And that’s a wrap.

WELL. First term is officially over. Didn’t think it would all go by so fast, but it did. This past week definitely wasn’t a breeze, it was rather stressful, as will be next week *sigh*. I’m not entirely sure how ready I am for finals..but if I’m honest, I’d say I’m not ready at all, and it kind of scares me. I remember when I was saying how there were 4 weeks until my O-Chem final, and then 3, and then 2, and now we’re at a week and a day from it – when did that happen..*insert nervous laughter* Anywho, those drunk engineers are at it again, parading through classrooms singing Christmas carols and whatever else comes to mind. I remember last year when they paraded through my first year Chem class – back then, everyone took out their phones and cameras and started recording it and taking pictures and ended up applauding at the end; this year in my class, everyone just kind of stared at them with blank expressions – no one pulled out any type of recording device. I think they were a lot more drunk this year than last year, recalling from my memory. Last year they seemed a lot more “graceful”(as graceful as drunk engineers can get), this year they basically staggered and stumbled into our lecture, I was surprised no one fell. The one thing I look forward to about the last classes of each term are basically the applause at the end of each class – I don’t know why, it’s just my favourite part, I’m a dork, I know.

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened” – we’ll see who’s all smiling once finals are over. G-LUCK UBC.

And they’re slooowwllyyy approaching.

What’s this ‘they’ I speak of? Well, FINALS of course! DUH. After all, we only have a week’s worth of classes left until the term is over, over, over, over (the repetition is supposed to have that whole dramatic effect) . I hate being that girl that’s all like, “OMG, it’s the end of term, WHERE DID THE TERM GO!?!” but I’m going to say it anyway, and be that girl. AAANNDDD as the term is coming to an end, students begin to have that whole surge of panic run through their body, that concerning feeling of whether they’re actually going to pass the courses they’re taking..or whether they just screwed themselves over by not giving a shit throughout the term – or maybe you DID give a shit and yet resulted in not so hot marks. Then that question pops up, that question of desperation that runs through your mind because it gives you HOPE...”does this course get scaled?” I’m not going out on a limb bringing this up, I’ve received enough search results that refuse to consider my “assumptions” as false – PLUS, I’ve been in that situation before., as most people have. The cliche response is to just do well throughout the term and then you won’t have to worry about whether it gets scaled or not. OR just rock those finals, LIKE A BOSS. Final exams are usually A LOT “easier” than midterms, in most classes – except when the midterm marks are super high and then they have to lower the average with a not-so-easy final.Worry more about doing WELL on the final rather than fretting over whether they’ll adjust the final marks. Many people say that your final mark is never the raw grade that you actually received – ‘cuz really, no one knows what happens, students write the exams, and then the profs/TAs mark the exams and then talk it over with the department so that they can finalize/approve it before profs enter the mark permanently onto your transcript. Depending on what the department says, the marks can go up or down. Based on the search results, the main ones that have been asked about are Chem 121(not surprised), Math 100(not surprised about this one either), Physics 101, Bio 112, English 112+110, and Psych 101.
Chem 121 – I honestly have NO IDEA if this gets scaled or not(maybe?), the Chem department’s an interesting one….but from my foggy memory, the final was MUCH easier and straightforward than any of the midterms – so if you did poorly on the midterms and need to redeem yourself, that is very much doable. 
Math 100 – Most definitely this one gets scaled in the end(usually, anyway). And from last year’s experience with this course, I know that I definitely scored better on the final than either midterm. 
Physics 101 – Once again, no idea, maybe? 
Bio 112 – I’m almost positive that there was SOME scaling on this final last year, the teaching team found some “unfair” questions(AFTER students had written the exam), and ended up making the final exam out of 4 marks less than intended — so that’s kinda like minor scaling right?
English 110 + 112 – I doubt there’s scaling in this, if there’s any scaling involved, it’s probably to keep the average around  the department’s approved average. 
Psych 101 – I really doubt Psych gets scaled, the department usually likes to keep their mark around a ~67-68% average. In saying that, scaling DOWN has happened — scaling down = bad. students no likey that. 

All in all, most students that are around the marginal fail range going into the final, end up passing the course(most of the time). Just try hard and study and stuff…and ..yeah.. GOOD LUCK. 

That Familiar Feeling…Gone?

This time of year is normally what I would consider my “favourite” time of year….but it’s slowly dropping from that. I absolutely LOVE Christmas and all the festivities, the spirit,  and the hustle and bustle that come with the season, but ever since last year, when I first came to UBC, I realized how lacking this campus is with all that… This makes me miss high school; the decorated hallways, wrapping paper covered lockers, snowflakes and christmas ornaments hanging from the ceilings, mini Christmas trees in classrooms, the lights around the windows and chalkboards, all the cheap tinsel lying around on the stairs and hallway, Secret Santa, the Christmas music teachers would play in classes, the Christmas movies we’d watch in class instead of doing actual school work, the school Christmas concert, the school Christmas play, the intense intraschool competitions to collect cans for the Salvation Army food bank, the last day of school before break when classes would build Christmas themed sculptures with all the cans they collected, Christmas karaoke, and there’s so much more….and I miss it all! The competitiveness between classes to bring in cans was CRAZY but so AWESOME! The younger kids had the whole “cuteness” factor going for them, who WOULDN’T give a cute little dewey eye kid cans when they went door to door asking for non-perishable food items for the food bank? Us older kids had jobs….which meant money…so we just BOUGHT our way into winning these competitions, if one could only fathom how much money was spent on non-perishable food items by the grade 12s in my grad year…but it was all for a good cause. What was the “prize” for collecting the most cans? Pizza party + a day off of school to go sort cans at the food bank in the new year – best thing ever, seriously. 
Anyway, back to UBC…I realize that there’s the whole controversy about how Christmas is technically “Christian” centred, but seriously, does that mean we can’t be in the festive “holiday” season? 😦 This time of year really shouldn’t be treated like any other time of year – it’s special. That familiar feeling of happiness from the festive season has almost disappeared….Christmas is just over a month away, yet I don’t feel any of that “special something” in the air. Starbucks red cups are as close as it gets for now apparently. November-December is more than just drowning in the academic slough of finals – the holiday spirit would really cheer up people. I don’t want to go home after finals and have Christmas just hit me in the face, it’s supposed to be a gradual thing that builds up….sssllloooowwwllyy, you know? 

Seeking Light From the Darkness.

One thing I strongly dislike is being kept in the dark about something that actually matters. Being away from home at university sometimes sucks because people back “home” can keep things from you. I don’t want to be “angry” but I DO feel rather “hurt” for not being informed. It’s almost embarrassing to know that you thought everything was fine and just like how it used to be, but no, things are different, they’ve changed, and never again will be the same. This makes me feel homesick. The fact that I couldn’t be there as an open ear for someone that I truly love. Things that were once close to you, feel distant. I have minimal tolerance for change and that unfamiliar “distant feeling”. I don’t want to feel distant from the people I care about, I want to know what’s going on and would rather have some light shed on the situation than kept in the dark, or get told by a third party about the situation.  I’m sick of guessing and would rather have the cold, hard facts said straight up. 

Chem 233 – ha…ha..ha..

WHAT EVEN HAPPENED?! Complete mind fudge, that’s what happened.  I don’t think I can even properly speak English bear with me if I don’t make any sense. OChem has consumed my life in the past week. Now what do I do? It’s like breaking up with someone….once you’re not together anymore….what do you do…? It’s like a part of you is almost gone..but shouldn’t I be happy about that? NO! Why? Because you neglected EVERYTHING ELSE in your life. REALITY CHECK: time to study for that final….ONE MONTH AWAY.