FEBROOOARY. Happy Love Month.

There went January and here came February. Only 28 days…….well technically 24 left now…but as if I needed a shorter month to cruise through, considering how fast all the other months go by! The rain has returned, so dreary, makes you want to stay inside and study…or stay inside and get distracted? 😀 Midterms have started and the minds have students have turned into chaos. Chaos, I love chaos. The deadline for the applications for the new 2013 year just passed, and I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that I’m going into third year next year(time flies when you’re having fun?)…haha……wait, what? And all the high school grad photos have already started going up as profile pictures on Facebook…everyone’s growing up so fast :’) I can STILL clearly remember being in grade 12 and filling out the application for UBC – good times, good times. Get ready for those long waiting periods where you’re filled with anxiety and anticipation! And good luck to all those who applied, you’ll love UBC! 😀 I just have one midterm left before reading break and that’s Physical Chem, how do I feel about it? Not really sure…I need to dive into “physical chem mode” ASAP.