Just Breatheeee

PHEW. I am officially done with midterms, finally. Guess when my first final is? In 30 days, that’s less than four and a half weeks from now. Do you think I’m ready to even THINK about finals?! NO! Absolutely not. But let’s be real, when am I EVER ready to think about exams in general? Like, never. There are so many little deadlines for things here and there as the term comes to an end, and it’s just too much to handle at times! I think this year’s reading break just made me fall behind in everything, isn’t it supposed to do the opposite? Whoops. I am incredibly behind in Physical Chem…it’s just sad. I was behind by 10 lectures, but now I’ve somewhat caught up and have 5 more to catch up on. Oh boy. One step at a time. It’s election time around here, residences, undegrad societies, etc. Facebook has exploded with campaigns, voting event invitations, people endorsing campaigns, etc, etc, etc. I have to think twice to figure out who I’m talking to on Facebook since it seems as though no one’s profile pictures are of them anymore haha. ALSO. Highlight of MY day –> FINDING OUT THAT K’NAAN IS HEADLINING FOR THE AMS BLOCK PARTY!!! K’Naan, at UBC. OH MY. *excuse me while I learn how to breathe again* I couldn’t believe it at first, I thought it was a joke. HOW the AMS managed to do that, blows my mind, but they did NOT disappoint. SO GO GO GO GO GO GO! GET YOUR TICKETS! There’s a little Somalian sun to brighten up a rainy rainfall warning kinda day. 😉 

Two Posts In One Day, What?

I can’t believe I’m taking time out of my precious studying time to do this post…this is the second post of the day, CRAZY. In case you weren’t aware, I can be kind of a nerd sometimes, but I don’t really care, I’m just going to FLAUNT IT. First thing on my mind…uhhmm…Carly Rae Jepsen has a new song, it’s called This Kiss, it came out a few days ago, since her new album is coming out soon! It definitely isn’t AS catchy as Call Me Maybe, which doesn’t surprise me since that’s a hard one to beat. In saying that, the chorus IS rather catchy, but not as much as Call Me Maybe. A lot of people say that this song has more of a 80s feel to it, I’m not sure if I COMPLETELY agree with that, but each to his own. Second thing on my mind(it should be first though, right?). ACADEMICS. Even though it’s only the second week of school, things have started at full pace(readings, quizzes, assignments, etc.). I think so far the class that I really like is Biology 200, which is a tad bit surprising considering the fact that I wasn’t too fond of the two Bio courses I took in first year (Bio 112 and Bio 121). Bio 200 is all about the cell, which is what I like, I really like learning about the cell components and what each structure does rather than learn about prokaryotic cell processes and such. Eukaryotes is where it’s at. NERD ALERT. Plus, my prof is great, so far.Who knew 1.5 hours of Bio in one stretch could be “intriguing” (yay for Tuesday/Thursday classes). Now…as for Chem 233, hmm. I WANT to like the class, I really do. I don’t know how I feel about it yet, although I really like the textbook and find it extremely useful and easy to understand. This Klein textbook is much better than both of the texts that were used in Chem 121/123. On that note, the CHIRP grew in size this year, it’s like 3 times the size as the one from last year…sucks for all you first years taking Chem..hehehe. Oh well, you’ll be more educated. 😛 Anyway, back to Chem 233, the textbook is a great resource and I’m actually UNDERSTANDING what is being said in it, that’s a first. 😀 

Hmmm….midterm round 2 not so hot.

