Heads Up – Textbooks

So a lot of first year students can get a bit anxious regarding the whole textbook thing – “When do we buy them?” “Do we need them all?” “Do we have to get them brand new?” “Are older editions okay?” “Do we need them before classes begin?” etc etc. Well fear not young ones, I can shed some light on that matter. First year textbooks are by far the easiest ones to buy off of people since in most faculties, first year is very general, and mainly consist of pre requisite courses for upper level courses.  It’s always best to wait until the first week of classes to find out which textbooks you will absolutely NEED to buy, most profs will tell you whether or not older editions are okay(sometimes, most of the time, an edition can differ by just super minor things that are irrelevant to the content – http://syruptrap.ca/2013/08/textbook-publisher-announces-changes-to-textbook/ ). Scour through the UBC Facebook groups “textbook exchange” “ubc textbook 4 sale” and even groups of your own  faculty  from previous years – they’re usually overflowing with sales of super common courses. I’ve saved as much as $125 on a single book by buying it off of somebody, so imagine how much you could save if you bought all of your books from other students. Always remember to bargain just a little bit and make sure they’re selling it for a reasonably cheaper price than what the bookstore is selling it for. I’ve had instances where the bookstore asked for $125 and the person selling, offered their used copy for $120 – yeah sorry, not happening. The bookstore website usually shows you how much they’re selling used copies for at the bookstore, so try to get it for cheaper if you can from students selling. If you’re curious as to how to access your personalized booklist…go to the ubc bookstore website…there will be a “shop” tab, and then you’ll see a place for you to enter your student ID. As for always, remember to be “safe” when meeting people you don’t know…use your common sense, and meet up in public spaces (UBC campus, sky train stations, at a mall, etc etc) – a parking lot of a closed mall at 1 am should trigger a big fat no in your head. Yes, I care about all you little ones out there. 😛


2 thoughts on “Heads Up – Textbooks

  1. I recommend borrowing previous editions of textbooks from the library since the content is pretty much the same. That didn’t affect my grades, I saved over $1000 and all I had to do was renew them every two weeks.

    • Thanks for the tip! Although I guess that’s more of a personal preference and depends on how practical people think that is, plus there are only so many copies of the same book so it would be difficult to do that with a course that heavily relied on the textbook.


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