READING BREAK: DAY 6 – ‘May Your Tears Come From Laughing, You Find Friends Worth Having, As Every Year Passes, They Mean More Than Gold.’

Lyrics in title – Never Alone – Lady Antebellum

Ahh…the lyrics on this post…they definitely have a deep meaning for me personally. This song was sung at my high school graduation- grad 2011 ❤ So I went to my old high school today, visited some friends and saw some teachers, it was a great time of reminiscing. Seeing the grads of 2012, it was so crazy. Crazy to think that a year ago, that was me. I was walking those same hallways…and at THIS particular time(a year ago), unsure of what my future was to bring me. UBC had just been an ‘option’  – it wasn’t a SERIOUS set in stone type of thing. But look at me now, practically halfway done my SECOND semester of first year at UBC. Time flies, no lies. <— I rhymed! ‘Growing up’ is definitely a strange concept, I miss the days of being a kid, but like they say, ‘nothing is forever’. TRUTH.

All you 2012 grads must be super excited for your graduation day to come! Prom dress shopping for the girls, guys finding dates, and it’s just such a busy, yet important time of your lives! The decisions you make now have a big impact on your life after high school. And while in school, make the best out of everything, cherish your friendships, and MAKE LASTING MEMORIES! 

UBC has already started with its rolling admissions! So congrats to the new batch of first years that have received a spot already! You guys are extremely privileged to be able to go to UBC! You guys will have the time of your life here, just trust me. And if you guys have ANY questions whatsoever, feel free to comment, and check out my UBC related posts, I’m sure they’ll be of some help! 🙂

I’m extremely sad that Reading Break is practically over…because that means that my exams are just in a few days!! :O I am not going to lie, I am a bit scared for next week…I don’t want to become ACADEMIC ROADKILL? But on the bright side, I have accomplished 4 and a half Problem Sets for Chem…out of the 6 we had to do. That counts for something, right? And I did some of my lab prep for my Chem Lab…caffeine extraction from cola – ooohhh ahhhh.

And apparently it’s supposed to snow tonight? WHAT?! I don’t think I’m believing it until I see it –not to be pessimistic or anything…it’s just reality. 


Aqua Megalomania. Pretty much I’m tired of studying for Bio, so I blog.

Happy October 1st!

Weather outside: cloudy….looks as though it would rain any second…. TYPICAL VANCOUVER WEATHER FOR OCTOBER! 

I’ve been studying for my Biology midterm since this morning…. off and on. The first midterm is ‘only’ worth 10% of the final grade….and it’s only 12-15 questions. I’d rather be over prepared than underprepared…. ‘cuz I really do not know what to expect.

So here’s a little tip for all you future Biol 112 students…. pay attention in Biology 12 (..if you’re from British Columbia). Pay attention and just understand the concepts and DON’T forget them! The whole ‘biochemistry’ unit in Biology 12 is pretty much what Biology 112 is all about. I was never a fan of that part in Biology 12……and I never really thought that it would come back to haunt me(boy, was I wrong)…. so here I am working my butt off trying to make it seem interesting enough for me to study it. I mean there are people that do enjoy celluluar biology, and I’m just not one of them, I am more into the whole human body aspect of biology. So pretty much I’ve been going over the learning objectives, week by week…and reviewing them. AND I’m reading the textbook…. because I didn’t realize that we actually had to do readings from the textbook (well we don’t HAVE to, they’re just considered as ‘helpful’ readings, so that you can get a better background of what is going on). And another thing, if you’re planning on taking math in university… TAKE CALCULUS 12…it helps A LOT

So how many of you guys remember Aqua? … yes, I am talking about the funky dance pop band know the one from Denmark… the one that sings ‘Barbie Girl’ …OBVIOUSLY, how could you NOT know who they are, right? WELL, they’ve released a new album, and it’s called Megalomania…. I listened to some of the songs on the album….they’ve definitely changed their sound, which makes sense, ‘cuz it’s no longer the 90s, and music has evolved… it’s definitely interesting, and I don’t know what to think of it just yet…. but to be frankly honest, I think I miss their old sound.

summer after high school…

This weekend has been an absolute much fun that I haven’t had a chance to really blog. Whoops. Saturday night I got the chance to hang out with a bunch of people from my was loads of fun considering I haven’t seen some people for like three weeks…YES.THAT SEEMS LIKE A LONG TIME BECAUSE I’M NOT COMPLETELY USED TO NOT SEEING THEIR FACES EVERY SINGLE DAY…can’t wait til September starts…and I’m off to university…really need to get used to seeing new faces.

