I Miss Me

This blog title probably sounds overly conceited, but I promise you, it’s not meant to be taken like that. I meant ‘me’ as in the blogging me. It feels like ages since I’ve proper complained about something or gone on some ranty tangent on here. Perhaps that’s a good thing, or maybe I’m just keeping everything bottled up inside of me…OR I was just really really sick and had no time for life..hmm, all the possibilities. First term of summer school is coming to an end and here I am blogging instead of having a late night study session.. OOPSIES…my GPA, not yours. Actually, I do have something to complain about, but it’s about a certain ‘department/service’ at UBC…but I’d rather not publicize anymore than that. All I can say is that I’m not the only one that feels that way. Please, let your imagination go wild and think about what it may be. I’m also not sure how much I dig the new layout of WordPress…I think it’s decent though. Also… Instagram now has video (sorry for being a couple hours late on that update) and Vine is now said to lose traffic? Aww..I’ll still be a fan of Best Vines on Facebook, don’t you worry about it. I absolutely love UBC in the summer, I like how there are less people and the whole “scenery” of UBC looks different and more “green”. I appreciate the beauty of this campus every single day I walk through it, even in the rain – might I add that today’s weather was absolutely DISGUSTING..walking under trees while it’s windy and rainy… no shelter. And the roof of the ESB..do they not have proper gutters? It’s like a frickin’ waterfall when you walk under it. In saying that though, I’d rather the weather be like this when I have to study rather than have it be super sunny. Yes, the weather really would affect my GPA. Coure registration is in a week or two, I don’t even want to think about that until next week when I’m done with summer school, and screw you fourth years for filling up half the seats in my future classes >.< There are so many courses out there that I WANT to take, but can’t due to credit restrictions/not having enough time to fit in those courses due to mandatory courses. I know I can take 5 years to graduate and completely fulfill every desire to take random courses…but I’m really not one to flow with the “5 is the new 4” lingo. Anywho, I should probably go procrastinate and watch some TV show that I really shouldn’t be watching since I have to like, you know, study. 



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