RandomRamblings: Yay for the Holidays + Random Astro Fact of the Day

I’m a little late but Happy/Merry Christmahanukwanzadan – Ramadan, Hanukkah, and Christmas are all over…and I think it’s Kwanzaa right now..? Regardless, I hope everyone had/is having a great holiday season! I finally got that white Christmas that I had been dreaming of… SO HAPPY! 
I would say this holiday season has been rather successful, super stuffed from all the food, in the process of catching up with all the shows that I’ve been deprived of for the past 4 months, all caught up on my sleep(this one’s super important), spending quality time with the famjam, spent way too much money, and of course, all my laundry is done. 😀 

Classes start in 5 days… #whysosoonUBC
I would love to put on a fit about how early we’re going back…but I’m too mature for that(or at least I’d like to think I am). 😛 There is currently a giant wasp in my room, flying into the window, ‘cuz wasps are sooo smart. -.- I hate wasps. Overall, this break has been super awesome with a fair amount of snow and wintery feels. I feel like I could go on about how I can’t believe that 2012 is almost over, and how second term is almost starting and yaddy yaddy yada, but I won’t. 
Random fact of the day: A newly discovered comet is headed our way and it may be 15 times brighter than the moon. whoa whoa whoa. It’s currently located somewhere near the orbit of Jupiter and once it gets to Mars it will start to shine and a bunch of the gases will become expelled and that will result in a streaky appearance. Be excited. 



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