So every year around this time I just think I’m going back to high school or whatever..but this year I’m NOT. And the whole ‘feeling’ is a bit…weird. It’s just not what I’m used to. The longest I’ve been away from home was for about 6-7 days..and that was at summer camp about 5 years ago. Surprisingly I survived that. And now once I’m off to university, coming back home is going to be very limited…maybe one weekend a month…siigh.. I’m going to miss my bed…and my room…..and home in general.

But back to the topic of this post…the summer after high school definitely has seemed like a fast-paced, busy one. Usually there are days when I am absolutely bored and doing absolutely NOTHING…this summer, I don’t even UNDERSTAND what I’m busy with most of the time…but somehow the day seems to fly by, and I have not yet been BORED! The majority of my friends are working..which really sucks when it comes to getting a bunch of people together. Half of them aren’t even FANS of their jobs and want to quit. 😛 And the chance we get to have a get together, it’s so nice and amazing and just feels like old time! And it really makes me sad to think that next year we’re not all going to be back at the same school.. 😦 We’re all going in our separate paths….mais, c’est la vie. Yes, I am just breaking out with my French skills. And THIS is why they say ‘cherish your senior year’….and I can say that I was completely satisfied and content with mine. 🙂

I just love reminiscing on the old memories..and then sharing it on the internet with people I probably don’t even know. I am so cool. How cool? SO cool. 

Study!Study!Study! TIPS!

These are just some tips for studying (mostly aimed at high school students). And I can say I am an experienced person, I have learned lots and I’ve made mistakes with some study habits..and have yet to figure out some more efficient study tips for UNIVERSITY!


First of all, no two people study in the same some of these tips might work for some, but might not work for others. I have a friend who BARELY studied AT ALL outside of school(or in school really) ..he was really good at retaining information from the teacher…he’d ask lots of questions in class(they were really good questions too!) and that was his method of studying. He didn’t really need to memorize the textbook in order to study. It seems so simple..but unfortunately that method does not work for me, if I went through with that method, my results would be disastrous. In some ways I am a self learner, I need to read things for myself, but having a teacher explain doubts and stuff does really help. Some people cram and I agree that it DOES work..but it’s not efficient. Cramming works for a small test, but you end up forgetting the majority of what you crammed after the test is over(I am guilty of that). So I wouldn’t really RECOMMEND it. And then most people know the cue card method…some people like to write a question on one side, and then the answer on the other side..I personally find that to be a waste of cue cards, so I just try to put as many questions as possible on one… write the question in one colour, and the answer in another colour.

Going into grade 11 and 12, we had the same teacher for some courses, and the one thing he said and EMPHASIZED, especially in grade 12, was to review course material every day for about 10 minutes once you got home. Yeah…I never took that seriously, I just thought that our teacher was crazy, but at the end of the year, once it got to final exam time…I realized I was crazy for not listening to my teacher. He was so right! Reviewing material as often as you can REALLY REALLY REEALLYYYY is the best idea and best method of studying. And I definitely regret not listening to him, as do my friends…we all struggled during final exam time.


Always do your homework..sometimes teachers will give out assignments that aren’t worth marks at all, and you might have the ‘option’ of doing them…don’t take the easy way out and not do it…DO IT!! Assignments really help set the concepts in stone for you. Do as many practice questions as possible. I am the queen of doing practice questions. Especially once I got into grade 12. WHY? Because I realized that they really help. My first Physics 12 test..was honestly the worst thing ever. I thought I had studied enough by looking over notes and doing like 5 practice problems..when I got my test back..I pretty much cried…I had a low C…I had never in my life gotten such a low mark! I just wanted to quit school at that moment. But obviously that’s not the ‘wisest’ choice…plus my parents would probably kill me! haha! So I thought to myself  ‘What can I do about this..?’ before the next test I did SOOOOOOO many practice questions, like probably 30-50 questions…(these were old provincial exam questions, you can just google ‘belmont provincial exam archive’. And I did my test, got my results back, I got 95% …..I was like WOW. I wasn’t even strong in grade 11 Physics, my marks were mainly in the 70s-low 80s..except somehow magically I got 87% on the Physics 11 final. And then I carried on with this trend of doing so many practice questions for each unit..and my first test and last test in Physics 12 were TOTAL OPPOSITES mark wise. I went from a low C on my first test……to 98% on my last test. I went from strongly disliking physics to having a SLIGHT interest(my main drive was motivation to do well). And remember this applies to all subjects…do as many practice questions as you can, and if you find that you don’t understand a concept..go back in your notes and/or textbook and READ THAT SECTION OVER UNTIL YOU UNDERSTAND IT!


