Reading + Break = Reading Break (minus the Reading)

It’s Reading Break for me, if you didn’t catch that. Whose wise idea was it to put ‘reading’ and ‘break’ together? Every time I’m not studying, I almost feel guilty.. uh ohs. BUUUUUT, I know I don’t need to feel guilty as long as I eventually get everything I need to get done, done. Right? riiight? riiiiiiight? RIGHT. I feel spoiled being at home, it’s just so nice, everyone needs a little downtown every now and then, away from the hustle and bustle of UBC. As much as I love living on campus, there are times when I have wished that I could just live at home, or maybe just live on campus with my home closer than it is so that I could go back home more frequently.. siigh, oh well. I kindaa feel like I’ve been on break for more than a week, although it’s only been like 3 days, but in my mind, I shut my brain off right after my Chem midterm, which was over a week ago. Pre-break midterm recap: my Psych midterm definitely did go well in my opinion, apparently the class average wasn’t as high as the professor wanted it to be, and I got the favourable end of that, so I’m happy with that. Whenever a professor says the average of something wasn’t as high as they would have preferred it to be, I automatically think that the next exam WILL be “easier”. The disappointing part of that midterm was the fact that I blanked on the fill in the blank portion of the exam…(blanking on the fill in the blanks? perfect), it was the kind of blanking where you remember what the answers are AFTER you hand in the exam – blah. 😦 I horrendously screwed up the more “science-y” aspects of the fill in the blank questions – and as a Science student, that’s slightly embarrassing. >.< 😦 Maybe if I had studied a tad bit more than I did, I wouldn’t have blanked, to be honest, I definitely could have put in more effort, but that’s what they all say. Then there was Chem 205….ohhhh man. The average for that midterm was too damn high. I don’t think any of my previous classes have ever had an ‘A’ class average on an exam…. I can’t even express how “scared” I am for the final. I feel like this is all a catch, “easy” midterm, brutal final – that’s the way it goes. This brings back memories(more like nightmares *shudder*) of the Chem 123 midterm and final, last year. The Chem 123 midterm had a high 70s average, and then the final came along and well, we were ALL in for a surprise with that one. One of the reasons I think the average was so high was because the midterm was scheduled too early into the term, it covered very little material, and it was pretty basic(concept-wise). Although it was “basic”, it was very easy to make calculation errors, sigh. I feel like the Thermodynamics questions can be tedious with calculations, you need to make sure you pay VERRRYY close attention to the signs in your calculations, the units, and which formulas to use when.

*side note* UBC’s Harlem Shake made it onto the new guyyzeee. Hitting almost 100 000 views in 2 days, right on. 1400 UBC STUDENTS DO THE HARLEM SHAKE (CTV NEWS)
Regardless of whatever negative commentary we may have received about the Harlem Shake, it doesn’t really matter, it was a beautiful day, everyone had fun, all the effort put into it by Hollis Mason, The Calendar, and just all the students in general, to make it happen was phenomenal, and it portrayed our campus and school spirit rather well. 🙂  



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