So Much To Do, So Little Time!

I couldn’t get anymore cliché. My time here at UBC for the summer term is wrapping up. After that, I will see UBC again in September, HELLO THIRD YEAR. *mind blown*. I would go back to being  a first year university noob in a heartbeat, it’s the best. Anyway. I hate leaving. I hate goodbyes. I just don’t like them. NO NO NO NO. They make me feel like one sad, pouty kitten. Usually I’m so sad that I become emotionless, is that possible? Catch my drift? Yay or nay? Whenever I think about goodbyes, I think about the future, like graduation, when everyone splits paths, what am I going to do then?!?! Who knows where I’m going to end up in two years… such a short period of time.. AGH. I really need to stop letting my mind drift into the future when it has things in the NOW that it must deal with. Now, to study, or watch the night away with YouTube videos/TV shows…huummm.. What a responsible and determined university student would do vs. what I would do…  Heh. 



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