Catch Up Timeee! 100th post!

Hey theree! Long time no talk.. I know. OOPS! It’s been over a week since I last blogged….WEIRD STUFF. But in my defense…it was a very ‘stressful’/academic oriented week. I DIDN’T FAIL MY CHEMISTRY MIDTERM!!! YAY! Did I do as well as I could have? uhm no… 😦 I went over the answers and discovered that I could have actually done QUITE well!! Stupid mistakes..ugh. OH! AND .… if you didn’t catch on from the title of the post…this is my 100th post….I was meaning to make the ‘dorm life’ post my 100th one…..but that failed……next post, I promise.

Anyways, finals are just a week away….just 4 more days of regular classes left in first semester!!!! I really don’t want the semester to end but….HELLOO CHRISTMAS! BRING IT! I have 3 finals next being Chemistry, which I am slightly worried about… HARDCORE STUDYING is gonna happen. So as I was saying…finals are approaching faster than most of us would like…and finals brings on stress….and this week is the week that most people have papers due…and I’m not going to lie…stress does NOT bring the best out of people…at all. Even personally I know that I don’t deal with stress as well as I wish I did…I get agitated and annoyed quite quickly when it gets to that ‘breaking point’ and can only build tolerance for some people. And then when you bring on lack of sleep…. sleep deprivation + stress = OH BOY, YOU DON’T WANNA KNOW. My goal is to just study a bit everything for an hour at least each day…sound good? But I know that there are 2-3 subjects in particular that I am definitely prioritizing. One thing I am looking forward to next term though is the fact that I don’t have ANY 8 am classes! 😀 

Has anyone else noticed that the weather around here has been so crazy! SO MUCH RAIN! I woke up to the sound of rain the other day..but then I fell back asleep again. But now apparently for the next week or so it’s supposed to be completely sunny…I’m loving it outside right now! I miss what the sun looked like…  I LOVE walking to class in the sun…it’s so nice. Like right now, it’s the perfect crisp sunny temperature. I should really consider something in the meteorological field…it just intrigues me so much, always has, BUT I don’t think I’d do anything with it.. 

So about some upcoming ‘events’…. Vanier is having its Winter Formal on Saturday… dinner followed by a dance, I can’t wait to see everyone all dressed up! I I love seeing guys all dressed up 😛 …come on, I’m a girl, deal with it. I don’t think I’ve been to any ‘formal’ event since my high school graduation…which was like 6 months ago ! :O Totem had their Formal on the Saturday that just passed, and apparently it was quite good, since it’s more of a ‘classy/formal’ event…there’ll be less people intoxicated, which would be nice…considering the Halloween Dance was a flop. 

Productive Weekends FOR THE WIN!

Oh it has been a while since I’ve come out of a weekend feeling like I actually accomplished things! It’s such a great feeling, and I am jealous of those of you who get that feeling frequently! I’m listening to Christmas music and eating a candy cane, with Christmas lights lighting up my room. 😀 It’s so nice feeling relaxed on a Sunday night, although I DO have math homework to do…which isn’t fun…but it’s not due for another two days…last minute haa. So there are just two weeks left of school in first semester…I know I said it before, but it’s so crazy!!!

Approximately a year ago, I was thinking about university applications, I think the first university application I sent in was at the end of October, and I thought it was so weird! I mean, grade 12 had just started, and I had thought that grad year would go by ‘slowly’….boy was I wrong about that! Grad year goes by super fast, so cherish the people you are with and the memories you make, and make it one to count. Oh also, I established the fact that in university you really do learn a lot! In high school when I took notes, I would never fill up a whole notebook, it was more like barely half a notebook would get filled for each subject….right now, most of my notebooks are about 80-90% filled up….and these are books with 200 pages… I love it when notebooks get filled up with stuff! It makes me feel like I’ve actually ‘learned’ stuff! I just hate the fact that I should know ALL of it for the final… YIKES. 


First ‘snowfall’ at UBC

It snowed in the early hours ’til this morning…. woke up to like 2 inches of snow on the ground! It was FABULOUS! It snowed everywhere except for at UBC yesterday during the day… was quite unfortunate… but there is no better feeling than waking up to see the ground covered in a white blanket of snow! 😀 But eventually all the snow turned into slush, which was sad…but hey, it’s just mid November, there’s plenty of time for it to snow…and we’re expecting a cold, harsh, snowy winter! STOKED? YES! So there are just like 2 weeks left of classes in first semester…I can’t believe it! I don’t want second semester to go by as fast! People have already started studying for finals, which is actually not too bad of an idea. I just wish that it would actually snow some more this weekend, I’m really in the wintery spirit right now…winter and Christmas. This morning when I found out that it was snowing, my roommate and I ran outside and then came back and played Christmas music and turned on our Christmas lights (YES! we have christmas lights in our dorm room..) There’s an idea for dorm decorating! 😉 

SO … how about that chem midterm?

