Just Breatheeee

PHEW. I am officially done with midterms, finally. Guess when my first final is? In 30 days, that’s less than four and a half weeks from now. Do you think I’m ready to even THINK about finals?! NO! Absolutely not. But let’s be real, when am I EVER ready to think about exams in general? Like, never. There are so many little deadlines for things here and there as the term comes to an end, and it’s just too much to handle at times! I think this year’s reading break just made me fall behind in everything, isn’t it supposed to do the opposite? Whoops. I am incredibly behind in Physical Chem…it’s just sad. I was behind by 10 lectures, but now I’ve somewhat caught up and have 5 more to catch up on. Oh boy. One step at a time. It’s election time around here, residences, undegrad societies, etc. Facebook has exploded with campaigns, voting event invitations, people endorsing campaigns, etc, etc, etc. I have to think twice to figure out who I’m talking to on Facebook since it seems as though no one’s profile pictures are of them anymore haha. ALSO. Highlight of MY day –> FINDING OUT THAT K’NAAN IS HEADLINING FOR THE AMS BLOCK PARTY!!! K’Naan, at UBC. OH MY. *excuse me while I learn how to breathe again* I couldn’t believe it at first, I thought it was a joke. HOW the AMS managed to do that, blows my mind, but they did NOT disappoint. SO GO GO GO GO GO GO! GET YOUR TICKETS! There’s a little Somalian sun to brighten up a rainy rainfall warning kinda day. 😉 



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