Valentine’s Day….

That special day of the year when we sit there hoping for that special someone to come our way, for all those 11:11 wishes to come true, and for our love lives to be complete. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. HAHA. HA. OR, take the alternative route(the one I “choose”? to take) and just eat ice cream all day long while watching chick flicks (by yourself, or with your fellow girl….or guy….or furry….friends..or…..whoever/whatever). It’s that day that makes you think “damnit, I’m single…again.” 🙂 ‘Cuz we all needed a full day devoted to reminding us and making us aware of the fact that nobody loves us and that we are single. Just kidding, I will ALWAYS, love you. So if you’re feeling lonely, sad, abandoned, angry, disappointed, emotionally distraught, or any other negative feeling….it’s okay, I have a solution for you: cute kitties + chick flicks + ice cream, it’ll make EVERYTHING better, I promise you. And for those of you with significant others, ENJOY THE DAY with said, significant other.

P.S. happiness comes from within, not directly from someone else. So enjoy the day(whether you’re single or not), because you are awesome. And get rid of those forever alone hashtags, UNNECESSARY.