Just A Humble Request

Sooo…I kinda like One Direction, and think this video is just fabulous. I mean, put 5 attractive British guys that can sing(yes, they have talent…shocking!!) into a music video, what’s not to love? Please, can I just be in one of their music videos? Just a casual question that I doubt any other girl has ever asked and pondered upon, ya know? So if someone wants to like, you know, make some kind of global petition sorta thing saying that they support my involvement in the next One Direction music video, and then make One Direction aware of it(you know, tweet them each a few thousand times, something of the sort 😉 ), I’d be so cool with that, I’d even write you a personalized 5 page letter in appreciation, and maybe even throw in a Starbucks gift card or something of the sort. Sound good? I thought so. 😉 



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