Back To Reality…once again.

Reading Break is ‘officially’ over…because today is the first day back after break..I can’t wait for this week to be over! Exams, labs, etc…be DONE ALREADY! I was doing an old Chem 123 midterm, for practice….and then I looked through my textbook and realized that I hadn’t read 2 chapters…..GREAT realization, a day before the midterm. GEEZ, I sure keep up with things. No wonder I didn’t have a very good idea as to what to do for some questions. But now that I’ve established that, I can be on my way to succeeding… LIKE A BOSS, on this midterm (*I hope*).

READING BREAK: DAY 7 – ‘So get out, get out, get out of my head.’

Lyrics in title – One Thing – One Direction.  —- the Backstreet Boys of the 2010s….ALMOST

Technically it’s the ‘last day’ of break…but I guess there’s still the weekend, right? I hope everyone had a stellar break! I don’t even want to think about next week. HECTICNESS! So I’m going to think about now. Today. What’s been going on. It snowed today! It was so nice! Except for when it turned into a slushy mess…that’s never nice. But other than THAT…I went grocery shopping…need food for university, so that I can get fat, you know? HA. 

Well. I’ve been thinking a lot today…about both unnecessary things, and necessary things. And by unnecessary I mean stuff that really shouldn’t consume my precious time. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to do as a career…and how much things have changed since I started at UBC – my interests kind of…changed? Changed…I don’t like that word…more like BROADENED. And new things have sparked interest…which is a problem, because I’m having trouble narrowing it down to what I want to do with a B.Sc. degree. I don’t want to be the typical science student and say that I want to be a doctor, right off the bat, although, that was SOMEWHAT, KINDA the plan at first…until I got to university. I just feel like I need more time, yet I don’t want to ‘waste’ time… hmm. So I was going back and reading some of my first blog posts…from way back in June/July…..those definitely had a different feel to them than the ones I am doing now…not entirely sure why, but they seemed more ‘happy’ —and filled with ‘excitement’ ….slightly depressing…I mean I’m still happy right now, but they seemed a lot more ‘bubbly’ …now I’m just rambling on…Tomorrow I’m going back to UBC…YAAAAYY!! I don’t wanna leave home though! 😦 Oh well, LIFE. 

READING BREAK: DAY 6 – ‘May Your Tears Come From Laughing, You Find Friends Worth Having, As Every Year Passes, They Mean More Than Gold.’

Lyrics in title – Never Alone – Lady Antebellum

Ahh…the lyrics on this post…they definitely have a deep meaning for me personally. This song was sung at my high school graduation- grad 2011 ❤ So I went to my old high school today, visited some friends and saw some teachers, it was a great time of reminiscing. Seeing the grads of 2012, it was so crazy. Crazy to think that a year ago, that was me. I was walking those same hallways…and at THIS particular time(a year ago), unsure of what my future was to bring me. UBC had just been an ‘option’  – it wasn’t a SERIOUS set in stone type of thing. But look at me now, practically halfway done my SECOND semester of first year at UBC. Time flies, no lies. <— I rhymed! ‘Growing up’ is definitely a strange concept, I miss the days of being a kid, but like they say, ‘nothing is forever’. TRUTH.

All you 2012 grads must be super excited for your graduation day to come! Prom dress shopping for the girls, guys finding dates, and it’s just such a busy, yet important time of your lives! The decisions you make now have a big impact on your life after high school. And while in school, make the best out of everything, cherish your friendships, and MAKE LASTING MEMORIES! 

UBC has already started with its rolling admissions! So congrats to the new batch of first years that have received a spot already! You guys are extremely privileged to be able to go to UBC! You guys will have the time of your life here, just trust me. And if you guys have ANY questions whatsoever, feel free to comment, and check out my UBC related posts, I’m sure they’ll be of some help! 🙂

I’m extremely sad that Reading Break is practically over…because that means that my exams are just in a few days!! :O I am not going to lie, I am a bit scared for next week…I don’t want to become ACADEMIC ROADKILL? But on the bright side, I have accomplished 4 and a half Problem Sets for Chem…out of the 6 we had to do. That counts for something, right? And I did some of my lab prep for my Chem Lab…caffeine extraction from cola – ooohhh ahhhh.

And apparently it’s supposed to snow tonight? WHAT?! I don’t think I’m believing it until I see it –not to be pessimistic or anything…it’s just reality. 

