The Season of Giving – That’s a Wrap.

It has been a wonderfantasticful 366 days(since this year was a leap year), but alas, it must come to an end. 
Back to U of BC tomorrow…does anyone even call it that? I dunno. 
It’s been a lovely year, and has been coming to an end quite nicely in my opinion. My mom and I were doing some last minute errands before I head back tomorrow and our last stop was at a grocery store, since I thrive off of food and all. Just as we had pulled into the parking lot in front of the store a certain person caught my attention. Why did he catch my attention? Well, firstly, he had a dog with him, and the dog was wearing a pink jacket – and he was wearing ratty clothes and he definitely didn’t look like he had bathed in quite some time. A few minutes after I had entered the store, I saw him walking up to the beverage isle and reaching for some rootbeer, with a carton of milk and bread in hand. Just as he was going towards the front of the store, a guy went up to him. Now THIS is where I thought things were starting to get a little interesting; so I wandered away from my mom and pretended to ponder upon the display of noodles so that I could eavesdrop on the conversation between the two men. The guy took the milk from him and then it turned out that he was buying this guy groceries(including dog food for his dog!). This melted my heart. The cashier and this extremely nice and generous man loaded up a cart with about 7 bags of groceries and wished the man a happy new year and off he went pushing his cart full of groceries. I had always heard about such things happening before, but when you actually witness something like this, it’s a COMPLETELY different feeling. Gestures like this is what the holiday season is all about, providing for those who can’t provide for themselves. Be thankful for all that you have and end this year with a bang and start the new year with a boom.



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