And it’s time to be fresh and raw…..definitely not feelin’ so great these days… 😦 A lot of my friends have been having their midterms this week and most of them have been stressing out about them, thankfully, I don’t have any this week, just two next week, on Tuesday and Wednesday. Math and Chemistry. And I’m actually quite scared for BOTH of them because I HAVE to do REALLY well on them. I just feel that whatever I do, I just can’t be ‘amazing’ at math… math and I just don’t mix, and I hate that. So that has really been stressing me out…and then for English I have to do an 8 page research paper…and it is just really adding to the stress and I’m at the point where I feel like I want to pay someone like $200 to do it for me……(I probably shouldn’t say stuff like that online….) but I mean I wouldn’t actually ever do that…I’d obviously write it myself. And maybe the weather adds to the blah-ness of things? I mean it doesn’t play that big of a factor towards it…but still I just don’t like feeling like this. And a recent event also adds to the overwhelming-ness of things…I won’t actually say what this “recent event” was…because it’s just too personal to put on a blog that’s supposed to be ‘anonymous’. 😛 But I will say one thing, if it I wasn’t in the middle of midterms I would probably be less overwhelmed and actually kind of happy about it, if I actually had full confirmation that it’s true… See? this probably makes no sense to anyone reading this… so I’ll just stop rambling on about that. But kind of on the same note…whenever I feel ‘overwhelmed’ and ‘stressed’…. socializing is very lacking on my part…and it makes me feel kinda bad for putting things off when people ask to hang out…truth be told, I SOOO want to hang out with them(in reality I probably want to hang out with them more than they want to hang out with me, although it seems like it’s the other way around 😛 ), it would really make my day, but I just don’t feel like I’m at the right state to ‘have fun’ ….even though that would probably help A LOT…. Oh how I hate stress. 

Chem 121 quizzes…. depress me.

I just feel like venting. So I just had a quiz in my Chem 121 class…. and let me tell you how disastrous it was… double sided with like 11 questions….had barely 20 minutes to do it… I still had about 3 questions left to do..and they were the ones worth the most marks… it was utterly ridiculous…I am actually UPSET. We have 4 quizzes total, and we’ve had two…the first one, I didn’t have time to finish EITHER! I really need to work on this whole time management thing, and finishing quizzes within the time frame I am allowed to have.  Pretty much now I just have to ROCK at my midterms, and then that will make up for my major suckage on chem quizzes.. In high school we got all the time in the world to do our quizzes… if we wanted five more minutes, the teacher would give us FIVE MORE MINUTES…sometimes even ten minutes…it was so relaxed…now it’s just super intense, and no excuses. Siigh…. and I have so much work to do this week… I just can’t wait until I am done my Chem lab this week…then I can relax…just for  a little bit, and then HOME FOR THANKSGIVING WEEKEND! 😀 I haven’t been home in a month…. okay maybe like 3.5 weeks…but still, that’s a long time. So I’m excited to go back. 😀 

Aqua Megalomania. Pretty much I’m tired of studying for Bio, so I blog.

Happy October 1st!

Weather outside: cloudy….looks as though it would rain any second…. TYPICAL VANCOUVER WEATHER FOR OCTOBER! 

I’ve been studying for my Biology midterm since this morning…. off and on. The first midterm is ‘only’ worth 10% of the final grade….and it’s only 12-15 questions. I’d rather be over prepared than underprepared…. ‘cuz I really do not know what to expect.

So here’s a little tip for all you future Biol 112 students…. pay attention in Biology 12 (..if you’re from British Columbia). Pay attention and just understand the concepts and DON’T forget them! The whole ‘biochemistry’ unit in Biology 12 is pretty much what Biology 112 is all about. I was never a fan of that part in Biology 12……and I never really thought that it would come back to haunt me(boy, was I wrong)…. so here I am working my butt off trying to make it seem interesting enough for me to study it. I mean there are people that do enjoy celluluar biology, and I’m just not one of them, I am more into the whole human body aspect of biology. So pretty much I’ve been going over the learning objectives, week by week…and reviewing them. AND I’m reading the textbook…. because I didn’t realize that we actually had to do readings from the textbook (well we don’t HAVE to, they’re just considered as ‘helpful’ readings, so that you can get a better background of what is going on). And another thing, if you’re planning on taking math in university… TAKE CALCULUS 12…it helps A LOT

So how many of you guys remember Aqua? … yes, I am talking about the funky dance pop band Aqua..you know the one from Denmark… the one that sings ‘Barbie Girl’ …OBVIOUSLY, how could you NOT know who they are, right? WELL, they’ve released a new album, and it’s called Megalomania…. I listened to some of the songs on the album….they’ve definitely changed their sound, which makes sense, ‘cuz it’s no longer the 90s, and music has evolved… it’s definitely interesting, and I don’t know what to think of it just yet…. but to be frankly honest, I think I miss their old sound.

