Wrapped Up With a Bow.

Zero blogging during exams, clearly you could tell that I was focused on school, right? 😛 But here’s a fact: apparently my view count on here just SOARS when I don’t write posts? Wait, what? How? Definitely spent countless hours at Irving over the past few weeks. I swear this exam period was just exaggeratedly long in my mind.  
I finished second year yesterday, but didn’t end up making a post since I decided to just take the day off, you know, relax a little bit – take advantage of the fact that I had nothing to do, although, I won’t lie, it didn’t end on as happy of a note as I had hoped it to(in a non academic sense), but whatever, sometimes you just can’t let life get in the way of things. On the “bright” side of things, the weather has been gorgeous for the past few days(see how punny I was?) But yes, either way, I’m just thrilled to be done and back at home. I feel a tad bit “lost” since it’s engraved in my mind that I need to study, like, all the time, but I actually don’t…because I have nothing TO study right now….. I feel like I’ve become OCD about studying now…
-.- The past few weeks have been a complete blur to me…. sleep-study-eat-study-study-study-sleep-study-sleep-eat-eat-eat-study-study-study-study…and it just goes on and on and on. Most people gain weight during finals, I think I lost weight – burning calories while studying. That’s okay though, I’ll just gain back what I lost with my momma’s home-cooked food, I deserve it.
I don’t think I felt very “emotional” this year with the exam period finally coming to an end, it just got to that point where I was just exhausted and just wanted to go back home/relax. Of course I’m going to miss my friends that I won’t be seeing for another four months, but at the same time, I just hate goodbyes. Goodbyes just bring forth unnecessary sadness….that may sound like a terrible thing to say, but I feel like the bigger deal you make out of something, the worse it becomes, emotionally, you know what I’m saying?
Marks are supposed to get released in a couple hours…I’m terrified to be frankly honest. I just hope for good results, as I hope for good results for the rest of you as well. 



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