As The Summer Sun Slowly Sets…

High-five for alliteration. WOO!

In approximately 6 days I will be starting the last first day of school of my undergrad – very likely the last first day of my UBC educational career. “How do you feel about that?” ūüėź sighs for days.
I love UBC, and from all my past posts, especially from my first and second year, one can tell that I absolutely love this place. I looked up the hashtag UBC on Instagram and feelings of nostalgia is what I drowned in when I saw the results. First years with pictures of their student cards all excited to start their university careers…and I’m all “take me back”. First year was wonderful, all the hype and excitement, I could bring that all back up again if I wanted to. Starting fourth year on the other hand has a different kind of “excitement” boiling up in me. To be honest, I just feel old. Feelings of “been there, done that” surround me constantly, but no, I still have so much more to experience and I have approximately 8 months to immerse myself in the unknowns I have yet to know. #UBCbucketlist

Now that school starts in less than a week, the campus is starting to buzz again, people actually exist…this is a slow preparation for when classes actually start and you have to maze your way through 100s and 100s of students going in every which way – something I am NOT looking forward to, but that hustle and bustle on Main Mall by the fountain in between each class, that’s one of the things that make UBC what it is, “a place of mind.” Oh, the irony.

Places to avoid for the next¬†three¬†weeks if you don’t want to get trampled on: Bookstore + SUB and its vicinities.¬†

I Really Do Try…

…to keep up with posts on this blog. But that’s not working out very well. Ultimately, I want to try to blog as much as possible in my fourth, and final year of my undergrad (EEEEEEEKKK!). Anyway, while we’re at it….I’ve been thinking about life, the future, etc. consistently for the past couple months. To be honest, it’s scary. High school used to be that “safe” place once upon a time…then university became that new “safe” place….and once you’re in the “real world” where’s your “safe” place?¬†We keep getting introduced to these little portions of time that we come to define as our “safe” places…but they never seem to be constant. New experiences can be scary, and so many things can seem uncertain until you establish yourself within your goals and dreams.
I wanted the summer to go by as slow as possible…that’s ¬†not working out in my favour…July is almost over. I’ve lost all concept of time…because time just keeps fast forwarding. I know August will be a month of craziness and I’m not sure if I’m QUITE ready for that. It feels like just yesterday that I was a 17 year-old anxiously anticipating her residence assignment for her first year of university…and now look at me…I’m ‘dreading'(I could have used a better word) the start of my last year of undergrad. Although time has gone by fast, I’ve changed as a person and matured and experienced things I never knew I would. I’ve fought against getting consumed by the world¬†and its desires, I’ve gotten lost in my own goals and dreams, and I’ve also tried to live the dreams¬†of others while trying to find myself. It’s been a mixture of struggles and successes, sandwiched between emotions and memories. It’s a lot less scarier when you have the right people standing by your side, while you both experience similar roller coasters of experiences and emotions. There will always be uncertainties as you face the future, but you have to emphasize your life on what is certain and then slowly step¬†into uncertainties as they slowly become stabilized certainties. Regardless of how alone you might feel when it comes to facing the future, you’re never alone and you need to have that fact solidified in your head – you and thousands….millions…billions… of others are in it together. In it to face life, one step at a time. I just need to keep reminding myself of that instead of getting so caught up about what’s going to happen 6 months from now. BREATHE. Think about the present. Living in the present allows you to prepare yourself for the future. ¬†

Third Year Overview, When I Grow Up.

Now that it’s summer, I figured I should probably make a post on here….since last month was completely hectic.¬†One may think that they have an excellent exam schedule….until they realize how much time they’ve wasted, resulting in very little time to study, hence the solution is to cram and study like you’ve never studied before. BUT, sometimes, that cramming thing actually works because you’re so determined and desperate to do well on your finals. And sometimes, you think you know nothing, but apparently all that cramming you did transferred useful information into your head, which translated in actually knowing things for your finals. Check please. ¬†My week of finals in a nutshell = a drunk blur (substituting alcohol with academic knowledge stuff). I don’t remember much except for pages and pages of notes and countless hours spent in pseudo-solitude…because it got to a point where all my friends were done with their exams and I was still going…(that was slightly depressing).¬†

ENOUGH of that. 
It’s summer, and I’m enjoying every minute of doing nothing related to school – although that won’t be lasting for too long since I’m doing summer school, because I just LOVE school that much and CANNOT get enough of it. *mylife*¬†
I’m more excited than one would expect me to be, about the World Cup – yes, I actually watch soccer, be surprised.¬†