You want to balance your lifestyle as well. Don’t sit at home and study 24/7. You need to exercise, eat right, socialize, do fun stuff, study, and get enough sleep. If all you do is study, then you’ll just get bored of it, and sooner or later you’ll think you’re studying..but you won’t be retaining information. Time management is key, if that’s not your strong point, then you might want to make yourself a visual timetable, stating when to do what.


I kind of went over this before, but self-motivation is KEY. If you’re not into something, then how do you do well in it? Don’t do something for the sake of it..when it comes to getting good marks, it benefits you, so you should be motivating yourself to do well! If you get a bad test mark, then don’t be down about it, think of ways to IMPROVE your mark. Bad tests are really opportunities to do better in the future, change your study habits, do whatever you can. I used to be the kind of kid that couldn’t handle getting low marks..but you’re going to gain absolutely nothing if you pout about it. It just means it’s a time for CHANGE. Be committed to the best you can. I have some friends who at the end of grade 12 said they wished they did better in school and actually paid attention..cuz they felt like they could have actually done well. You don’t want to get to that point where you regret how you acted about school. For example..I went into Calculus 12 thinking that I was going to drop it by the end of the first week, my friend and I both went into it like that. Although my friend followed through and just dropped it. I had the tiniest bit of motivation to keep going…and almost every few weeks I’d say I’d drop it..but something in me just kept me going, as well as the support of my friends and teacher and family(which I am sooo grateful for). And eventually I finished Calc 12…definitely wasn’t my best course..but I had the willpower and commitment to stay in it..and I finished it, and it felt good!! Plus it prepares me for university math. But DO NOT go into a class saying you’ll drop it! BAD IDEA!!!!


STAY ORGANIZED! Keep all your notes and review assignments and everything together! Binders work GREAT! You don’t want it to be time for final exams or just regular chapter tests and not know where all your notes are! Disorganization wastes time that shouldn’t be wasted! Don’t throw our reviews or anything that your teacher gives you. In Math 11, my teacher gave us chapter reviews before every test, she gave us two per chapter…and I wasn’t very good at keeping them..I somehow always lost my math reviews..and then year end finals came..and I was screwed. Everyone had their reviews except me..but thankfully I have awesome friends and they let me use theirs! So that’s a mistake you should avoid. Definitely learned my lesson there!


As I said course material every day, or as often as you can! Set aside time in your day to just review things, it really helps and before you know it, you’ll actually master all the concepts! Just don’t cram, unless absolutely necessary and unavoidable, and there is absolutely no other option. Biology is a lot of memorization…so taking notes from your textbook really helps..and when taking notes, don’t rewrite the textbook….pretend you’re highlighting…and just write down the things you’re highlighting, and if you’re not sure what to study, ask the teacher, teachers love it when students ask them questions, it shows that you have a learning attitude. And also remember to read your textbook…don’t just rely on the notes your teacher gives you. Chemistry is also memorization to an extent PLUS applying concepts, so  you need a good understanding of the concepts. History and Law and other Humanities type courses are usually all memorization of dates + key terms and events. Physics and Math courses…UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPTS..memorization and doing things mechanically won’t take you very far, so do as many practice questions as you can for these.


Facebook is the greatest distraction of all time!! Seriously, it’s a waste of valuable time…I sometimes find myself sitting in front of the computer on Facebook for more time than needed. FACEBOOK MAKES YOUR MARKS DROP. Best thing is to not sit in front of a computer while doing homework. Cell phones are also just HAVE to text back someone if they text you.. haha. Just stash your phone for as long as you can. And remember you CAN take breaks in between studying!!!


The night before a test, don’t panic and cram..just relax…go over your notes..and get a good night’s sleep..and have the attitude that you will do FANTASTIC! Aim for a 100%. Go into a test/exam with a positive attitude. BE CONFIDENT. If you studied efficiently, you’ll do fine! 🙂 Good Luck!


Provincial exam results?

BC Provincial Exams…definitely something every gr 10-12 student looks forward to..

Grade 10:English 10, Math 10, Science 10 (ALL ARE MANDATORY) ………..oddly enough, I was in a way EXCITED to do these exams back when I was in grade 10..and I actually did QUITE well on them! (English 10 was actually scaled though, DRAMATICALLY scaled, my mark went up about 10-11% ..some of the teachers in my school were provincial markers, so it was nice knowing before results came out what our ‘potential’ marks could be.)

Grade 11: Socials 11 (MANDATORY)….I honestly don’t know WHERE I would use the information I learned in Socials 11..)

