Search Terms Come At Me

“there really no party at ubc?” – well. no parties for you until you brush up on your grammar there, bud.
“can you share a room with a girl in ubc?” – I strongly suggest against that, ‘cuz you know, we bite. so for your own safety, I say you shouldn’t.

“very classy part at the dorm” – uhhhmmmm, say again?

“calculation for ascorbic acid lab report” – because you couldn’t just say “Vitamin C” like the rest of them? 😛 sophisticated science kid, I like it.

“hemlesem resident advisor” – why? you think they’re hot? huh huh huh?

“ubc science difficult” – tell me something I don’t know…

“you’re a good time” – hehe.

“singapore awkward moment in secondary school” – tell me more!

“windy rain vancouver always?” – always?

“starbucks and (“red cup” or redcup or brulee or rodarte or eggnog or holiday or christmas or gingerbread or peppermint)” – welcome to this isn’t starbucks?



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