Chemistry 121… midterm numba 2 …. was last night! How did you think it went? But what was up with the second last question…that was a mess. Personally, I have no idea how I did….but it was definitely SHORTER in length compared to the first chemistry midterm, which the majority of people didn’t finish! I’m just glad that I’m done with midterms….now it’s up to finals to make my average pretty! 🙂 But enough about midterms….that’s all the in the past. I’m just hoping I don’t cry once I get my marks back. 🙂 


I still cannot believe how fast this first semester has gone by. I remember the beginning of the semester, back in September…when everything was NEW and so different compared to what I had known before. Now everything is just ‘old’ …. but still enjoyable. I feel like it’s one of those things that I’m going to miss…the feeling of having so much ‘newness’ around me. All us brand new first year students that didn’t know very many people…but we were ‘forced’ (in a good way) to meet new people, and make friendships that we would hope would last forever.  I remember the night before Imagine Day a bunch of people from my house and some random people from Marine Dr. came and we played board games in the floor lounge…it was just so memorable…back in those days we didn’t have very much work to do(well obviously, before classes start you have no work to do…duuh). That’s one thing that I found….your workload doesn’t start increasing until October because that’s when midterms start…most of September was PRETTY slack, believe it or not. First year rez experience is probably one of the greatest things ever….I’m sorry commuters, but you are really missing out..but hey, on the bright side, you don’t get homesick! 🙂 Tours for prospective students started a few weeks ago, I always see groups coming around looking into classrooms and stuff…and I think back to when I came for a tour back in March…. I see UBC way differently now than I had back then. I’m thinking of doing a post about ‘dorm/rez life’ soon…just because people are starting to apply for university now and yeah! BY THE WAY – for first years of this year…… second year housing applications have opened…so you better get on that! I really hope I get into residence second year!!!! But for now, I’m closing this with…. APPLY TO UBC..once September 2012 comes, you will realize that it was the best decision OF YOUR LIFE! 😀 

‘Be my strength to carry on’ ….and survive this week filled with academic overload.

‘so now if I stay or if I go 
I’ll always hold your heart of gold 
For if I stray if I’m not strong 
You’ll be my strength to carry on 
Be my strength to carry on’

 -Hedley (Carry On)

I AM IN LOVE with the new Hedley album, I mean, who needs boys when all a girl needs is music?  One Life and Carry On are probably my two favourite songs on that album, so is Invincible (but I’ve heard that one way too many times). So this is the last day of the long weekend…interesting weekend, don’t know if I was as productive as I should have been…. siigh. It’s so disappointing when you have your weekend planned out to do a bunch of stuff, and be productive, but yet you fail to accomplish as much as you had wished to accomplish. I feel like it was a very ‘social’ weekend… every day since Thursday I was with people, for the most part it was more like the same one person. But Thursday evening-night was a pretty good day, hung out with people and had a grand old time, barely got much work accomplished but it was definitely a fun day. I hate studying for midterms, it drains all my energy…speaking of energy, I’ve gotten great sleep this past weekend, like 9-11 hours per night, which is actually pretty darn good! 

And how about that extreme weather we experienced on Friday…. wind,hail, rain, leaves falling from the sky.. THE SKY IS FALLING, THE SKY IS FALLING! I want more weather like that! 

Sock wars began for my house last week…. I’ve socked my first target already, so I am onto my second one now….and I am still in the game…with no idea of who has me as their target..that’s why I’m being paranoid and staying in my room all day..haha. Just kidding that’s not the only reason…I just have a lot of studying to do and my room is peaceful. And for those of you who have no idea what Sock Wars is… it’s a game that is quite popular at UBC… so pretty much you get a ‘target’ …and you have to find them and hit them with a sock.. a CLEAN sock. Half the time you actually don’t even KNOW who your target is…so Facebook creeping is highly encouraged…that’s why people end up changing their names on Facebook, so that people can’t find them…and then they change their profile pictures, etc. At first it’s pretty confusing when you see random names in your Friends list…then you have to creep your own friends to figure out who they are. It’s kind of funny how seriously some people take Sock Wars….and then there are those that don’t give a crap about it. 

