RandomRamblings: catching up on life

Every now and then it’s good to take a few moments to debrief, you know, like sit down and reflect on life. 
Random fact of the day: I have a slight obsession with the song Beauty And A Beat, and not so much the original but the majority of the covers of that song. Although I do find the original catchy…and I’m not a particular fan of either Bieber or Minaj. I always go on about how much I don’t like Nicki Minaj, but then every time she releases a song, I’m all over it. They’re just so catchy… 
The Student Leadership Conference is only 2 days away..if you’re going, BE EXCITED…if you’re not going..GO SIGN UP! TIME IS TICKING. And then, BE EXCITED. 
The amount of procrastinating that I’m doing right now is mind blowing…..but I really wanted to write random ramblings about random ramblingable things! 
I don’t know if it’s just me or if “negativity” on the internet has strikingly increased in the past 2 months among teenagers. Or maybe I’ve just been noticing it recently? OOORRR maybe it’s just because I’ve been on tumblr too much in the past 2 months and I keep reading super negative/sad posts everywhere…. why can’t people just be happy? maybe have a tad bit more optimism in their views? One thing that I’ve recently “re”learned is that, when negativity surrounds you, it can deeply affect you in a VERY negative way. Been there, done that, never want to go back. Also, sometimes you need to worry about yourself and keeping yourself happy before you try to go about and try to make OTHERS happy. If you continuously go out of your way to constantly make someone else happy, and you’re not taking care of yourself, you will exhaust yourself, and even lose yourself. As selfish as it may sound, you need to make sure that you, personally(mentally,physically,spiritually,emotionally,etc), can afford to invest time and effort into the well being of others. If you can’t, then you’re not helping yourself, and you may not be helping the other to the best of your ability. So, always take care of yourself. Don’t get too preoccupied with helping others(this probably sounds TERRIBLE…I’m all for helping others, really, I am!), you need to make sure that you are in the right state to do so, otherwise you’re causing unnecessary stress upon yourself. Nobody wants an extra side of stress on their plate if it’s avoidable!
It’s freezing outside. There’s even a sub zero temperature warning in place for the next couple days – I didn’t even know those existed.



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