Second Year Registration – UBC

So second year registration is coming up for all you people going into, well, SECOND YEAR! So you guys just found out your majors….now what? If you aren’t sure what courses you’re supposed to take for your major remember to check out this super useful page UBC SCIENCE CALENDAR – scroll down and find your specialization and it will give you a ‘sample’ of what your second year should look like, as well as the next few years to come! The common second year ‘pre-med’ courses that the majority of students in life sciences(excluding biochem/chem) tend to take are: Chem 233, Biol 200, Biol 201(or Bioc 202…but during the Winter session, most people take Biol 201), Chem 205, and Chem 235. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! 

Motivation and Inspiration?

So it’s time for finals…and maybe some of us/you are losing that little kick of motivation to keep going? Well. Take a look at this. I’m a huge fan of Disney, so hey.

Sooo..who wants to go to med school in Alberta now? 😉 

First term, second year – CHECK PLEASE.

 It’s been too long! I did NOT think I would be able to go for so long without blogging, but apparently I can. Who knew? But alas, I am back. I had my last exam of the term today and it went pretty okay for the most part in my opinion. It was rather long, but it was doable(I think – watch me be completely wrong). The past few weeks have been pretty hectic/stressful for me(mainly why I’ve been lagging with the whole blogging thing), both on an academic and emotional level, I suppose mainly emotional, which was reflected on my academics, but it’s all good now. We all have those emotionally low moments in our lives, but we just have to pick ourselves up and glue back the pieces. This Christmas break was muchly needed and now I just get to relax and do nothing all day, erryday. I also need to catch up on sleep. Campus wide power outage at UBC last night/early morning – why was I even awake?! I randomly woke up in the middle of the night and saw my phone light up with a text message and my friend said that there was a campus wide power outage, I was very confused, then I looked at my clock and saw that it was off and then I realized she was serious. I then texted my mom at 4 in the morning and told her to call me in the morning since my alarm wasn’t working due to the outage..and what do you know, she texts me literally 5 minutes later in the weeeeee hours of the morning. That’s a faster response than when I text her during the daytime! It also apparently snowed in the middle of the night….but I only saw an accumulation of white fluffy stuff on one side of campus, which was on the way to my final exam.
Normal people:
Power outage = darkness = sleepy bye time.
Power outage = darkness = wide awake and alert and ready to grab a machete and fight all the zombies lurking around campus + texting my friends that are awake and freaking out with them. 
I genuinely felt bad for the people with morning exams, mine was only at 12 so it wasn’t terrible. Although, I must say, brushing my teeth with my phone flashlight was just annoying. My unit felt like a cold, dark cave.
Lo and behold, I am home for the holidays and all I want to do is relax, relax, relax, and I shall see UBC in 2013. 

And they’re slooowwllyyy approaching.

What’s this ‘they’ I speak of? Well, FINALS of course! DUH. After all, we only have a week’s worth of classes left until the term is over, over, over, over (the repetition is supposed to have that whole dramatic effect) . I hate being that girl that’s all like, “OMG, it’s the end of term, WHERE DID THE TERM GO!?!” but I’m going to say it anyway, and be that girl. AAANNDDD as the term is coming to an end, students begin to have that whole surge of panic run through their body, that concerning feeling of whether they’re actually going to pass the courses they’re taking..or whether they just screwed themselves over by not giving a shit throughout the term – or maybe you DID give a shit and yet resulted in not so hot marks. Then that question pops up, that question of desperation that runs through your mind because it gives you HOPE...”does this course get scaled?” I’m not going out on a limb bringing this up, I’ve received enough search results that refuse to consider my “assumptions” as false – PLUS, I’ve been in that situation before., as most people have. The cliche response is to just do well throughout the term and then you won’t have to worry about whether it gets scaled or not. OR just rock those finals, LIKE A BOSS. Final exams are usually A LOT “easier” than midterms, in most classes – except when the midterm marks are super high and then they have to lower the average with a not-so-easy final.Worry more about doing WELL on the final rather than fretting over whether they’ll adjust the final marks. Many people say that your final mark is never the raw grade that you actually received – ‘cuz really, no one knows what happens, students write the exams, and then the profs/TAs mark the exams and then talk it over with the department so that they can finalize/approve it before profs enter the mark permanently onto your transcript. Depending on what the department says, the marks can go up or down. Based on the search results, the main ones that have been asked about are Chem 121(not surprised), Math 100(not surprised about this one either), Physics 101, Bio 112, English 112+110, and Psych 101.
Chem 121 – I honestly have NO IDEA if this gets scaled or not(maybe?), the Chem department’s an interesting one….but from my foggy memory, the final was MUCH easier and straightforward than any of the midterms – so if you did poorly on the midterms and need to redeem yourself, that is very much doable. 
Math 100 – Most definitely this one gets scaled in the end(usually, anyway). And from last year’s experience with this course, I know that I definitely scored better on the final than either midterm. 
Physics 101 – Once again, no idea, maybe? 
Bio 112 – I’m almost positive that there was SOME scaling on this final last year, the teaching team found some “unfair” questions(AFTER students had written the exam), and ended up making the final exam out of 4 marks less than intended — so that’s kinda like minor scaling right?
English 110 + 112 – I doubt there’s scaling in this, if there’s any scaling involved, it’s probably to keep the average around  the department’s approved average. 
Psych 101 – I really doubt Psych gets scaled, the department usually likes to keep their mark around a ~67-68% average. In saying that, scaling DOWN has happened — scaling down = bad. students no likey that. 