Grade 12: English 12(MANDATORY..or Communications 12, depending on which one you’re taking) …The rest are optional..and I took Bio 12 and Math 12.

And ever since they made grade 12 provincials OPTIONAL..they started doing a scholarship for getting 3 A’s on your provincial exams…you would get $1000.

[UPDATE] : Based on some searches, some people had been searching HOW to check exam results: ..and then go to ‘Get Exam Results’…and remember you need to enter your PEN(Personal Education Number) as if you don’t know that..then you won’t be able to access your results. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. 🙂

Weelll…results have been out as of Monday, July 24th..

And in case you’re wondering how I did? Not as well as I COULD have done (now doesn’t everyone say that? but I truly mean it). But I mean I did decently. But we just didn’t have enough time to properly study for exams..but I realized during exam prep how I SHOULD have studied…and that cramming doesn’t necessarily work unless you’re really super genius-ly smart(that’s cool too).


MY ADVICE TO YOU: Don’t take provincials (other than Eng 12..obviously, ‘cuz you kinda HAVE to take it) …UNLESS you are absolutely sure that it will raise your mark and/or you are going for the scholarship. WHY? If you are a student going to a BC post-secondary institute, then it’s ‘okay’ if you manage to take the provincials and your mark drops..’cuz BC post-secondary schools don’t look at your provincial mark blended with your school final if it’s lower than your school final…AKA..they just look at the higher mark for admission purposes. BUT… pretty much every school outside of BC(all other Canadian provinces + international) looks at the provincial blended mark/provincial mark alone…so if your mark drops after taking the provincial..then you have the potential to be screwed over. So all in VERY CAREFUL in making your decisions about which exams to take. 🙂


And I will make a separate post some time before September..about study tips for final exams and such..and honestly, it’s best to start from the beginning of the year..but you will read that in my later keep that in mind ! 

Check out my post about Study Habits —> ‘Study!Study!Study!TIPS!’

one month?!

woow. it’s been a month since I started blogging, craaazzy. And just 39 more days until I’m off to UNIVERSITY..CRAAZZYY STUFF!!! :O

What to share, what to share..hmm. So I graduated from a pretty small school, almost tiny..less than 50 grads in my class(I’m not going to say how many)..but just between 30-50 grads. And most of us have known each other for years and years..some have been together since kindergarten, others since early elementary, and yeah. Thankfully, our whole class started to get closer to everyone in the last two years of high school..especially in the last 4-5 months of grade 12, we were almost like family. You would think with a small class drama would be super avoidable, but YOU my friend are quite wrong. We had cliques til about the end of grade 11/beginning of grade 12…and I’m not going to lie, we DID have some little issues going on between some groups of people, but we all still cared about each other and accepted people for who they were. And now as I think back on the last few months of grade 12, I can say they were the best few months of my life (SO FAR) ..I’d love to relive some of it…but I guess that’s not exactly possible.

And now that it is summer…we all still try to get together as a group (9-20 of us) about once a week or so..but obviously everyone isn’t here at the same time, after all it IS summer. I’ve come to realize that as graduation passed..I’ve gotten SOOOO close with people that I never was very close with (I mean I thought I was pretty good with them, and I was, but now I’m so much ‘closer’ to them, and it is FANTASTIC) I always got along with pretty much every single person, and it was such a good year. But sometimes I wish, wow, it’s almost like it’s ‘too late’, cuz I won’t get to see them as often when I go to university in September. But nothing is ever ‘too late’. And my advice to all you juniors, soon to be seniors in high school, make the best out of your grad year (no matter your class size), it is going to be the best year of high school, and you don’t want to get to the point where grad has passed and you think you could have made the year  A LOT better, you don’t want any regrets. It’s your year to shine, and go into it with confidence. So make new friends(keep the old ones as well), the more the merrier, and get involved in as many things as you can and make the year one to remember! 🙂


freeedommm !!

ALAS ! I have finished high school forever ! conquered that biology 12 provincial..i hope. well actually, so many questions were made to purposely trip students up, which is just laaamee. haha. so now i am free for the rest of the summer to do whatever i wanna dooo !! and then after summer comes university.

hey i can be like rebecca black! yesterday was high schooool…today it is summer…and tomorrow is suuummmmerrr…and university comes afterwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaards!!

yes i am very cool, and proud of it. unfortunately the weather is super gross outside. way to start summer 😦 rain rain, go away..

so yeah, anyways, i’m off to enjoy my summer..ehem..or just to go watch tv..but i shall update you on my summer..LATERS