What Am I Even Doing..

HAPPY LAST DAY OF JUNE! It hit the mid-high 30s today, so incredibly hot. I don’t like it.  It just makes me feel sticky and gross and tired. I could barely fall asleep last night due to the lack of a fan in my room, but tonight, that shouldn’t be a problem. Since I’ve had SOOOO much time on my hands and don’t want to turn into a roasted version of me, I’ve been staying inside watching random TV shows and movies. Don’t worry, I’m still getting a fair share of Vitamin D. I watched Spring Breakers this afternoon….all I can say is WHAT.THE.FADGE. Why was that movie so popular with so many positive reviews….? It’s honestly one of the weirdest movies I’ve seen in my life. I kept questioning why I was watching it and couldn’t help but wonder if those actors were actually drunk/high during the whole movie.. I think I lost respect for the main actresses to be quite honest. I’m STILL questioning myself, it was a waste of life. I would never have wanted to pay to see that movie, EVER. 


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