At the beginning of this post I made a reference to “who needs boys” (on a completely different note)….. but really…. I don’t understand how some people can keep up with a relationship in university…it is SO difficult…I mean HOW DO YOU EVEN GET TIME?! I sometimes barely have enough time to hang out with my FRIENDS. Maybe I suck at time management (although I’m pretty sure I don’t considering how much socializing I’ve done this weekend…but then when you look at how much work I accomplished..well then yeah, maybe I’m not the BEST…but STILL). Meh, love, it’s a funny thing. 

Hmmm….midterm round 2 not so hot.

And it’s time to be fresh and raw…..definitely not feelin’ so great these days… 😦 A lot of my friends have been having their midterms this week and most of them have been stressing out about them, thankfully, I don’t have any this week, just two next week, on Tuesday and Wednesday. Math and Chemistry. And I’m actually quite scared for BOTH of them because I HAVE to do REALLY well on them. I just feel that whatever I do, I just can’t be ‘amazing’ at math… math and I just don’t mix, and I hate that. So that has really been stressing me out…and then for English I have to do an 8 page research paper…and it is just really adding to the stress and I’m at the point where I feel like I want to pay someone like $200 to do it for me……(I probably shouldn’t say stuff like that online….) but I mean I wouldn’t actually ever do that…I’d obviously write it myself. And maybe the weather adds to the blah-ness of things? I mean it doesn’t play that big of a factor towards it…but still I just don’t like feeling like this. And a recent event also adds to the overwhelming-ness of things…I won’t actually say what this “recent event” was…because it’s just too personal to put on a blog that’s supposed to be ‘anonymous’. 😛 But I will say one thing, if it I wasn’t in the middle of midterms I would probably be less overwhelmed and actually kind of happy about it, if I actually had full confirmation that it’s true… See? this probably makes no sense to anyone reading this… so I’ll just stop rambling on about that. But kind of on the same note…whenever I feel ‘overwhelmed’ and ‘stressed’…. socializing is very lacking on my part…and it makes me feel kinda bad for putting things off when people ask to hang out…truth be told, I SOOO want to hang out with them(in reality I probably want to hang out with them more than they want to hang out with me, although it seems like it’s the other way around 😛 ), it would really make my day, but I just don’t feel like I’m at the right state to ‘have fun’ ….even though that would probably help A LOT…. Oh how I hate stress. 

RandomRamblings: Music // Midterms // First Year @ UBC Overall // Social Life + Friends

I’m just being “lazy” (HELLOOOO.. I’m a university student, this doesn’t exist in my vocabulary) and mashing up everything into one post, instead of making separate posts about it (aren’t I clever? teehee). 


I’m actually listening to music and eating ice-cream as I’m typing this… I’ve found that listening to music stimulates blogging-ness. So lately I’ve been liking a lot of “new” songs…only some of the songs I’m going to list are actually new….the rest  of them really aren’t very NEW…they’re just songs that I never liked when they first came out(months and months ago), but now I like them. 

