This Is It. 2 YEARS, WHUT.

Well, happy 2 years of blogging TO ME. WordPress had to remind me, but I did remember that my “bloggeversary” was coming up shortly! I’m officially done with summer school, time to enjoy my summer regardless of how my final may or may not have gone. :S EEK. I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for 2 boggles my mind to think I’ve kept up with this for so long. I also thank each and every person, spammer and non-spammer for visiting my blog and reading little slices of my life; and for those of you who leave a little piece of your mind with a comment, I enjoy reading every single one of them. I apologize if I bored you to death or irritated you with my ramblings, but what can a girl do? If you’ve ever considered blogging, I suggest you go through with it, and if you keep up with it, you won’t regret it a single bit! 🙂 



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