All in all, most students that are around the marginal fail range going into the final, end up passing the course(most of the time). Just try hard and study and stuff…and ..yeah.. GOOD LUCK. 

Rain, Rain, Bio, OChem, Fireworks, and more Rain.

It’s raining outside. We even have a rainfall warning in place — didn’t see THAT one coming. I quite enjoy the sound of rain trickling down my window while I study…it’s rather soothing to be honest. Practising organic chem reaction mechanisms + rain + some random rainy day playlist on 8tracks….what a wonderful way to spend the night. 😀 I mean I couldn’t think of any better way. :S Tomorrow’s Halloween..YAY. What am I doing? NOTHING Halloween-y… really, this has probably been the lamest Halloween of my life! But to be honest, I don’t really care, I’ll make up for it next year.
After living in Vancouver for a year, I feel like I’ve become accustomed to the rain….I don’t really mind it..screw doing your hair half decently for class, it’s going to get ruined and you’re going to look like a drowning rat anyway. Hehe. 😀 Besides, I feel like it’s not right to complain about the rain here, considering the fact that the east coast is getting butchered by a hurricane…good ol’ Sandy. She’s going cray cray. OH YA! I got my Bio 200 midterm back…tragic story…there’s always that final where I’m supposedly supposed to redeem myself, yeah? I hate going through an exam and comparing it to the answer key and realizing you made dumb mistakes/if you had just explained things a tad bit more in detail you would have received full marks. You learn from your mistakes, but seriously, I feel like I’m just not learning from that one mistake, considering I do it…ALL THE TIME. I will say though, I was quite surprised that I had passed the essay question…I literally scribbled down words in the last 10 minutes(TERRIBLE time management on my part) and somehow put them into disorderly paragraphs with a terrible thesis and a conclusion that I somehow managed to get marks for. I’m almost positive that I probably sounded ESL, there was no proof reading or ANYTHING done; I was thinking faster than I could write. Enough about Biology….

I don’t know about anyone else…but I have LITERALLY been hearing fireworks going off somewhere on campus for the past week..who that be. Huh?huh?huh?

Just Shaking Things Up….

Earthquakes on one side of the continent and a massive superstorm on the other. PERFECT. 7.7 is pretty cray, thank goodness it didn’t cause any damage, or a tsunami, considering a tsunami watch was in place. The people on the east coast seemed more concerned than the west coasters..but yo, east coasters, you have a massive superstorm that’s about to drown you all, so don’t worry about us! All I can say is that I would hope that that earthquake was the “big one”(but it’s not)…and now I’d like to move on with my life….which consists of studying O-Chem….and potentially modifying a super crappily done Bio 200 paper that’s due tomorrow.  But in my defence…my Bio 200 topic wasn’t all that great..and it was difficult to find proper information to write the paper. 

Two Posts In One Day, What?

I can’t believe I’m taking time out of my precious studying time to do this post…this is the second post of the day, CRAZY. In case you weren’t aware, I can be kind of a nerd sometimes, but I don’t really care, I’m just going to FLAUNT IT. First thing on my mind…uhhmm…Carly Rae Jepsen has a new song, it’s called This Kiss, it came out a few days ago, since her new album is coming out soon! It definitely isn’t AS catchy as Call Me Maybe, which doesn’t surprise me since that’s a hard one to beat. In saying that, the chorus IS rather catchy, but not as much as Call Me Maybe. A lot of people say that this song has more of a 80s feel to it, I’m not sure if I COMPLETELY agree with that, but each to his own. Second thing on my mind(it should be first though, right?). ACADEMICS. Even though it’s only the second week of school, things have started at full pace(readings, quizzes, assignments, etc.). I think so far the class that I really like is Biology 200, which is a tad bit surprising considering the fact that I wasn’t too fond of the two Bio courses I took in first year (Bio 112 and Bio 121). Bio 200 is all about the cell, which is what I like, I really like learning about the cell components and what each structure does rather than learn about prokaryotic cell processes and such. Eukaryotes is where it’s at. NERD ALERT. Plus, my prof is great, so far.Who knew 1.5 hours of Bio in one stretch could be “intriguing” (yay for Tuesday/Thursday classes). Now…as for Chem 233, hmm. I WANT to like the class, I really do. I don’t know how I feel about it yet, although I really like the textbook and find it extremely useful and easy to understand. This Klein textbook is much better than both of the texts that were used in Chem 121/123. On that note, the CHIRP grew in size this year, it’s like 3 times the size as the one from last year…sucks for all you first years taking Chem..hehehe. Oh well, you’ll be more educated. 😛 Anyway, back to Chem 233, the textbook is a great resource and I’m actually UNDERSTANDING what is being said in it, that’s a first. 😀