Second Year Registration – UBC

So second year registration is coming up for all you people going into, well, SECOND YEAR! So you guys just found out your majors….now what? If you aren’t sure what courses you’re supposed to take for your major remember to check out this super useful page UBC SCIENCE CALENDAR – scroll down and find your specialization and it will give you a ‘sample’ of what your second year should look like, as well as the next few years to come! The common second year ‘pre-med’ courses that the majority of students in life sciences(excluding biochem/chem) tend to take are: Chem 233, Biol 200, Biol 201(or Bioc 202…but during the Winter session, most people take Biol 201), Chem 205, and Chem 235. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! 


5 thoughts on “Second Year Registration – UBC

  1. I’m trying to catch up in school due to various reasons…I find that I actually do better in my classes during summer than the winter semester (or at least everyone makes it seem awful when I enjoyed the class during the summer—I may have been lucky with the prof tho).
    They do not offer BIOL201 during the summer and since BIOC202 is an equivalent, I registered for it. So far I’ve only had one class and it was entirely review so I was good but last day to drop without a W (and i dont want one if i can afford not to obviously) is in about 3 days.

    I’m very worried that BIOC202 will end up screwing me over since it is more chem based and it is compact…but at the same time fear taking BIOL201 during the winter semester as well, when I will be taking another 3-4 courses….Not sure what I should do. Suggestions?

    (Please note that I absolutely suck at chemistry and failed chem 233 during the winter the first time I took it so organo is even worse for me as it is….It’s a prereq though so I need to take it and i truly want to do well, but these type of courses really don’t sit with me and I just don’t know if I should forgo 202 and take 201 during the winter or take 202 in the summer……)

  2. Do Biol 201 with Chowrira she gave us free timbits and oragnes. I’m not sure about BIOC 202, but in BIOL 201 we have optional tutorial, so it’s really easy to get help. The non optional tutorials (which is only like 2 days out of the whole term) are super easy 5%. You can attend any of the non optional tutorials even if ur not registered for that section and they have about 2 TA’s each. I hope that made sense

    • from what I’ve heard, I’ve heard biol 201 is ‘easier’ to get a better mark in(but you still have to put effort into it), and 202 is more work and you have to memorize more content in 202; the majority of people I know have done biol 201 as opposed to bioc 202. also, Chowrira has a really good reputation with biol 201, so try to register for her section if you can!
      that’s all I can offer for that, hope it was somewhat helpful? 😛


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