Happy Christmas Eve!

There’s a chipper old fat guy with a velvety red suit coming around fer ya. So you better watch out. There isn’t even a trace of snow on the ground from last week’s snowfall, how unfortunate. But hey, at least it’s not supposed to be gloomily raining on Christmas, that’s always nice, right? Sadly, I’m feeling SLIGHTLY under the weather, not entirely sure where I got this bug from, but I’ll be okay I think. (Y) 
Anyway, I can’t believe that it’s already Christmas Eve, the time I’ve been at home has just been going by so fast, in about 11-ish days, I’ll be back at UBC @_@
What have I been up to?

  • watching movies, lots and lots of movies
  • debating on whether or not I should get hooked onto some TV series 
  • laundry(as per always)
  • eating more than I should (but that’s A-okay, it’s like they say, calories don’t count over the holidays – but for me, the entire year is a holiday in that case. 😀 )
  • applying for jobs for the summer (doing all those grown up things…..whaaat)
  • SLEEPING (more than I should, but I’m taking in all the sleep I can get)
  • watching YouTube videos(nothing new there, BUT I feel less guilty when I watch them now than during the term when I watch them to drown my sorrows from school (Y) )
  • I’ve also come to the realization that there are so many courses that I want to take at UBC, but time won’t allow me to do so unless I take an extra year to graduate….whiiiich doesn’t seem very practical to have a semester or two just to take electives……
  • being with my famjam ❤ because I love them

Uh humm, that’s a wrap.

Over halfway into December and this is my first post. I am finally done with my first term finals….phew. It was a rollercoaster ride of stress, frantic frenzy, motivation, willpower, annoyance, and a whole lot of crazy and losing my mind. BUT NOW IT’S OVER, and I hope for the best for when my grades come out. Now there’s a week left before Christmas…I didn’t even notice December flying by. I’m not a fan of Glee, but this got me through my exams with some Christmas cheer. 

Now I want some snow.