Imma be flyin’ with time.

The SLC was over the weekend and let me tell ya, it was FANTASTIC. Absolutely amazing, all the people presenting, attending, and making it happen, were amazing, just everything about it was amazing. Go be the author of your story, and make it unique, and make it yours. I am extremely grateful for having had the opportunity to get involved with it, it was SO worth it. 
The course drop deadline(without a W standing) was yesterday for those of you that care. I don’t know about you…but personally speaking, I think it takes more than a week and a half to figure out whether you like a course or not… I mean if it was a T/Th class, you only had 3 classes to figure out if you wanted to be in that class or not….and the first class barely counts as a full lecture…so your decision would be based on like, 2.5 lectures technically; and if it’s a MWF class, you had like barely 6 days…more like 5. My first few midterms are just less than two and a half weeks away, crazy. #notready #hashtaggingonablog #what. Has anyone else noticed the fact that they turn the fountain on, when it rains…and not when it’s dry/not precipitating? Or is that just me and my imagination? Apparently the Fraser Health people have officially declared this whole influenza(look at me being all fancy) outbreak as a health hazard, should I be concerned?  I feel bad for people that commute…I mean the 99 in itself should be considered as a health hazard…piling on like a hundred people onto a bus, where they’re all breathing the same air…that definitely cannot be good for you. You know what I appreciate?  Advisors and professors/teaching staff that actually outwardly show that they genuinely care about your success in your university career. That gives me hope, and sometimes a little bit of hope is all you need to get on with your life. So, thank you for that. Don’t mind my broken thought ramblings…SLC –> course withdrawal –> midterms –> the fountain –> influenza outbreak –> advisors/faculty members. 



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