READING BREAK: DAY 5 – ‘Let me play it loud, let me play it loud like…’

Lyrics in title – It Girl – Jason Derulo 

DAAAAAYY FIIIVEEEEE! HELLO! For some odd reason, I thought there was another week left to reading break — I don’t know WHERE in the world that thought came from, considering I was/still am, fully aware that reading break is only ONE week long..

So what’s new….Summer Session 2012 registration dates/times have been released, and you should see it on your SSC, when your specified time is. And I have officially done enough Chemistry problem sets to drive me to insanity…..SICK of it!! I BETTER do well on this midterm, or else I will be tremendously disappointed. So that is why I have moved onto Physics. Perk about Physics….if we do better on our Final than on the midterm — then our midterm mark will be completely ignored…which makes me think —the midterm is going to be tediously difficult….or that the final will be a train wreck. REGARDLESS, I am going to try to do my best on the midterm. I figured it’s best to just try to do well in everything, that way I won’t have any regrets later on…and avoid thoughts such as ‘Oh…if I HAD done well on that…then I wouldn’t be risking the fact that I could screw myself over right now..’


READING BREAK: DAY 4 – ‘I won’t give up on us, even if the skies get rough.’

Lyrics in title – I Won’t Give Up – Jason Mraz

Waaasssupp? It rained all day here today. Just thought I’d let you all know that.

Productivity rating for the day = 5.5/10 — I’m not very happy with that. ALTHOUGH, I did manage to learn a lot of things that I hadn’t learned in class before for Biology 121 — so THAT is good news! Today I just felt so distracted/I spent A LOT of time on Bio studying/concept understanding.

I’m still hoping that the days will go by slowly. I’ve been listening to a lot of music today, and music, as you probably know (if you’ve read previous blog posts of mine) makes me think about things. In reference to the lyrics in my title — I think I first heard this song, either right AFTER Christmas break…or right BEFORE…hmmm, I forget now…but that doesn’t matter. When I first heard it, I thought ‘meh. it’s a slow song, not really my taste’..I had expected something else considering it was by Jason Mraz (considering his son ‘I’m Yours’…which is totally DIFFERENT!)– but after awhile of listening to it, I thought ‘Hmm…. this isn’t so bad’. The lyrics are so ‘pretty’ and meaningful… it’s just such a DEEP song…and sometimes that kind of deepness is lacking in our lives. I feel as though I can almost RELATE to the passion and emotion in the singer’s voice. And sometimes, with friends, if things are rough…I just want to overcome the storm, and look past it, and I never want to GIVE UP..and feel like there could be ‘more’. And whatever happens, in the end, staying friends and getting through it, is what means the most. Rough skies + weathering the storm = something potentially everlasting. So yeah, as I was saying, this song just stuck out to me today, especially after some things that have been going on in my life lately-ish. ❤  s.a.p.p.y. 

READING BREAK: DAY 3 – ‘Rock my world into the sunlight, make this dream the best I’ve ever known.’

Lyrics in title – Domino – Jessie J

Productivity was at its best today — I WENT SHOPPING! Oh how I had missed shopping. I had been deprived of malls for the past month, but now I am content. I may have splurged..just a tiny bit, but I deserved to, and it was fun. As far as studying goes, I did accomplish things, once again, and I wrote out a schedule for this week, when to study what, and such. Hopefully, I will have no problems sticking to the plan. I’ve done 2 Chemistry Problem Sets — I’d say I’m off to a decently good paced start. Two problem sets/day is what I’m going for. And then starting on Physics studying soon…as well as Biology. I find that now that I’m at home, I’m not inclined to socialize with people—back in rez, I’d always be talking to people in the house, which really takes up a lot of time. So now I’m being all focused and getting down and studying away and being effective and efficient with studying.

I can’t express how much I have missed ‘home’. My huge, comfy bed(speaking of, I have DEFINITELY caught up on all my missed sleep), my room, home-cooked meals (not going to lie, dining hall food was starting to get old…), well lit rooms (dorm rooms aren’t THE best for lighting…), amazing showers without flip flops, and…… wait for it…………FREE LAUNDRY (which I have yet to actually do, but I will get to that eventually). Also, the weather here is much better than the weather out in Vancouver — less rain, more sun. I almost bought rain boots today…WHAT?! You go to UBC and don’t have rain boots?!!?!?!?!?!?!’ —– sad, isn’t it? But I just feel like they’re not ‘me’ …although, I DO admit that they ARE extremely practical….maybe I’ll consider it. 

READING BREAK: DAY 2 – ‘Get on the floor, floor, like it’s your last chance’

Lyrics in title – Starships – Nicki Minaj  — Great song, great song. 


