Here’s another one of those “I have too many things to do and not enough time to do them/pet peevish” rants. Firstly, I REEEAAALLLY need to get a new student current one is embarrassingly ghetto looking, I don’t even know HOW, it’s just always looked like that. Secondly, getting put on hold with that crazy classical music when I’m in a hurry, not acceptable, especially when it’s supposed to be something quick. Disorganized people, can’t handle that. I need to get my computer fixed, broken computer = can’t deal with that for extensive periods of time. I have too many appointments to book before I leave for UBC, do I even have time for that. I need to shop, desperately. I also need to get some proper sleep, or else I will continue to be crabby and agitated. Can I get a personal assistant to help me life, please.


One thought on “Ugh.

  1. Cons? There are cons about living with your delightful, fascinating, nousintrn-ive parents? I can’t believe that. And I think your blog is funny and brilliant. Right on the button, so to speak.


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