What Am I Even Doing..

HAPPY LAST DAY OF JUNE! It hit the mid-high 30s today, so incredibly hot. I don’t like it.  It just makes me feel sticky and gross and tired. I could barely fall asleep last night due to the lack of a fan in my room, but tonight, that shouldn’t be a problem. Since I’ve had SOOOO much time on my hands and don’t want to turn into a roasted version of me, I’ve been staying inside watching random TV shows and movies. Don’t worry, I’m still getting a fair share of Vitamin D. I watched Spring Breakers this afternoon….all I can say is WHAT.THE.FADGE. Why was that movie so popular with so many positive reviews….? It’s honestly one of the weirdest movies I’ve seen in my life. I kept questioning why I was watching it and couldn’t help but wonder if those actors were actually drunk/high during the whole movie.. I think I lost respect for the main actresses to be quite honest. I’m STILL questioning myself, it was a waste of life. I would never have wanted to pay to see that movie, EVER. 


Frustration. Frustration. Frustration.

Don’t you just hate it when you let frustration rub off on you when it’s surrounding you? It’s like a plague of some sort. You try your best to stay away..and just when you think you’ve succeeded, you realize you actually failed. This is how I felt today. Way too much negative energy going on. I woke up feeling just ‘dandy’ – yes, dandy – I promise to never use this word ever again(or maybe I can’t promise that). Anyway, I was full swing ready to get on with my life this morning, I was especially thrilled because today marked the day of my first university class that had been canceled. :’) Yes, it took a whole year for a cancelation to take place. *Taking it all in*. Moving on….halfway through the day..all this negative energy hit me(caused by people)…and at first, I just shook it off and didn’t let it bother me…then a couple hours later…it slowly started to creep onto me, and BAM, I was infected with frustration. Ruined a perfectly good day. 

For anyone that cares, this is the “evolution” of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. If you haven’t watched Inception, or 500 Days of Summer…please go do that NOW. The gif may not be working in my post right now….sooooo you may have to actually click on it.. 

RandomRamblings: Apps, Free Time, Music;Lalalalalala.

Hey, it’s May. I just rhymed. I CANNOT believe how fast this year is going by! It was just a year ago that I was anticipating what first year university would be like, and here I am, going into SECOND year — this makes me feel super old. Anyways, I wanted to make a post that isn’t UBC related ‘cuz it has been awhile — I might somehow ‘incorporate’ some aspect of UBC into this(briefly), after all, I’m a student there, and I’m supposed to brag about how great the school is(KIDDING! — although it IS pretty great).


I am an iPhone user, and therefore I get to distract myself with all these fancy apps! YAY. Oh, I just figured out how to incorporate UBC into this — about 75% of UBC students … are iPhone users(maybe a SLIGHT exaggeration, maybe). Here are a few of my ‘apps of the moment’…

  • Instagram — LOVE LOVE LOVE. if you don’t have it, why don’t you!?!? It’s free – GO GET IT. I am basically OBSESSED with this app, as of recent. I didn’t care much about it before(although I did actually install the app MONTHS ago-what a hipster), but now I’m just uploading pictures like crazy and looking through other people’s pictures and all that. And I just get super excited when I see that someone likes my photos, yuuuup. 
  • Draw Something – I feel like A LOT of people have this one…. I know the majority of my friends do — that’s how we made it through midterms and finals. 😛 
  • Dot Line – this is a recent one, it’s one of those memory games, you have to remember the sequence the line gets drawn. –terrible explanation, but I don’t know how else to explain it. 
  • PicCal – It’s a picture calendar ! You put up a picture/day, kind of like a photo diary. I like the whole idea of looking back and reminiscing on what you did in a certain month.
  • Shazam — I think this one’s pretty common…it’s really handy if you hear a song and you want to know what it is. 

Free Time

I am taking a few online courses during the summer, haven’t started them YET, but I will be starting them soon. I think summer courses aren’t that intense if you’re taking them online, besides you still get a lot of free time, and I would say that I have enough motivation to actually keep up with them. But I love all the free time I have now; when someone asks if I want to hang out, I don’t even need to think about it, it’s usually a yes, BECAUSE I HAVE NOTHING TO DO! 😀 I think you need to go to university to be able to really appreciate summer vacation. All I do these days is drive around, visit people, read books; not textbooks, draw, listen to music, watch TV, idle my time away with iPhone apps, and etc. 


I must say, I was quite surprised at how well I kept up with music while I was away at UBC. I was HORRIBLE at keeping up with movies, when someone asked me if I wanted to go see a movie, I would have NO idea what they were talking about. But music, music is different. One of my favourite songs of the moment-  Payphone – Maroon 5 ft. Wiz Khalifa.

Are You A Fool This April?

This weekend was a crazy one, FOR SURE!!! Starting on Friday night. Awesome times, ups and downs with emotions, but still it was great! I also saw the Hunger Games, definitely get out there and WATCH IT – that’s an order, by ME. It’s unbelievable to think that this was technically the ‘last’ weekend…of first year, because classes end on Thursday(WHAT?!!?!?!). And let me say something, today, the weather was absolutely GORGEOUS! I was expecting rain, but NO, it was purely sunny…but what was I doing? Inside….doing Math…webwork. Gross. Sigh. This week will be a busy, eventful week. Thursday, being the last day of classes, the AMS Block Party is happening (crossing my fingers that the weather will be FANTASTIC!)..this goes from 2pm-9pm. They are still selling tickets, except they have increased the price to $25(which is rather crazy in my opinion, considering the early bird tickets were $12.50). And then on Friday, is the Totem-Vanier Dance – ‘Beach, Please’ — if you didn’t catch it, the theme is BEACH! 

