freeedommm !!

ALAS ! I have finished high school forever ! conquered that biology 12 provincial..i hope. well actually, so many questions were made to purposely trip students up, which is just laaamee. haha. so now i am free for the rest of the summer to do whatever i wanna dooo !! and then after summer comes university.

hey i can be like rebecca black! yesterday was high schooool…today it is summer…and tomorrow is suuummmmerrr…and university comes afterwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaards!!

yes i am very cool, and proud of it. unfortunately the weather is super gross outside. way to start summer 😦 rain rain, go away..

so yeah, anyways, i’m off to enjoy my summer..ehem..or just to go watch tv..but i shall update you on my summer..LATERS

< 24 hrs !!!

ahhh!! i will officially be done with my high school career in like 15 ish hours !!! ohemgee. it’s quite crazy actually. i really hope my studying for bio has paid off!! i wanna do REALLLYY well on the provincial, and i feel like i have the potential to actually get a pretty good mark!! but i have no idea on what to expect for the written response questions, i feel like they’ve already asked every possible written response question in the past exams!!!

i’m super stoked to finally be able to start SUMMER 2011 tomorrow !! i wish the weather would be nicer and the clouds would be a tad bit generous and perhaps move out of the way for the sun to peak through!!

well i should go back to studying…and hope i get a great nights sleep!! πŸ™‚

flying vampires?!?!?!

TWO THINGS I DISLIKE ABOUT THE SUMMER SEASON: spiders..and mosquitoes (just creepy crawly bugs in general)Β 

see, i don’t Β mind bugs if they’re not ON me..or anywhere NEAR me. πŸ™‚

but mosquitoes…are the flying vampires i’m referring to..i just CANNOT stand them. they’re like attracted to me, they don’t care about anyone else in the room, JUST ME!!!!! i’ll end up with about 15 bites, and everyone else gets away with 0-2 bites…uughhh.


and to make it even worse…in the wee hours of the morning.. a mosquito was trying to eat me while I was trying to get some sleep !!! >.< most annoying thing everr !! Β i do NOT appreciate mosquitoes buzzing in my ear while i’m trying to get some sleep!! And then when you try to cover yourself with a blanket..and you accidentally trap the mosquito in the blanket, what a BRILLIANT move..siigh. I got bitten about 4 times in the span of uhhh 15 minutes.Β 


so yes, that is my rant about mosquitoes. and now my dog is snoring away on the couch..i think he’s having a dream or something…i can see his eyes rolling around in their sockets (that sounds kinda gross…but yeah πŸ˜› ) how cute. πŸ˜€

Haii haii haaaiiii !

Sooo I’m pretty new to this whole blogging thinger.. I’ve always wanted to blog, but never really DID it..and now here I all my blogging glory ! So I’m starting at UBC in I dunno… hmm…69 days?! OMG. πŸ˜› yeahh.

SUMMER 2011…is gonna be one to remember.

BUUT. Unfortunately…SUMMER 2011…has not ‘officially’ started for me. I mean I’ve technically already GRADUATED… but actually, SUMMER 2011 and I are just 1 exam away from each other…siigh.. provincials…how lovely. BIOLOGY 12 PROVINCIAL HERE I COME. all my studying better be wooorth it. or else. or else what? I’m not entirely sure…buuuuuuttttt…..I’m gonna ACE IT. POSITIVE WORDS.POSITIVE WORDS. POSITIVE WORDS ONLY. πŸ™‚

just studying my life away…nobigdeal.

oh how i LOVE LOVE LOVE studying for a provincial exam. even if it is just biology 12…i mean its not really that bad of a course…content wise its pretty BIG..that’s the only problem.. πŸ˜› but i do ENJOY biology..but it sucks knowing that the majority of your classmates’ summer has already started…and you have to study while they’re having fun !!!! and doing all those practice provincial exams really IS helpful..but extremely TIME CONSUMING. ERG. CANNOT WAIT UNTIL JUNE 29th. and then i will be suuper happy because i canΒ  THEN enjoy my summerr !

and i must add…this whole blogging thing…such a distraction when it comes time for studying..then again i get distracted quite easily.sigh. πŸ˜› haha !