It’s THAT Weekend

THAT weekend referring to the weekend before classes commence. *sob*. Actually though, going back to school is always  bittersweet, a part of me just wants to stay at home and do everything that’s remotely close to lazy….but another part of me wants to go back to UBC and learn stuff and see friends and be back in Vancouver and get back to routine because any more time at home CANNOT be good for my health at this rate. I’ve been getting 8-10 hours of sleep DAILY(I’m not one that needs excessive sleep, 8 hours is a pretty good amount for me)….I’m getting so much sleep that I’m finding it hard to FALL asleep at night – at least I can say that I’ve gone beyond catching up on all my lost sleep during finals(not that I really lost THAT much sleep…I did get AT LEAST 6 hours of sleep daily which was better than a lot of people). As per always, I’ve started making little mental resolutions about how I WILL do well on my first round of midterms(usually I tend to screw the first round up…even though I ALWAYS go in saying I won’t repeat that mistake). I’m always intrigued by the first week of classes, just to see who I know will end up in my classes, who the profs are, what components make up the course, AND most important…who my ‘new’  friends will be –  because meeting new people is great, so put on your social faces.
*and now I’ll get back to packing up all my stuff* 


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