  • Fly – Nicki Minaj ft. Rihanna
  • Cheers(Drink To That) – Rihanna
  • We Found Love – Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris
  • Good Feeling – Flo Rida (I guess this isn’t really at the top of my music list though, but it’s still quite catchy)
  • I Like It Like That – Hot Chelle Rae
  • Mr. Know It All- Kelly Clarkson
  • The One That Got Away – Katy Perry
  • Pumped Up Kicks- Foster The People
  • Invincible – Hedley
  • Wish You Were Here – Avril Lavigne
  • Someone Like You – Adele
  • Songs from SIMPLE PLAN’s ‘new’ album ‘Get Your Heart On!’
—– And also, Hedley is releasing their newest album ‘Storms’ on November 8th.. SO EXCITED!! I actually WANT to get the CD, haven’t bought a CD in YEARS!!! …but maybe I’ll just buy it off of iTunes…it’s cheaper haha. 
MIDTERMS – and Daylight Savings
I have two midterms left in first semester….SO WEIRD. All that I have left are Math 100 and Chem 121 (I’m really not looking forward to this one). Wow, those two exams are just a little over a week away from now…..last time I checked I still had like 2.5 weeks left until those midterms. Time is going by so fast, I need it to slow down… and TOMORROW daylight savings ends…or begins? I’ve never really understood that, I understand it’s not that difficult of a concept…but whatever, I don’t get it. BUT REMEMBER TO TURN BACK YOUR CLOCKS AN HOUR!!! “FALL back, and SPRING forward” — My grade 4 teacher taught us that, and I thought that that was the coolest thing ever. 
I’m thinking that I’ll be doing a separate post on this once first semester is done…so I’m not going to say TOO much. So there’s just less than a month left of regular classes….which is super crazy, I don’t even want to think about it. But my UBC experience has been WAY BETTER THAN ANYTHING I COULD HAVE EVER IMAGINED! Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t go into first year thinking it was going to be horrible, I came with pretty high expectations, and I have not yet been disappointed! It’s amazing. I would actually re-live the days since I got to UBC, in a heartbeat, but obviously I can’t do that, so I’m just going to continue making the best out of the present. If you are considering UBC….be SERIOUS about it…it is by far the best place EVER! UBC is BEAUTIFUL. Good looking people(hehe), good looking campus(it’s a to die for campus), good looking profs (uhh..awkward), everything’s just so darn good looking! And academics are super FINE. I’m not going to sugar-coat things and say that it’s been a breeze academically, because it really hasn’t been. But the thing is, there are so many people here that know what you’re going through, you’re not ‘struggling’ through it by yourself, everyone here CARES about you, and it makes you feel like you’re not alone(because you really aren’t alone on anything).
University, it’s a big place…lots of people, and you can’t be friends with everyone. You just have to get used to that. You have to build your social circles slowly, but well. Choose wisely, and be yourself. I can’t really say I had this ‘problem’, but in high school it’s like you’re SUPPOSED to act in a certain way/be a certain type of person, influenced  by other people….in university, you need to really know who you are, and not get influenced by other people. You can’t have a wishy-washy personality…you need to stick to what’s true and what’s you. There are so many different kinds of people here, and you’re bound to fit in with a certain group of people. To enjoy your life ‘socially’, you need a solid understanding of who you really are, and just go with it, once again, just BE YOURSELF. I love my friends at UBC, they are amazing, and I couldn’t ask for anything better…they are what I would call TRUE friends, the kind that you can count on when you need help, the ones that can be themselves around you, and you can be yourself around them,  and the ones that you know you can have a guaranteed good time with. Friends truly help shape the experience that you have at university, and I’m truly blessed to be able to call these lovely people that I have met this year, my friends. ❤ 

RandomRamblings: Vanier Carnival, Vanier Halloween Dance, Halloween, Bio Midterm Marks


On Saturday, October 29th Vanier put on a carnival, anyone could come to the carnival, and it was actually a lot of fun. All the sister houses had booths together, there was Shave the Ballon (shaving cream on a balloon, and you had to ‘shave’ it with a razor without popping it), a Dunk Tank….this one was super popular, which is expected with dunk tanks, and people tried to dunk the house presidents, and the Vanier president, it was quite a splash (hahahaha so punny!), there was a Minute to Win It booth with a bunch of games from that show, costume contest(definitely had interesting costumes), and there was a blow up obstacle course as well….aaaannnddd…I’m not sure if there were any other booths, I kind of forget.. OOPSIES! But there was quite a good turn out and all the people that came said they had fun, so that’s a plus right? 


So on the same night as the carnival, Vanier put on a dance as well. I know many would agree, but Grafitti (the first dance put on by Vanier) was MUCH better, and the DJ for that one was super good. At this dance…the DJ-ing was done by first/second year students…and they were GOOD DJs …. just could have had better selections for music. But I met a lot of interesting people at the dance, ones that I had never even seen before, so that was pretty cool. It was overall a fun experience, but the dance itself could have been a bit better. But at the same time there was another dance going on, that dance sold out SO FAST, and the tickets were sold at Totem which was totally not fair!


Halloween was last night, I didn’t really do anything “special”… it was a pretty low key Halloween….It was definitely a weird feeling not being at home to help give out candy and all that good junk out to trick or treaters… I kind of miss that…it was something my mom and I always did together (ahh feeling of nostalgia). I’ve actually been having so many nostalgic feelings lately….siigh…growing up… 


So the second biology 112 midterm marks have been released as of yesterday! The average on this one was much lower than the first one (obviously, because this one was said to be a lot harder). The average for this one was 69% which actually isn’t too bad, it’s a B-. Surprisingly I did better on the second one than the first one, which I am extremely happy about because this one was worth 20% more than the first! 😀 Now I’m just glad that I can relax until the Biology final…..but I still have two more midterms coming up in mid November… Chem 121 and Math 100 …… YIKES!