On A Cloudy Day.

Summer classes begin tomorrow, and as per usual, classes begin, and the rain comes back. WOOOO. But summer school is fun, right? Personally speaking, I don’t really mind the concept of summer school, it’s good to keep your brain going on an intellectual level, right? SURE! But in some ways I wish I could just live at home(my actual home, rather than rez) for summer courses. I guess this puts a damper on my endless hours of catching up on TV shows that I missed out on for the past 8 months… OHH WELL. I thought I’d have something more thought-provoking to say…but apparently I don’t. Anyway, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL THE EXTREMELY AWESOME MOTHERS OUT THERE, including my own, because I can say she’s genuinely the best of them all 😉