My roommate decided she wanted to play a little ‘April Fool’s’ joke on me this morning….I love her so much. It wasn’t anything much, she just made me feel super gullible. My friends and I wanted to play pranks, but we’re not allowed pranks in residence….that’s an evict-able offence….we’d rather go without being evicted right before exams(or evicted EVER)…hehe. Presidents + executive positions for next year have been elected in Vanier….I think the future Vanier kids will have something great to look forward to! BE EXCITED!


Thank God It’s Friday.

I cannot even express what a stressful week it has been! Four days, three midterms, two labs, so little time! How did those midterms go? We’ll see once I get them back…but Physics, no words to describe it… everything was about stuff on VENUS?! WHY. Ughhh, it made me so mad. I hate it when the practice midterms they put up are on a much easier level than the actual midterm itself. I feel almost cheated on when that happens. Anyways, it’s Friday…well I guess it’s technically Saturday…and all day I will be catching up on everything I fell behind in…due to my extremely stressful week. 

How did I spend this Friday? Watching a movie..a ‘sappy’ movie…and I enjoyed it, although it made me SLIGHTLY sad…..because it reminded me of a certain situation that I was sort of in…but not completely. So on March 1st, we were all informed whether we got the position of Residence Advisor or not….I haven’t heard of very many people that got the position…majority of the people that I talked to were either ‘rejected’ …or put on the ‘alternate’ list. I, was put on the alternate list, which I guess in a way is disappointing, but I mean, I guess I still have a chance, don’t get me wrong, I’m not discouraged or anything. I was quite surprised at the result actually, but whatever happens, happens. I think being a Residence Advisor would be a GREAT job, and congratulations to all those that DID get the position, I’m sure you will all have a stellar experience, and for those of you that didn’t, just remember, ‘everything happens for a reason’ …and perhaps there are ‘better’ opportunities for you personally. 

SHIA LABEOUF IS HERE.. what up everyone?

Even Stevens’ Louis Stevens really grew up! :’)

UBC is the place to be.

So Shia LaBeouf was in the SUB, and on Main Mall, filming outside of the Chem building! SO MANY PEOPLE OUT TO WATCH!!! All those screaming girls “omg omg omg omg omg WHERE’S SHIA?!!” .

And out of curiosity…WHERE ON FACEBOOK is this blog linked????!!! Just wanna know…out of curiosity, ‘cuz a bunch of you have found it through Facebook…. :S

Anyways…I said HI to Shia LaBeouf….got a little up close and personal with him… haha. BEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE! He smokes SO MUCH though, it’s crazy!! I am so stoked to see this movie come out!!! 😀 I can’t wait! Although, it’s slightly disappointing that the setting is in Michigan(I’m guessing…because they changed some signs to ‘Michigan University’. All the production people seem super awesome, once again. And ALSO, I saw Robert Redford as well! Daaaaaaannngg, that dude is looking quite good for 75, like ACTUALLY, you’d never think he’s that old! 😛 But back to LaBeouf boy, yesterday, when I found out he’d be on campus today, I just wanted to get a GLIMPSE of him, but I got way more than a glimpse, SO HAPPY! 😀 Haha, and NOW I am back to doing my work… such a great day! 😀

Filming at UBC + Bio Midterm

Do you know why I love UBC? FAMOUS PEOPLE COME HERE!!! 😀  So there’s currently filming in progress right now, they’ll be all over the campus, but today they were at the D block of the Chemistry building. 🙂 And guess who’s in the movie? None other than SHIA LABEOUF! ...AND Robert Redford is directing it, and also playing a role in the movie itself. Oh and the movie is called The Company You Keep….another well known ‘young’ actor would be Anna Kendrick, she played Jessica in the Twilight movies. 🙂 Stanley Tucci(LOVE HIM!) is also in this movie, he was in Burlesque, The Devil Wears  Prada, Easy A, The Terminal, The Lovely Bones, and MANY MANY MANY MANY more popular movies. Then there’s Richard Jenkins, he’s in Dear John and Step Brothers, and a lot of other well known movies. The list goes on with the actors, but seriously, it’s crazy awesome that famous people will be roaming around the UBC campus! I would love a run in with ANY of those actors…..especially Shia Labeouf… ❤ …come on, I’m an eighteen year-old girl….I’ve had a ‘crush’ on him since Even Stevens (remember that show???) siiighhh. Now you’re probably thinking that I’m some crazy love struck, starstruck teenage girl, I am not. But it’s quite the experience meeting someone famous, yes? YES! I’m actually really excited to see the final product, which will come out some time in 2012, according to the production crew(yeah, I had a nice little chat with them, it was super cool, I felt super cool :$ They’re so down to earth and nice and will answer just about any question…as long as you don’t sound like some creeper trying to stake out the actors).  

As much as I don’t want to move on from the topic of a movie being filmed here on campus….time to move on to the Bio midterm aspect of this post…. I’ll keep it short and sweet…. I HAVE NO IDEA HOW IT WENT! It could go both ways, and I think a lot of people would agree with me on this one…. the questions were oddly worded, as were the answers. It’s Bio, they’re purposely trying to screw you over…….but I shall pray and hope for the best that I got a super awesome mark… hehe. *crossing my fingers* 

Oh on another note, did you know there’s apparently a murderer lurking about on campus..or WAS….but it’s not confirmed, but it was on the news….someone CLAIMS they thought they saw someone that could potentially be that person… but who knows. There were cops and everything searching the place yesterday! WOW! This week has definitely been ‘exciting’, hasn’t it?! 


GOAL FOR THE WEEK: Have a run in with Shia Labeouf. PLEASE.