Month 1 Recapped.

Well that’s that – it’s the last day of September and I’m making myself put aside time to write this post and rewind a little. This month has been crazy busy since the beginning, lots of orientations and trainings for this and that, it all started with  Imagine Day, MUG leader training, and then it just hit it off from there. I’m much more involved in various things this year(as opposed to my previous years at UBC when my involvement was very focused on one specific area)- this is both a good thing and a challenging thing. My course this year is very heavy, not at all what I expected it to be. Although I’m taking 5 courses(which is how many I normally take), I feel like I have something due every single day, a pre-reading quiz here, an assignment there, etc etc. At least I’m never bored…that’s a good thing, right? I also feel a lot more free and easy-going compared to last year when I was feeling much more uptight about many things – this has helped me a great deal. I’m still learning to manage my time properly with academics and extra-curriculars, considering I really need to take this year seriously regarding academics, and strive to achieve the best I can. I’ve met a ton of awesome people so far this year and I think it’s really made a positive influence on my life in general. YAY. As per usual, I feel the need to take time to emphasize the craziness that we call Vancouver weather – it’s September, why is it so freaking cold?!?! The weather’s more emotional than a PMSing girl.
And now I should go read some psych..

Here’s to third year with a few fresh starts, some new beginnings, experiences, and adventures. 

Start All Over Like It’s The First Day of Our Lives

This apparently motivates me while I’m studying. Start off the new school year right, ‘cuz we’re going to own it.
“And then suddenly it hit me. That moment you realize you’re not half empty. That moment of all moments- like there is music in the night and we can dance the sun out of the sky. These are the nights where everything feels possible. 

Maybe one day we’ll fall short of the stories we tell, but tonight we are more than just words on a page. We are here, we are different, and we are everlasting. 

We are Half Moon Kids. We are Legendary. “

First Week Recap

OH HEY. This past week has been incredibly busy and tiring. I feel like I’ve had zero rest since last weekend. MUG leader training was was on Sunday and Labor Day(Monday) – rather long days with barely any sleeping in; then the real deal, Imagine Day was on September 3rd. Imagine Day was incredibly chaotic, but the fun, I wouldn’t have done anything differently kind of chaotic – most of the chaos ensued when we had to turn to  morning”rain plans”, last minute. There were quite a few lost, “didn’t get the message” muggies – but it’s okay because we all adapted fairly well to the spontaneous change of plans! (Y). Thankfully it stayed overcast as of late morning and then EVENTUALLY we got some blue sky in time for the pep rally…which was inside, but at least we weren’t waiting to load in the pouring rain. The pep rally was super fun and the pride of all the faculties was AWESOME. I must say though, Kinesiology definitely took the cake for the most enthusiastic in a happy, non-obnoxious way – they were super loud and proud for a small faculty – get those kincoasters going! They went all out in green, seriously, I love them all. Then Wednesday came along, classes began…it was meh, boring. I really dislike the first week of school because I feel like all the profs take a painfully long time going over the syllabus and course goals..and then decide to dump homework on us before we even learn anything in class. BUT that is the life of a university student…just get dumped on, we don’t slowly stroll into the university regime. Thursday was super stressful because I felt like I was running around all over campus like a chicken with its head cut off, selling/buying textbooks – STRESSFUL. SO GLAD THAT IS OVER AND DONE WITH. I needed a massage. Then Friday came along and it was a low key day with no rain. Rain was my biggest concern all week, every morning I would watch the clouds rolling in, covering up the blue sky, it was so sad. You’d think I’d be used to the Vancouver rain by now…considering I’ve been around here for most of my life..but NOPE! Every time it rains I go into pout mode. Heh 😛 Today was a really long day as well and I’m beyond tired, I just want to crawl into bed and sleep…but no, I have to do pre-readings instead. All in all, the best part of the week was definitely having the opportunity to catch up with old friends, and making new ones. I love walking into a class and seeing a ton of familiar faces, especially when you first thought that you would know absolutely no one! So extra points to me for knowing at least 4-5 people in every class, WOOO!