms. Feel free to leave questions below and be sure to check out my other posts regarding UBC residences, but keep in mind that those are all purely MY opinions. #alwaysreppinvanier

That Time of Year

It’s that time of year when the new batch of first years are over the top anxious about UBC, which results in the views PEAKING on my UBC related pots! WOOOO!!! Congrats on your acceptance and BE SUPER SUPER EXCITED for Fall! If anyone has any questions about coming into UBC, feel free to comment and leave questions, I LOVE questions about UBC 😀 Side note, I’m sick and tired of this rain, MAKE IT STOP.

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