I can’t believe that I’m actually done third year…this is mind blowing. Who knew I would make it this far, not me. It’s weird to me to think ¬†that just 3 years ago, I was still in grade 12….’ready’ to graduate from high school and ready to enter a new chapter of my life that would be called UBC.¬†Now in¬†approximately one year, I will be graduating from UBC – WWHHHAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!? I’m not even ready to talk about that. Be warned all you future first years, your undergrad goes by at the speed of¬†light.
I can hands down say that this was probably one of the best years of my undergrad(apart from first year…really wasn’t too fond of second year, it was okay). This year was a year of learning¬†and independence.¬†This year gave me a sense of ¬†purpose I hadn’t felt before and shaped me as a person through experiences and the people I chose to surround myself with. Second term of this year was probably my favourite, I got closer to a lot of people and met lots of new people that I was really able to connect with on many levels – people that would be with me as I progressed. I think I matured a lot this past year, and well, maturing is a great thing in life – makes you feel old, but it’s real.¬†As a result, my way of thinking has evolved and the way I approach situations and circumstances has also changed. It has allowed me to gain a broader perspective on life(actually), and actually apply the knowledge I’ve gained through various interactions. I hate to say this, but I almost feel like an adult…it’s weird. Looking back since I graduated high school when I was basically a ‘kid’, it boggles me how much I’ve changed as a person. Seventeen year old me and twenty year old me are NOT the same. We may ‘look’ the same, but we do not ‘think’ the same ¬†– experience changes people, and it’s weird, but in a cool way. Experience allows you to let go of people that probably shouldn’t stay in your life, and hold on to the ones that do belong by your side.

Wait for it.. Imagine Day

So Imagine Day 2013 is coming up VERY SOON! This year I am a Science MUG leader and I couldn’t be more excited to bring my SCIENCE PRIDE , WOOOOO! This is the homestretch, it’s less than 2 weeks away! If you’re an incoming freshman you most likely received some sort of email regarding this, and you may have even been contacted by your MUG leader informing you of what to expect (if you haven’t, you will be, very shortly!). This website shows you all the information about your MUG Group¬† All I can say for now is to be excited, because it’s worth it.¬†


Sometimes I just want to streak my hair a neon colour. Like a neon purple, or a neon blue. BUT, although I AM twenty years-old, I DO prefer to abide by the rules that my parents have laid out for me, aaanndd that is very likely not “accepted” by them. They have this thing where they think that I won’t be taken seriously by older people if I do something crazy like that….and that is COMPLETELY understandable, and most likely very accurate. Oh well.¬†


Here’s another one of those “I have too many things to do and not enough time to do them/pet peevish” rants. Firstly, I REEEAAALLLY need to get a new student current one is embarrassingly ghetto looking, I don’t even know HOW, it’s just always looked like that. Secondly, getting put on hold with that crazy classical music when I’m in a hurry, not acceptable, especially when it’s supposed to be something quick. Disorganized people, can’t handle that. I need to get my computer fixed, broken computer = can’t deal with that for extensive periods of time. I have too many appointments to book before I leave for UBC, do I even have time for that. I need to shop, desperately. I also need to get some proper sleep, or else I will continue to be crabby and agitated. Can I get a personal assistant to help me life, please.

Heads Up – Textbooks

So a lot of first year students can get a bit anxious regarding the whole textbook thing – “When do we buy them?” “Do we need them all?” “Do we have to get them brand new?” “Are older editions okay?” “Do we need them before classes begin?” etc etc. Well fear not young ones, I can shed some light on that matter. First year textbooks are by far the easiest ones to buy off of people since in most faculties, first year is very general, and mainly consist of pre requisite courses for upper level courses. ¬†It’s always best to wait until the first week of classes to find out which textbooks you will absolutely NEED to buy, most profs will tell you whether or not older editions are okay(sometimes, most of the time, an edition can differ by just super minor things that are irrelevant to the content –¬†¬†). Scour through the UBC Facebook groups “textbook exchange” “ubc textbook 4 sale” and even groups of your own ¬†faculty ¬†from previous years – they’re usually overflowing with sales of super common courses. I’ve saved as much as $125 on a single book by buying it off of somebody, so imagine how much you could save if you bought all of your books from other students. Always remember to bargain just a little bit and make sure they’re selling it for a reasonably cheaper price than what the bookstore is selling it for. I’ve had instances where the bookstore asked for $125 and the person selling, offered their used copy for $120 – yeah sorry, not happening. The bookstore website usually shows you how much they’re selling used copies for at the bookstore, so try to get it for cheaper if you can from students selling. If you’re curious as to how to access your personalized booklist…go to the ubc bookstore website…there will be a “shop” tab, and then you’ll see a place for you to enter your student ID. As for always, remember to be “safe” when meeting people you don’t know…use your common sense, and meet up in public spaces (UBC campus, sky train stations, at a mall, etc etc) – a parking lot of a closed mall¬†at 1 am¬†should trigger a big fat no in your head. Yes, I care about all you little ones out there. ūüėõ