Long Weekend, We Meet Again.

FAMILY DAY WEEKEND! Perfect! I am alas finished with midterms until after Reading Week. So how am I spending this lovely long weekend in February? By catching up on everything I’ve neglected in the past week and a half because of midterms. University is a vicious cycle of staying on top of things, falling behind, and catching up, but you get used to it after a term….or two..or maybe three. 😉 I just had my Physical Chem(Chem 205) midterm last night, I love how very few people know what section they’re in(we spent a fair bit of time figuring out what section everyone was in). To be fair, it would just be easier if they had a box with all the sections on the front of the exam and we just had to check off the time/section that we’re in. I thought the midterm  was quite fair, but it was definitely a tad bit “tedious” with all the calculations. The second question was 15 marks and it was all calculations….you’d think “calculations? oh that’s easy,” but if you screw up in one place…everything else will most likely get screwed up, so you need pay close attention to everything. I was thinking about this the other day, but I’m finally in a term where I actually LIKE the majority of my classes – I would say liking 4/5 classes is pretty good, whereas in first term of first year I think I “enjoyed” maybe 1 class out of the 5 I was taking…..and in second term I enjoyed/could tolerate 2 out of the 4(I don’t know what compelled me to even stay in Science haha)……second year is definitely more interesting, so if you’re wondering, it DOES get better. One more thing about midterms, just because I feel like I’ve come across this “a lot” recently.. if you do cruddy on a midterm, don’t think it’s the end of the world, surprise surprise. Midterms are usually on average worth a quarter of your grade (give or take 10%) – yeah, yeah, that may be a “large” ish chunk, but there’s always room for improvement. If you did poorly in comparison to your standards, just don’t hold it against you. Be upset, go for it, just let it out, but don’t be too harsh on yourself, we all screw up every now and then, and yes, it sucks, I know, but learn from your mistakes and just aim higher next time and make some changes in your study habits. Honestly, pouting about it, what is that going to do for you? Nothing! Make changes, have an open mind and be positive. I’ve had those times where I’ve studied my butt off and then I flip over my exam and my mind just BLANKS, and all that’s running through my mind is panic and how much time I wasted studying like a mad woman for that exam. It’s definitely disappointing and a huge let down, but maybe all that studying wasn’t “efficiently” done. When you go into an exam, you don’t want to be “overconfident”(unless that works for you) and don’t be “underconfident” either. You need the combination between a little fear, and being confident,  you need to acknowledge that you studied as well as you could, and that you know what you know, nothing more, nothing less. Anyway, figure out what type of studying method(s) work for you, it’s a bit of trial and error. Some people can sit in front of their textbooks all day and they’re fine, some people can only be in solitary confinement for a few hours at a time with their books.