Jealousy..interesting concept. Where does it take you? Hmm..absolutely nowhere and beyond! Pretty sure almost all of us have been there and back at some point in our lives..Perhaps some of us didn’t even know we were going down Jealousy Lane..until that big green monster engulfed us.

I almost always say that I am not the jealous type, but in reality..I sometimes can be, and it is so incredibly STUPID. And when I do feel that way, I don’t like admitting it..I know, I’m not perfect, then again who really is? In some ways it is such a ‘joke’..say I have some jealous ‘tendencies’…a few weeks later I’m almost embarrassed about how I really? did you really think like that?

Pretty much jealousy brings on self hate and unnecessary ‘hate’ towards others involved in said situation. There are different types of jealous..there’s ‘good’ jealousy(lack of a better term)..that’s just when you’re joking around with friends and whatever and if your friend gets to go to say some concert and you don’t, you’ll be like “Oh, I am so jealous of you!” –that’s not even REAL jealousy, so that’s alright, ‘cuz most of the time we don’t really mean any harm on anyone in those situations. But then there are other times, for example…(once again talking from a girl’s perspective..but it’s applicable from a guy’s point of view as well).

Girl A likes Guy 1. Guy 1 talks to Girl B.Girl A gets a bit concerned.Guy 1 continues to talk to Girl B.. A LOT…Girl A then starts to assume that Guy 1 likes Girl B more than he likes Girl A….Girl A has the green monster creeping up inside of her.  Then Guy 1 talks to Girl A about Girl B..and about how awesome she is.. Girl A’s heart breaks in 10 pieces. Girl A pretends that she’s totally fine with the guy that she likes talking about Girl B…and tries to be supportive..but then inside, Girl A starts to not like Girl B very much…and she gets upset/mad with Guy 1 but tries not to show it……….and then it just gets all screwed up: THE END. (I am not even kidding you, this really does happen in real life.)

Jealousy really wrecks friendships and even lowers your own confidence. Sometimes it makes you downgrade yourself, and think that you’re nothing inside, especially when it’s in the above situation. But just think to yourself, some time in the future, after you get over it, you will feel kind of like “oh my goodness, WHY ON EARTH DID I ACT LIKE THAT?! WHAT WAS WRONG WITH ME?!”. Jealousy is a wasted emotion and just bad for your health and well being in general. Like do you really want to fret over something and bring on such a thing when you don’t even know if it’s actually even TRUE!? You have better things to do than feel jealous about something, especially if it is based on a misperceived thought. Usually if it’s from a misperceived thought, it is based on insecurities. And if you ever feel like jealousy is creeping up on you, do whatever you can to prevent it, don’t feed the feeling.



Just something a little different…

First and foremost..I am not a ‘fan’ of Demi Lovato..I like two of her songs…Me Myself and Time(which came out last year) and her latest one.. Skyscraper. I am not out to hate on ‘Disney’ singers..they can do whatever they want..and they are all human just like you and me..and no one should get hated on, especially for their career. If people are out doing what they love to do, then so be it, let them live their life and do what they love. But this song Skyscraper, which was just recently released, just got to me. At first when I saw a bunch of girls posting facebook status’ with the lyrics from this song, I was like hmmm..a song by Demi…nah I don’t want to listen to it. But eventually I joined the bandwagon and listened to it…I REALLY DID NOT like it AT ALL. Then I listened to it again a few days later..and I actually LISTENED to the LYRICS..and I was like wow.

I feel like this song really has a strong message that applies to pretty much EVERYONE..nobody is perfect..everyone has gone through some sort of a situation where they felt like they weren’t worth something..or that everyone was just against them. Many kids get bullied and they get made fun of because of the way they look, a mistake they made, the things they wear, or just something stupid like that.

And really..who are we to judge? who are we to tell someone that they’re not worth it? who are we to say that someone is fat? or ugly? or skinny? or too smart? or too dumb? not athletic enough? not cool enough? not pretty enough? who has the right to judge us based on our sexual orientation, or our religion(or lack thereof)? who are we to look down on someone? why do we go out and tear apart someone for the ‘fun’ of it? are we afraid of who we really are, that we feel the need to bring someone down? do we have nothing better to do than make someone feel afraid of themselves? is it really our right to go about and make someone feel like they are worthless? are we hiding behind our own selves and making ourselves feel better? is it a way of masking the pain we feel? do we say these things because of fear?

NO ONE should have to put up with this…NOBODY DESERVES it; but sadly, it’s a part of life..and we all have to overcome it. And THAT is the prize..defeating the ‘enemy’..OVERCOMING it..being happy with yourself..knowing that you are better than what some people see you as. Don’t let yourself be downgraded. We are ALL special. We don’t have to necessarily ‘fight’ back physically..but we have to strengthen ourselves MENTALLY. We are fighters and survivors in this world that has more hate in it than there should be. Let the past remain in the past and look ahead for a brighter future. Don’t let past experiences hold you back from what there is to come in the future. 

One of my favourite parts of the song is this part:

‘You can take everything I have,
You can break everything I am,
Like I’m made of glass,
Like I’m made of paper.

Go on and try to tear me down.
I will be rising from the ground,
Like a skyscraper,
Like a skyscraper.’

People in our lives are going to say something about us that we won’t like..and we don’t have to put up with it. We can build up a strong foundation for ourselves..and if you are true to yourself and act like yourself..then you are already almost there…YOU will be RISING from the ground.. LIKE A SKYSCRAPER. NO ONE can knock you down. Stand strong and no one can break you..or tear you down. CONFIDENCE is your shield and armor. We are not made of glass or paper or anything weak. So go out and be yourself and just take the stand and RISE UP, and never, GIVE UP.