Midterms start in a week.. WHAT?

So let’s keep this short and sweet… I’m so screwed. -.-

And NOW I will enlighten you on that……I have two midterms next week… Biol 112 and Math 100………. Biology is going to be HORRID. I know, I should stay positive, but seriously speaking, I was looking at the sample midterm, and I was like ‘Oh shiz.” ….NOT GOOD. Guess I’ll be hiding away in a library this weekend and study like crazy and perhaps UNDERSTAND uhhhh EVERYTHING!!! And Math….I thought I was doing okay at it….until I got my quiz mark back….and BOY was that a shocker…… SOMEBODY needs to get on top of things and just work SUPER hard. (that somebody would be me). 

At first I didn’t think that studying in my room was too bad…it wasn’t as distracting as I had expected it to be…or so I thought. BUT I was wrong….I’m pretty sure my room is extremely distracting and I just need to head on over to Koerner or Irving or something…(I’m so grateful that I’m in Vanier…those two libraries are just a 6 ish minute walk away from where I am….but poor Totem people would have to walk for like 15 -20 minutes…). Facebook, Youtube, my computer in general = HUGE distraction…I feel like there needs to be some parental lock on my computer so that I don’t go on Facebook and Youtube 3838728929176439228272 times a day.  Anyways… so my friends and I are trying to form a study group thing for Biol 112…’cuz we’re cool/ don’t plan on flunking on our midterms. Time is just FLYING by way too fast…..someone needs to just freeze time and let me do what I need to do !

Tomorrow I have my Crystal Structures workshop….still not entirely sure what to expect…but I know plenty of people that already did theirs, so I can just ask them, so that’s always nice. And it would probably help if I actually did the pre-reading….which I WILL do….tonight. I really can’t believe how fast time is speeding on by…I’m still surprised at the fact that it’s still September…..oh the life of a university student.

And it also sucks ‘cuz I’m sick…when you’re sick everything just sucks. The cold weather, the rain (although it hasn’t rained since monday), school, everything. I don’t like being around people when I’m sick, I just like to keep to myself, and  socialize as little as possible…I feel like I get self-conscious when I’m sick…I’m weird, I get it. And another thing about being sick….you pretty much go to class and sit there, barely registering what the prof is talking about…it seems like a waste of time….but yeah. Story of my life this week. 

ALSO, another thing….any of you who are planning on taking English 110……make sure you have a decent sized course load before you take English 110….there is quite  a bit of reading to do…and reading takes time…and you have to [over]analyze what the author is trying to say. It takes SO MUCH TIME. And the books that your professor picks may not be very INTERESTING…..it’s pretty much like high school. And don’t make the mistake I made….where you don’t read the book until the night before you have an in class essay to write ABOUT the book. <<<< MAJOR MISTAKE. And I know I’ve been majorly slacking with keeping up with this blog…like posting twice a week sometimes…YIKES. SORRYYYY. I’ll try to blog more often…..pretty sure blogging is like therapy…cuz when you get stressed out…you just spill your feelings to the rest of the internet…FEELS GOOD.

New BC Provincial Exam ‘Regulations’ 2011/2012

Soooo I ran across this article…it’s about the provincial exams BC students have to write.

So in short…there are no more ‘optional’ exams because BC universities don’t even look at them (unless they’re higher than your grade 12 class average). The government decided to do this because not very many students were getting scholarships, so the government’s ‘scholarship bank’ has unclaimed scholarship money. So now with this ‘new’ thing….scholarships are based on the MANDATORY exams, which is supposed to mean that more students are going to get the scholarships. The link below also explains which exams are MANDATORY. Grade 12 : English 12, Communications 12, French 12. [EDIT]: So there are actually really just 5 exams that you have to take between gr 10-12..and the scholarships are based on those : http://www.bced.gov.bc.ca/awards/scholarships/scholarship_faq.htm

SO HERE IS THE LINK TO CHECK OUT MORE ON THIS ARTICLE(‘cuz my explanation of it really sucks) 😛