And We’re Back.

There went the break, and here came classes. I already feel like I’m long overdue another break…yes, after a day of classes, I’m done. 😛 I doubt that’s a good sign. The best about today was the fact that it was really sunny despite the fact that they forecasted rain. I don’t really understand where the time goes these days. There are three days left in February. Why did they have to stick in a short month 😥 In two months, I’ll be done with my finals, does that thought scare me? Yes, just a wee bit. I’m not ready to go into third year, I was barely ready for second year. Don’t even get me started when I’m almost in fourth year, that’s just too much crazy all in one thought process. Now that classes are back in session, I’m forced to actually “study”, unless I want to bomb all my midterms(sorry, not an option). Also, sidenote, the Oscars…I’m still feeling a little uneasy with the whole awkwardness of Kristen Stewart and Daniel Radcliffe…well mainly K. Stewart… was she okay? She just seemed completely out of it, and very disinterested and just strange…it was almost painful watching her. Maybe she doesn’t do well in front of large crowds..? Yeah, that’s it. And Jennifer Lawrence, she handled herself quite well(no sarcasm), she’s one of those actresses that convinces you that Hollywood actresses are actually normal people, like you and me. I KNEW Hollywood was calling my name…but no, I’m at UBC. Ohh well.  
Now that’s enough with procrastinating. As if a week of it wasn’t enough. Procrasti-NATION. Population: Me. 



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