:First Week:Second Term:Year Two:

Happy belated new year. YAY! Writing 2013 still feels super unnatural to me, probably because I didn’t prepare myself for it considering the world was supposed to end in 2012, but that didn’t happen now, did it? First week back was good, I liked it, minus the fact that every other school started later than we did, good going UBC. Rescheduled exams are taking place today, you poor poor students. The rain has officially returned to Vancouver, but at least the first two days of classes were nice weather-wise. I really like my classes this term and I know a ton of people in most of my classes, it’s always nice to see familiar faces. All my profs are pretty great too, for the most part, I’m only iffy about one prof….but he’s okay. I have also now understood the chili pepper “hotness” rating on ratemyprof. Them raters don’t lie. Oh no they don’t. If you get what I’m saying. 😉 You’re probably thinking “ew”, but seriously, I don’t blame you, I would be thinking the same thing, but once you seem them, you can’t deny it. Oh my oh my oh my. Anyway, it’s the beginning of term and everyone’s starting off the term with extreme optimism saying how they’re going to be reviewing this and that and get straight As and all that good stuff. The motivation level of people around here is as high as Mt. Everest at this current moment, hopefully it doesn’t drop down to the level of Mariana’s Trench within the next few weeks. Gotta stay high(figuratively or literally? the first one preferably, but take it any which way you’d like). Overall this week has been completely exhausting, selling textbooks = A PAIN. I feel like I’ve been running around meeting up with first years to sell my books, I’m really glad that basically all of my first year textbooks ended up getting sold considering how little effort I put in to finding buyers…but still, it’s just a pain and I feel like I don’t want to do this again for another year! 



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