Life life life

Well, classes start up again in three and a half weeks…here I am, about to go into my third year of university, what a strange thing to say. Every year before the new school year starts, I make a mental list of things I’m going to do that year, ways to improve academics,  how I’m going to get involved with things outside of school, how my social life will be, etc etc. WELL. Sometimes, most of the time, academics seem to just trump my social life. What social life? But this year, here I am, about to go into my third year with a new list of things to do, and hopefullI I manage to actually be successful with that.. My incentive is that I think this year will go well academically because I actually enjoy the courses making up my course load…unlike the first year and a half at UBC which was basically forced onto me due to those nasty little things called prerequisite courses. UGH. But mind you, this is third year, I have no choice of screwing up regardless. 😉 



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