I cannot get over how productive I have been since I have been at home – it hasn’t even been a full 24 hours yet, but I have got A LOT done. Did some Physics studying, finished my Chem Acid-Base Assessment, it’s incredible! Usually I refrain from coming back home on weekends because I usually don’t get very much done – but this, THIS is an exception. Next up – Chem problem sets. If I go at this rate accomplishing all this work, I will be so ready for my midterms, that’s exciting. I’m currently slightly disappointed, I somehow managed to lose/misplace my camera charge. I usually put it in my drawer in my room in res, and for some reason it isn’t there, and I searched EVERYWHERE, it’s not like my room is that big, so WHERE could it have gone!?  

By the way, it snowed yesterday in some parts – not very much- at all, but it still snowed! It was basically snow-rain, but you could still see the flakes. And now the weather where I am is quite nice. And by quite nice, I mean it’s not raining. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about this reading break that makes me really happy — I feel like something great is going to happen(I’m not psychic or anything), or maybe I’m just really happy and thinking really positively, because I had greatly anticipated for this break to come, it was MUCH needed. 

READING BREAK: DAY 1 – ‘I’m sick with love, sick like a disease’

Lyrics in title – Curiosity – Carly Rae Jepsen. 

WOOOOOWWEEEEEE. The past week has been a very ‘hectic’/laid back ish week —  I realize that those two words are very contradictory, but get over it. Hehe. I am still in res right now, but will be going home very shortly, YAY! I should technically be packing my stuff right now, because my parents are coming soon, and my room is a place of utterly disorganized entropical(not a word, I know) disorder. It’s really quiet around here, most people have already left for reading break. 

OH! So guess what happened on Valentine’s Day at UBC – well I’m sure lots happened, but one specific one. A couple guys from the fraternity Alpha Delta Phi, went around the residences at night/early morning serenading girls by playing guitar and singing Hero by Enrique Iglesias — and the video was posted on youtube, it is the CUTEST and most ADORABLE thing I have EVER seen, I almost wanted to cry after watching it. Bless their hearts. It was golden!


This makes me happy to go to UBC. ❤ 

Reading Break —> I HAVE SO MUCH TO GET DONE! SO MUCH STUDYING TO DO, HELP. I really haven’t been paying attention in Physics …. oops…. guess I know what I’m doing this break then, ehh. I’m going to be a zombie robot thing doing every single question I can get my hands on…and then ehem…ACEING my midterms. I have already written out everything that I need to get done this break, and I am beyond MOTIVATED to accomplish everything I have written down. AND NOW…I should REALLY go back to cleaning my room and packing!!

Happy February 13th

Just a couple more hours until it is officially VALENTINE’S DAY.…or as some call it….Single’s Awareness/Appreciation Day. HA. I heard the weather is supposed to be fabulous tomorrow, time for couples to go out and have a wonderful day in the shining sun, and radiate their love for each other. I believe that everyone should be happy and make the best out of the day, and not be bitter, complaining that you are ‘lonely’ — enjoy the day with some friends if you don’t have a special ‘significant other’. 🙂 Hearts shouldn’t feel broken on valentine’s day. Be happy, and live life and enjoy it. 

So have you guys heard of LAL – LikeALittle —   It’s a website where you see someone you like/want to talk about someone you like, and it’s completely anonymous. It has recently become a hit again — I suppose that’s because Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching! In some ways it’s kind of cute, but can be creepy. The main idea behind the website seems intriguing, it’s to express how you feel about someone, anonymously…those things that you didn’t feel like you could say in person, you can express on there. And sometimes if you need a little advice, people could help you with that. CHECK IT OUT. AND BE ENTERTAINED.

UBC Residence Lottery

YES. The news is out. Second years and up…WHERE ARE WE SUPPOSED TO LIVE?!?!!?!? First years are so lucky to have guaranteed housing, and for all you new coming first years….you guys are going to absolutely LOVE living on residence!! It is the best experience ever!

So this year’s residence lottery, I know more people on the waiting list than ones that actually got into residence. WEIRD. For all of you that lucked out and got into residence, that’s great! I unfortunately didn’t get into residence, and I’m not in a very good position on the wait list. It sucks. But it’s not the end of the world, and whatever happens will be for the best. As long as I have a place to live. People in the 1000s have gotten into residence before, so if you’re in the high hundreds, don’t stress. You just won’t know until later in the summer. But you should still look into backup housing. There are tons of on campus places that you can actually rent out. And you can also apply for year round housing!